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Paintball Essay Paper

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Yesterday at 3:30 pm was Jonny’s last strike as he had shot his mother. This action had only seemed as an accident, but as we confronted him it would only seem as an unlikely act that had taken place because of the objective of the game, or is it? Tune into the rest of this article to find out the real objective behind this setup. The legendary twenty-first century game of paintball co-exists as a way of enlightening the players of the dangers of being at war. The fun loving sport is a thrilling experience one should have if he is able to.

The sport requires excellence in agility and the ability to make decisions on a quick note, as well as teamwork risking the life of others. Paintball technology is also used by military forces, law enforcement, Para-military and security organizations to supplement military training, riot response, and non-lethal suppression of dangerous suspects. Jonny Kapalo, the amateur paintball player, from West Kentucky had his eyes set on the joy of shooting in the mexcian home grounds of paintball, as one of the best ten places for paintballing.

The game started at the crack of dawn when the teams split up. There were the Rottweilers and the meerkats. The players were to play in the paint-stained quagmire. The first game was ‘capture the flag’ and the meerkats (also known as Jonny’s team) had a good run since the game was theirs for the taking. The win was won by for his heroic dash for the flag which was quite a cheeky move, as his teammates distracted the adversary by covering for him. The second game was search and destroy, which consisted of four targets.

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The seekers of the game had a terminator of a man code name the ‘Predator’. The imprudent Jonny took the game as a joke and a couple of his teammates took into account of his plan of shooting the Predator. The error of this childish prank is that the Predator takes no hostiles even if it is caused by mutiny among his own teammates. At the count of three, with the predator in front of the scouting group, Jonny and his friends made their move, consequently, the more experienced player got the best of them and Jonny’s team was disqualified on the account of the uprising to the Predator.

The third and final game was the team death match. This game has obvious objectives which are that you get terminated if you run out of paintballs or if you get shot. Each player was low on ammo and the last thing they wanted was to end the game. So each player had to examine their surroundings to look for places that could not be seen by the enemy. Jonny had thought of hiding behind a bush, to stalk his next victim. The unsuspecting detail of his hideout was unseen by the enemy.

The next victim was to be his very own mother which was to be the most unlikely person to walk by. The poor woman was shot head to toe with suppressing shots. When she declared herself to be out of the game, Jonny crept back into hiding to wait for his next victim. But shortly afterwards the game was over and the Rottweilers won 2-1. We asked a few comments from Jonny and here is what he said, “The game was a game and I did not know that my mother would come out of cover and I would shoot her which was actually pretty awkward considering how well she could use a gun. Jonny’s mother had also shared her comments with us on how the game appealed to her. “The game was quite exciting, as an ex-marine I was born to be on the front line. The experience was a good one and it was great to see Jonny walking up my footsteps. ” To me as a viewer the game was exhilarating and thrilling to watch, and informs me on the aspects of war and arts. This can stimulate a great experience which cannot be missed if one is able to afford. In my opinion Jonny’s mother forfeited the win to her son by exposing her cover.

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