Role, Responsibilities and Boundaries as a Teacher in Terms of the Teaching/Training Cycle

Theory Assessment: Review what your role, responsibilities and boundaries as a teacher would be in terms of the teaching/training cycle. When teaching we have several roles. We are a mentor, a manager, an assessor, to some we are guide to help them understand the context being taught, a trainer and a facilitator of providing a safe and healthy environment in which the learning can flourish.

This system of teacher/training cycle is an important one as the individual and collective needs of students are recognised and incorporated into the planning of the lesson and by understanding that different groups of people can have different levels and styles of learning, and designing a lesson that suits everyone’s needs.

The trainer has many responsibilities some of them are to ensure they are delivering the course at a balanced pace in a certain amount of time covering the correct content making sure it is processed and the learning is achieved. Delivering information at a right level which is understandable, providing a safe environment which is conducive to learning, a trainer should give everyone an equal opportunity.

Their responsibility is to be able to differentiate between levels of trainees so they can provide teaching at different levels, to check the understanding and provide appropriate levels of support, to be up to date with their specialism and maintain this through continuous professional development(CPD) and make sure that the assessments are fair, accurate, positive and valid. We have to provide a happy environment in which pupils feels comfortable and at ease in which their thinking works better and they feel excited and thrilled to learn the subject as suggested by Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

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In the light of teacher/training cycle we also have to be firm about accurate record keeping whether it is evaluating our own performance or our students and providing feedback to improvise learning, also reflecting when planning and teaching can improve our performance tremendously. The boundaries of the teacher are to know their own limits personally and professionally whilst remaining in control and being as fair and ethical as possible. . In my speciality of teaching Medical Terminology I have to ensure that the course content is simple yet effective.

I use different aids to make it exciting and vibrant for the students, I design a course with students in mind with a lay man background with little or no previous medical knowledge and gradually build their confidence and vocabulary and facilitate by using lovely diagrams, playing games in small groups and doing creative exercises which enhances learning. I assess those using different methods and try and give positive feedback. I reflect a lot on my taught lessons and think how I can make it better next time and also evaluate students’ performance. BIBLIOGRAPHY Petty,G. (2009) “ Teaching Today” 4th Edition. Nelson Thornes.

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