The following example essay on “Fundementalisme” reveals arguments and important aspects of this topic. The article provides parallels on the topic from literary works, in particular the novel The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mission Humid.

America for the last 13 years have not felt the same way of Middle Eastern Americans the way they should after the attack on the twin towers. In the novel The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mission Humid the story talks about Changed. A man that is struggling to find his identity when living in a country that cannot love him back.

While in the some of the sources such as “Did September 1 1 change everything by Marshall Cavendish” talks about how Middle Eastern Americans feel while they cannot fit in into social America while being terrorized by everyday people.

Most American feel that Arabs are the ones that took part in the attack while they don’t know the whole story behind it they don’t want to feel like they are being victimized.

In the Reluctant Fundamentalist one quote that he mentions is “It seems an obvious thing to say, but you should not imagine that we Pakistanis are all potential terrorists, Just as we should not imagine that you Americans are all undercover assassins”(71). What Humid means by that is Americans will assume that all Pakistanis are terrorists and make them a viable target for prosecution. While in “Did

September 1 1 change everything” one quote in there that fits well is “The state Department had received Reports that terrorist attacks would attack American citizens during millennium festivities”.

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This quote tells us that not only was this a planned attack but it was made for thousands of people to get killed in the incident. In both of the quotes there is a claim that Americans Just do not trust people from middle eastern countries for that reason. And it makes it harder for people to keep the attack from erasing in their memory. Another quote that Humid mentioned is “Time only moves in one direction.

Remember that. Things always change”(90). What Humid means is that Americans need to move on from this situation and move forward for the pleasure of the middle eastern. And also Americans don’t understand that Pakistanis have feelings to and are not always the prime victim in situations like this. In the article it quotes that “September 11 Rekindled The Racial Profiling Debate”. What this means is that the racial profiling makes people wonder is there aver going to be a chance that Americans will ever feel safe living in this country knowing that an attack can happen at any time and any place.

People can’t take any chances on making any situations harder than they really are. In 12 years Americans have managed to turn their backs on Middle Easterner’s for the last 12 years. And they don’t know if it will ever change at any point time soon. Another quote that Humid mentioned was “It is remarkable indeed how we human beings are capable of delighting in the mating call of a flower while we are surrounded by the charred carcasses of our fellow animals. ” What humid means is that it everybody is same from the inside and and they all can’t be Judged from something that they didn’t do, and are accused of.

Also it dozens mean that they can’t resolve their differences but make a change on their behavior. In the article another quote would be ” It was one of the single worst acts of terrorism in the worlds history’. This quote is what makes all of the Americans so hard to believe that they can change from the start. And have a calm and once settled life again. In another article called America’s Quest For Global dominance written by Samaritan Power and published by (Minorities).

It talks about how many Americans predicted that there would be a catastrophic event would happen as soon as the year 000 started. Power states that “they hate us who we are”. In America everybody is treated with equality and has a chance to live the American dream. But what does that mean when the only person that the only person that will talk to you are your close friends. Americans now and days don’t have the power that they used to have when dealing with events like this since the world war. Terrorism, Racism, and stereotypes have played a huge part of Middle Easterner’s for quite some time now.

In Handmaid’s novel he mention that “Time only moves in one direction. Remember that. Things always change” (120). What Humid means is that whenever an event such as 9/1 1 happens. You have to move forward from it and look into the future of things. All Americans need a change of scenery and cannot look past of all the people that they lost and will never get back. In Power’s article she states that “The government would target all Arab Americans and Muslims” (Minorities). So this means that it wasn’t just Arabs that moved to America recently.

The government were going to question all the Arabs that were born in the united states and question if they were part of the attack on 9/11. In the last 13 years America has had to dealt with people not trusting the Arabs and it makes it hard for them to continue with lifestyle they have. One Quote that Power mentions in her article about racism is “in addition the attorney general can keep a foreigner in a person or another secure place indefinitely if he believes that person is a threat to the country’ (Minorities).

In America everyone has the right to speak their mind and protect themselves. So why is it that the government can make changes and question anybody and make them liable responsible if they were a part of the attack of 9/1 1 . In Handmaid’s Novel he mentions hat “There was unanimity in the belief that India would do all it could to harm us, and that despite the assistance we had given America in Afghanistan, America would not fight on our side”. 144)

In all countries such as Afghanistan and the united states you have to know where your boundaries are help other countries that are in need of some help. Such as the war that is happening in Afghanistan, Americans do not realize it but more Arabs are dying than American soldiers. And it seems rather unlikely because of the advantage that the soldiers have. In this essay there has been a transitions between Both stories by Samaritan Power and Mission Humid. And in Handmaid’s novel he makes transitions that make people wonder is this how America is really like.

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