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Recruitment and Selection Os a Sales and Marketing Manager Essay

This case study based on a situation arises due to a poor recruitment system which has given high cost the company. Because of the decision made by top management, Finance Manager of ABC Biscuit Company appointed to handle all recruitments of the company. As consequences of not having a proper Human Resource Management system in the company and Finance managers’ lack of knowledge about HR planning, major issues have been arrived gaining high cost to the company Most of the employees whom he recruited were his relatives and the once who are known to him.Company has around 15 Vacancies at any given time and 80% of new hires are leaving within probation period. Further he has recruited a former owner of a catering service in UK as the “Sales and Marketing Manager” of ABC Biscuit Company promising that Mr. Benjamin will bring at least 10 new foreign customers within the first 6 months, and Mr. Benjamin has not introduced any of customers to the company he has only given total cost of exceeding Rs. 250,000/= per month to the company. Possible alternatives were given like Do Post Mortems, Help the problematic employee to get back on track, Offer an internal transfer and Termination etc.This project report discusses the importance of good recruitment at technical and managerial levels and the implications that are encountered as a result of ad hoc recruitment processes. Recruitment is a responsibility of every manager in the Organization. The Project report is divided into five sections namely: Problem Identification; Right number of people at right jobs at right times; Handling Mr. Benjamin’s situation; Conclusion; Recommended Recruitment and Selection Procedure for ABC Biscuit Company. 2. Problem Identification Managing people is a definite challenge both at strategic or even organizational levels.Thus, human resources are well managed and developed in alignment with the organizational goals and strategies. It has been observed that for any organization to achieve its stated objectives and goals there is the need for management to put in place policies or strategies that will help attract the best of employees to strive towards the achievement of organizational objectives. It has also been observed that the performance output of employees of ABC Biscuit Company is of prime concern to management of ABC Biscuit Company as it affects productivity and the development of the company.Following are some major issues that have been found in ABC Biscuit Company; 2. 1 Poor HR Planning and Management An incompetent and poorly functioning human resources department reflects the overall state of affairs of an organization and its possible uncompetitive position in the marketplace. According to ABC Biscuit Company case study, company has around 15 vacancies at any given time which proof that company has bad HR planning. Bad HR planning ensures that the HR assets of the organization are not aligned to organizational goals and objectives. . 2 High turn over It has also been observed that the performance output of employees of ABC Biscuit Company is of prime concern to management of ABC Biscuit Company as it affects productivity and the development of the bank. Importantly, some of the new employees who are not able to improve and adjust to their new working environment resign within first 6 months of their job leading to employee turnover of 80% and this affects the organization in terms of cost and productivity. 2. 3 Finance manager handling all recruitmentsNot having a proper Human Resource Management is a disaster for any company. As we can see from ABC Biscuit Company, Higher Management has appointed Finance Manager (Mr. De Silva) to handle all recruitment of the company which is a wrong decision. When Finance manager perform multiple roles, according to case study give Mr. De Silva has to handle all recruitment apart from finance management, HR processes unlikely to become a priority unless a crisis occurs. Most of the employees whom he has recruited were his relatives and once who are known to him.Clearly we can understand that Mr. De Silva has lack of Human Resource Management knowledge. Without having a proper sound recruitment and selection procedure, he has simply recruited relatives and friends for his own personal benefits. 2. 4 Poor recruitment As a consequence of appointing Finance manager to handle all recruitments, Mr. De Silva has recruited Mr. Benjamin, former owner of a Catering Service in UK as the Sales and Marketing Manager of ABC Biscuit Company. This wrong decision has led to a massive issue for the company.There is no hiring strategy in ABC Biscuit Company, without a hiring strategy we unconsciously gravitate to hiring people who share our personality traits, which can lead to clash of personality and a division of expectations. 3. Right number of people at right jobs at right times Selecting the right person for the job has never been more important than it is today. Hiring the right people for the right positions at the right time is a key ingredient in creating a successful company. This is not easy to do, and most companies falter in this area.In order to ensure ABC Biscuit Company place right number of people at right jobs at right times following can be taken it to action; 3. 1 Build and nurture relationships with every business unit Managers and executives of ABC Biscuit Company need to be connected to other business units and departments so they know when activities in those areas of the business are likely to create products. 3. 2 Understanding the current workforce Gathering the data about the numbers, levels and status of the existing orkforce of ABC Biscuit Company, the potential for change needed to be considered. Some of the questions asked included: • What are the human resource management policies that will help or hinder changes in the Library’s staff profile? • What is the potential for retraining? • Do opportunities exist for redeployment? 3. 3 Understanding future requirements The aim of understanding future requirements was to explore trends impacting on, and being taken up by ABC Biscuit Company, as well as understanding the changes occurring in the context in which ABC Biscuit Company was operating. . 4 Create an effective approach to staff planning The primary purpose of a staffing model is to establish appropriate service level targets and provide the staffing needed to meet your objective on ongoing basis. An effective staffing plan must: 1. Forecast and incorporate all workload into plans 2. Determine base staff requirements to meet target service levels 3. Plan for activities that keep agents from the workload 4. Demonstrate how changes to the workload or staffing will affect the customer 3. 5 Identifying the best staffIt’s vitally important that organizations have their fingers on the talent pulse and that senior managers have a clear picture of the key skills, knowledge, and expertise they will need to draw on to guide them through the downturn and those they will need to take advantage of the upturn when it comes. 3. 6 Hiring the right people with the right skills Committed, motivated, qualified employees help ABC Biscuit Company to achieve its purpose. Hiring right can be time consuming, but human resources are a substantial investment and limited financial resources mean that hiring mistakes can be a huge financial burden. . 7 Conduct an effective induction program Currently ABC Biscuit Company facing a major issue of high turn over which is 80% of new hires are leaving within the first six months. The solution is a well-thought out induction process that helps ensure that new hires feel comfortable in their new job and to prevent new comers leaving the organization within the probation period. Objective of an induction program To ensure the new employee is set up to succeed in their new role. You need to ensure they understand: * The company, policies and organization structure Job, department and company goals and objectives * All aspects of the employment relationship * Available communication channels * The geography of the work place Benefits of an induction program * Accurate information is received by the new employee * Employees are kept focused and busy from day one * The new employee feels welcome * A professional impression of the company and your management style is created * Clear expectations are established to help employee performance * Reduce turnover 4. Handling Mr. Benjamin’s situation Mr. Benjamin was an owner of a Catering Service in UK.He doesn’t have any knowledge about sales and marketing. Since Mr. Benjamin had a strong contacts with most of the tea importers in the UK, Mr. De Silva (Finance manager of ABC Biscuit Company) who is handling all recruitments, hired Mr. Benjamin as the Sales and Marketing Manager of the company. Even after offering a permanent contract for Mr. Benjamin, he has not introduced a single customer to the company. As a consequence of poor hiring methods of Mr. De Silva, the decision of hiring Mr. Benjamin had cause high cost to the company. Cost of Mr. Benjamin per month; Salary – Rs 125,000Vehicle allowance – Rs 50,000 Fuel Allowance – Rs 30,000 Telephone Bill – Rs 25,000 Hiring the wrong employee obviously has many costs and calculating the complete cost is near impossible. Unfortunately, the costs are felt throughout the company directly and indirectly. Following can be considered in order to overcome this problem; 4. 1 Do Post Mortems Armed with accurate data and examples and spend time with Mr. Benjamin determining why his hire didn’t work out. Use this information to revisit hiring practices or selection criteria and make sure there is a way to successfully put in place positive changes. . 2 Help the problematic employee to get back on track. Once Mr. Benjamin begins to understand that these negative behaviors and performance are real and affect organization’s goals and objectives, the manager or someone from human resources should begin to coach him in displaying more acceptable and appropriate behaviors. The employee needs time and practice in “trying on” new to perform well. HR and/or the manager need to provide specific feedback to this employee on the success or failure of his efforts in minimizing the negative actions and implementing ones that are more positive. . 3 Offer an internal transfer As Mr. Benjamin doesn’t have any sales and marketing skills I also recommended to offer an internal transfer to a parallel in another division, For example, he can be transfer to operational division where he can manage machine operators. 4. 4 Termination may be necessary If Mr. Benjamin continues to perform and refuses to try to introduce any customer to the company, the manager needs to place this person on the fast track towards termination. 4. 5 Needs to look beyond the dates on a resume and focus on the skill sets the candidate brings to the tableWorking with a recruiter who specializes in a given field can help hiring managers identify job candidates with the appropriate skills in order to replace Mr. Benjamin’s position. Most recruiting firms conduct skills testing, which provides added assurance a prospective employee’s skills are a match. 5. Conclusion In most businesses the single biggest cost is its staff. The starting point is getting the right people into the organization. People are vital to the success of any organization.It has been shown repeatedly that poor recruitment practices result in high labor turnover and absenteeism, with a consequent increase in costs. If the right people are recruited in the first place, they are likely to stay, fit into your organization and work to optimum effect. Everyone is extremely aware of the impact of a poor recruitment decision. By employing someone who is inappropriate for a vacancy, faculties, departments and divisions incur considerable costs in time, money and effort to bring the individual up to standard.When considering ABC Biscuit Company case, because of top manager’s wrong decision making, Finance manager has been appointed to handle all recruitments of the company, as a result of this wrong decision, poor HR management practice in the company. ABC Biscuit Company needs to be really rigorous about their recruitment practices. To get the maximum benefit from the recruitment of human resources to the company it is vital to recognize the skills, knowledge and attitudes of candidates. As per the ABC Biscuit Company case, company had to bare high cost due to recruitment of Mr. Benjamin.This happened because of poor recruitment of Mr. De Silva and not recognizing Skill, Knowledge and Attitude of candidates. Further to overcome these problems, ABC Biscuit Company has to implement sound Human Resource Plan. Systematic analysis of HR needs in order to ensure that correct numbers of employees with the necessary skills are available when they are required. HR Planning involves gathering of information, making objectives, and making decisions to enable the organization achieve its objectives. Surprisingly, this aspect of HR is one of the most neglected in the HR field. 6.Recommended Recruitment and Selection Procedure 6. 1 Purpose of the procedure Recruiting and selecting the right people is paramount to the success of ABC Biscuit Company and its ability to retain a workforce of the highest quality. This Recruitment and Selection Procedure provides guidelines and policies to assist supervisors hire the best people on merit and that the recruitment process is free from bias and discrimination. 6. 2 Recruitment and Selection Procedure 1. Assess the need for the job and ensure adequate funding 2. Review the job description to ensure that it meets the present and future

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