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The Reasons Students Attend College Essay

Well there are different varieties of students who attend college but each have their own reasons. There are three types of reasons I could think of that are main examples of why students attend college. First off, there are students who go to college not only to learn, but to play sports to possibly make it big in the NFL, NBA, etc… For example, most students, actually a big number of students are talented and don’t want their skills to go to waste. So they play sports hoping to succeed.

Then there are small groups of kids who are gifted with sport skills and get scholarships and full rides, or maybe even a little sum of money. So really, they are only there for the sports. Secondly, you have the students who simply major on a career they plan to have in the nearby future. For example, most students realize that if they don’t attend college they will never be able to equip the career they desire. Maybe because they lack what the guy in front of them has, a Bachelor Degree. Then, there are the students who have degrees for their careers but they feel like they deserve a higher degree.

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To have better chances at a career like the guy next to him/her. Lastly, the most important reason for most students is to be the first in the family to make it to college. For example, it may be that your mother had the chance to attend college but because she had kids she didn’t attend. Then, there’s that no one in your family attended college and people malign them. So they attend college to make it stop and prove those people wrong. In conclusion, most students attend college to become, succeed and accomplish something big in life.

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