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Purpose Paper

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My purpose in applying to the credential department at Whittier College is to obtain my teaching credential in physical education.  Currently, I am enrolled at Cal State Fullerton University where my major is kinesiology.   I am interested in teaching largely because of my background.  I come from a Portuguese family where my parents were immigrants and always worked to instill in me incredibly strong values, ethics, and morals.  It is due to these values that I am interested in working with, instructing, and guiding students of my own.  Specifically, my goal is to help minority students like myself to learn and to become successful.  I plan to do this by teaching and instilling values within them that are similar to the values that my own parents instilled in me.  What I plan to provide for my students is not only a basic knowledge and understanding of physical education, but a sense of self-worth and confidence.  I also plan to teach them the importance of valuing cross-cultural differences as well as the importance of valuing the differences in themselves.  Additionally, I hope to help my students to learn to take pride in personal attributes such as honesty, and an efficient work ethic.  I also hope to utilize my physical education platform in order to teach them the different ways to work in teams and to contribute to team concepts.  Because I plan on becoming a soccer coach in addition to teaching P.E. and perhaps health as well, I know that I will have the opportunity to work with my students and to guide and instruct them in these very important ways.

I believe that my education attests to the fact that I am highly qualified to serve as a physical education teacher.  I have taken several courses in adolescent development and classroom technology, and I have also taken several courses in P.E. curriculum.  Additionally, I have done several observation hours at local high schools such as Gahr High School and Cerritos High School, which are both in Cerritos, California.  Also, I am currently finishing up subject matter preparation coursework at Cal State Fullerton University.

I have several reasons for seeking admission to the Whittier College teaching credential program.  First, I had two incredibly influential teachers when I was a student at Cerritos College, both of whom attended Whittier College and spoke very highly about the experiences there.  One of these teachers was the late Jeff Kaskela whose enthusiasm for teaching and coaching had, and still continues to have, a hugely positive impact on me.  His dedication and love for teaching is one of the things that caused me to want to become a teacher myself in the hopes that I too could someday impact my own students in such positive and profound ways.  One of the very important things that this particular teacher told me was that he attended and loved Whittier College and that, additionally; Whittier College has a very diverse student population.  Because of my very diverse background (immigrant parents and fluency in both Portuguese and Spanish) this diversity at Whittier College immediately drew me.  Further, I sincerely believe that my own diversity will serve as an asset to the classroom at Whittier College.  Because of my unique background, I believe that I will be able to add to the diverse student population that already exists.  Additionally, I am also highly interested in entering the Masters in Education program that Whittier College offers.  Last, I am drawn to Whittier College because of its very close-knit family-like community.  I appreciate the fact that students and instructors know each other well and work very closely together.  I think that for all of these reasons Whittier College is the best choice for someone with my personality, background, and personal goals.

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