Revision Questions on Hitler's Rise to Power

Revision Questions 1. What were the 3 aims of Hitler’s Foreign Policy? •Abolish the Treaty of Versailles •Expand German territory •Defeat communism 2. What was Lebensraum? ‘Living room’ extra land for Germans to live on. 3. What was Anschluss? It meant Austria and Germany combining as one country (one government) It was forbidden. 4. What were the six main steps to war, 1935–1939? •Conscription and Rearmament •Rhineland •Austria •Munich •Czechoslovakia •Nazi-Soviet Pact and Poland 5. What is conscription? Conscription is calling men to be in the army, not giving them a choice.


What date did Hitler introduce conscription in Germany? 1935 7. When did Hitler reoccupy the Rhineland? 7 March 1936 8. How many soldiers did Hitler’s army have when he reoccupied the Rhineland, and what were their orders? 22,000. Retreat if any resistance is encountered. 9. What did Chamberlain give Hitler at Munich? Sudetenland 10. What was the date of the Munich agreement? 29 September 1938 11. When did Hitler invade Poland? 1st September 1939 12. When did Britain declare war on Germany? 3rd September 1939 13. What was ‘appeasement’? Giving in to a request in order to avoid confrontation or war 14.

Give an example of someone who agreed with Chamberlain’s policy. Public 15. Give an example of someone who disagreed with Chamberlain’s policy. Winston Churchill 16. What date did Hitler invade Austria? 11th March 1938 17. During the Sudeten crisis, Chamberlain met Hitler on three occasions – where, and when? •Berchtesgaden, 15th September •Bad Godesburg, 22nd September •Munich, 29th September 18. Why did Chamberlain decide not to help Czechoslovakia? He saw Czechoslovakia as unimportant 19. There are 19 reasons why Chamberlain appeased Hitler; can you remember 10 of them? Britain was weak •Treaty was unfair •Cost of war •Spanish Civil War •1st World War •Peace •Hitler promised this was last claim •Propaganda in Germany •Democracy 20.

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What did Chamberlain call the Munich agreement? ‘Peace for our time’ 21. What did Churchill call it? A total defeat 22. When did Hitler march into the Sudetenland? 1st October 1938 23. When did Hitler invade the rest of Czechoslovakia? 15th March 1939 24. What was Kristallnacht, and why did it turn British people away from appeasement? Hitler attacked the Jews, it showed Hitler’s ‘true colours’ and that he was dangerous. 25.

What was the ‘National register’, which was set up in December 1938? It was a register of who would complete what tasks if a war took place. 26. What were Londoners given in January to prepare them for war Anderson Shelters. 27. What did the Civil Defence Act of April 1939 say? Women and Children to be evacuated to the countryside. 28. What was the act which introduced conscription in England, and what date was it passed? The Military Training Act 1st May 1939 29. What was the name of the alliance between Mussolini and Hitler? Pact of Steel, 22nd May 1939 30. What was the date of the Nazi-Soviet Pact? 3rd August 1939 31. Give four reasons why Britain did not manage to make an alliance with Russia? •They were suspicious of each other •Appeasement, Russia thought Britain would go back on word •British delayed a final decision •Britain didn’t have a strong enough army 32. Give four reasons why Germany did manage to make an alliance with Russia? •They had lots of time to prepare •Russia could surely only gain from a war which France, Britain and Germany would exhaust themselves •Russia was unhappy with Britain •Russia could keep Britain’s promise to defend Poland.

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