Webmd Website Score on Add

In the following sample essay, this is the WebMD website’s ADD score. Read the introduction, body and conclusion of the essay, scroll down.

After evaluation WebMD website on ADD I have come to realize that the Information Is accurate, current, and provides a complete overview of the topic at hand. The definition of Accuracy Is defined as, “the condition or quality of being true, correct, or exact; freedom from error or defect; preschools or exactness; correctness. ” (dictionary. Com) Accuracy Is Important when dealing with any type of information: but more so when dealing with medical information.

WebMD provides us with link where we can contact the author of article and ask any questions retaining to the illness or disease.

Another link that provides us with closure or authenticity is the “who we are” tab provided by the website. This is where you can find the credibility on the authors. On this link, it lists where they went to school, their board certification, and their previous/current employment.

After evaluation WebMD, I have found that the information is accurate and trustworthy. I feel one of the most important things to consider when evaluating a weapon is how current the information is on the article. Website can lose their credibility if the information that they provided is out of date.

Webmd Accuracy

This makes it very crucial for websites to provide the newest information possible. Another issue that websites have is dead links. Dead links are web pages that have been updated or worked on and the link has been taken down.

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WebMD. Com was published in 2005; with the most recent update being in 2014. This weapon has also been able to make sure that there are no dead links on the website. When I compared WebMD information to the CDC website about ADD, I found similar to exact information. This is also a great way to mind out how accurate/current the information is on both of websites.

Web coverage Is also very important. WebMD provides us with very detailed information that Is very easy to understand. The page also provides Images to help understand and support people with the illness or disease that they are describing. After reviewing the coverage of information on the website, I found that the website provided us with a complete overview of the disease. WebMD has proven that they have provided excellent coverage by providing us with accurate Information, correct clang, and fully operating links.

Although some other websites require additional software to view their material, WebMD does not. This makes the Information very accessible. I feel that this weapon has provided us with a perfectly well rounded website that completely covers all aspects of evaluation In conclusion, many websites can provide people with false, inaccurate, or out dated information. It is very imperative when someone is searching for information regarding health issues on the Internet that information. It is important when dealing with a website that it is accuracy, current, ND has excellent coverage.

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet! People writing the information might not be qualified enough to write the information you are reading. The information that is most current is a great way to know that you are getting the most recent studies of the issue at hand. When evaluating the WebMD website on ADD and ADD I found that everything was accurate, all of the information was current, and the coverage on the information provided was very well organized and well written. The information provided also covered all of the basis of ADD/ADD.

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Webmd Website Score on Add
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