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Reflective Practice Report Paper

Reflective Report Term 1 Primary School, Alderman Davies When I arrived at the Primary school placement, Alderman Davies I met with one of my supervisors in Reception and gave her my details and showed her my CRB. I then went into the reception classroom with her and we had a chat about what the school expected of me and things I would be doing with the children, the times I start and finish. She discussed the polices and procedures with me but explained they do not give them out because they have too many students and would cost them too much money to print for everyone.

She asked me if I had any questions for her and explained who I needed to see if I had any problems. She then took me on a quick tour of the school because I knew where a lot of things were because it was the school I attended when I was at primary school. I went to be introduced to some of the new staff and was introduced to my class teacher and the class I would be working with. There I was given my first task of helping the children draw flowers for harvest to be put up as decorations in the church.

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Whilst I have been in this placement and in the class I was in with mixed ages I have learned a lot about the children and their needs. I have learned that some children in the class who are the same age may need some more support than others. I have learned to judge when children need help or are just being lazy and done really need it, and I have learned to be a lot more patient. I have also learned that it the children trust you very quick and are very venerable, and copy things they see other people doing.

Since being at Alderman Davies’ I have enjoyed every minute of working with the children. They all have completely different personality and can be very cheeky if you let them be. They each of them have began to trust me and trust me to do work with them and to look after them during the day. I have loved doing activities with the children that I had been set to do in college and I know the children enjoyed them too. I had so much fun helping prepare the Christmas concert, helping sort out costumes and helping the children learn all the songs.

Making Christmas things with the children was very enjoyable and watching them enjoy themselves made me very happy that I helped put the smile on their faces. The thing I dislike the most about this placement is that Teaching assistants didn’t respect me as much as the teachers did. And it knocked my confidence a bit when I was near them, and the some of the children took it as a cue that they could disrespect me to.

However I did not let it ruin my time there and I enjoyed it as much as I possibly could. However I disliked seeing the children upset and thought that some of the dinner time supervisors didn’t deal with some of the problems well enough. My strengths during this placement have been that I could turn up on time and I was very creative in thinking of idea’s for helping the children learn and coming up with games for them to play witch they were learning through doing too.

Another strength was that I could build good relationships with the children and staff because I was very confident from the beginning and am easy to talk to. This helped me a lot and made me enjoy my time more. I also encourage children to join in with activities and helped them build their confidence be when they say they couldn’t do something took the time to tell them they can do it and helped them to do it and made sure they were able to before I left them.

My only weakness was at the beginning I was very nervous of doing activities with the children because I didn’t know them and had never done it before. With help from kind staff and just gave it my best short and my confidence grew even more and I am now able to explain tasks to the children with confidence. If I was to do this placement again I would do it all the same because I absolutely enjoyed everything and all my time there. However I would not worry about anything and have more confidence at the beginning.

Information I would give to students coming behind me would be is have a brilliant time and enjoy every minute because it goes so fast. I would recommend to have confidence because the teachers know how you feel because they were in your position once before. I would advise to be patient and take time to listen to the children and to stay on top of the work because it could mount high on top of you and its worth doing. Ill be sad to leave this placement so enjoy everything.

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