The Quest Of The Golden Fleece

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Difference between the Iliad and the movie(Quest of the Golden Fleece) Quest of the Golden Fleece(Iliad) * When they left at Lemons the Argonauts left Hercules from the company cause of his armor-bearer very dear to Hercules, he forgot the fleece but not for Hylas. The ship had to sail without him. Movie: * When they left at Lemnos they still have Hercules with them having fun joining the quest for the Golden Fleece. Iliad: Harpies who were called “Hounds of Zeus” was the punishment given to the poor old man named Phineus, the only punishment is that when he go near the set foods on the table harpies will devoured him.

* Also Jason and others killed the harpies with their sword while fighting the harpies others set fort food for Phineus Movie: * On the movie the punishments that Phineus received from Zeus was having his blindess for the rest of his life and the harpies for the food’s protection.

* Jason and the others killed the harpies cause of Hercules breaking the wall made of stones, stones that fell on the harpies cause the death.

Iliad: * Hercules just disappear at the time when they are living lemons cause of his armor-bearer. Movie: * When the chase started for the fleece Hercules died at the hands of soldiers cause of his mission/destiny to protect Jason. Iliad: * Medea killed his brother on the boat by chopping her brothers body, and when the king got nearer Medea will throw each part of the body on the sea.

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Movie: * On the movie it is not on the sea who medea killed his brother but it was during the chase of the soldiers for the fleece.

The Quest Of The Golden Fleece Movie

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The Quest Of The Golden Fleece
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