Child abuse is not a very pleasant topic to discuss. But it is an issue that inevitably happens in our society and has happened for many years. The occurrence of child maltreatment in our society is probably not something many people would like to admit. For most people, the thought that someone could physically or sexually abuse a child or to abandon or neglect a child is unthinkable. Where and why does child abuse occur? Who are the perpetrators of such abuse? And what can be done to prevent it from continuing?

Child abuse and neglect is a crime that occurs in all fifty states and territories (Dubowitz & DePafilis, p.

101). “Children are society’s most vulnerable members. More than two million American kids may suffer abuse and neglect every year” (DeHahn, p. 13). It a shame that such a thing as child abuse happens. Children are a blessing from the Lord yet people take them for granted and even go to the extreme of mistreating them in awful ways through physical and sexual abuse, as well as neglect.

In his book, Hubner makes a very compelling statement, he says, “children are defenseless and in this world terrible things happen to the defenseless” (Hubner & Wolfson, p.114). This is true but it is certainly not what God desires. In the Gospels, we see children as those whom Jesus loves and took time for. Yet in today’s society children are not always treated the way God desires.

The maltreatment of children takes on the form of physical and sexual abuse as well as neglect and.

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Physical abuse is usually defined as non-accidental physical harm or injury (DeHahn, p.16). This could probably range from uncontrolled discipline of a child to downright unthinkable acts of torture. In his book, “The Lost Boy,” Pelzer describes his experiences of growing up in an abusive home. In fits of anger his mother would scream at him, pinch him, and slap him.

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