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Essay Proposal Essay

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Paper type: Proposal

This sample essay on Essay Proposal offers an extensive list of facts and arguments related to it. The essay’s introduction, body paragraphs, and the conclusion are provided below.

Project Proposal Template Cover Page United Nations Voluntary Fund on Disability Project title: Name of implementing agent(s): Project location: Proposed starting date: Project duration: Amount requested from Voluntary Fund (US$): Government inputs: Implementing agent inputs: Other donor inputs: Brief summary description of the project proposal: Describe problem addressed, proposed solution, expected results, intended beneficiaries and reason(s) why assistance is requested from the Voluntary Fund.

Body of Project Proposal The Voluntary Fund project proposal template has five sections: I. Background and justification of the project II. Objectives of the project III. Expected results of the project IV. Project implementation and management V. Project budget I. BACKGROUND AND JUSTIFICATION This section should provide a brief introduction to the current social and economic situation related to the geographic region and beneficiaries of the project.

The background should also describe: 
• the problem or critical issue which the proposal seeks to resolve
• how the proposal relates to other relevant national development strategies and policies
• whether there are other programmes and activities which will complement the proposal
• how the need for the project was determined how intended beneficiaries were involved in project identification and planning
• what kind of assistance the concerned governmental offices will provide
• what kind of resources the non-governmental community will provide If a non-governmental organization has prepared the proposal, it is important to describe how concerned governmental officials were made aware of and/or were involved in project formulation.

Essay Proposal

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Finally, the section should describe the relevant experience and capabilities of the project Implementing Agent, and the type and level of resources that the Implementing Agent will provide for project planning, implementation management and follow up. II. OBJECTIVES A. Development objective The section should describe the way in project objectives are addressed in national development strategies and policies, in terms of specific programmes and how the proposed project will relate to these strategies and policies.

The discussion should indicate the specific national social and economic objectives to which the proposal, if successful, is expected to contribute, and how this is expected to contribute to improved well being and livelihood of the project beneficiaries and the larger community. B. Immediate objectives The immediate objectives section describes what the project is expected to achieve in terms of effects among intended beneficiaries. Specifically, the section discusses what changes are expected to occur among intended beneficiaries if project operations are successful.

Changes can include new and improved technical skills and knowledge, increased income-generating capacities, and greater public awareness at the community, national, regional or international levels. The section should also discuss whether project operations, if successful, will be extended to other locations as well as and whether the project experience can be applied to other sectors. III. PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION AND MANAGEMENT PLAN A. Expected project results The section should describe the overall results that the project is expected to.

The discussion should also discuss whether there may be unintended effects of the project, and how these possibilities will be addressed. The discussion should indicate in quantitative terms, to the extent possible, what the project will produce through its planned activities and budget. B. Project activities and work plan The section should describe how each immediate project objective will be carried out in terms of planned activities, their timing and duration, and who will be responsible for each activity. This can be summarized in a simple table. C. Project Beneficiaries

This section describes who and how many people are expected to benefit from the project, both directly and indirectly. It should also discuss how intended beneficiaries have been involved in project design, and their expected role in project implementation and evaluation. D. Implementing agent management of project This section should describe:
• who will be responsible for planning and management of project operations as well as the roles of other bodies and organizations associated with the project
• what arrangements will be established to ensure that there will be effective coordination with other relevant programmes and activities.

The section should also discuss whether project operations are expected to continue, or expand to other areas or sectors, once the current phase of assistance is completed. This could include plans for introducing self-financing provisions to ensure continued viability of operations on project completion. IV. PROJECT MONITORING AND EVALUATION This section should discuss proposed mechanisms and procedures for monitoring of project operations to ensure that activities occur as planned, that they remain directed towards stated objectives, and that appropriate orrective action is taken if required. Specifically the discussion should indicate who will be responsible for preparing periodic project progress and final technical reports and for the accounting of expenditures made from the Voluntary Fund. All projects need to be evaluated on completion. This section should also identify the party who will responsible for this task as well as how intended beneficiaries will be involved. V. BUDGET The budget for the Voluntary Fund should be prepared in U. S. dollars.

An additional budget should be prepared to describe the budget components to be financed by Government, Project Implementing Agent and other parties participating in the project. This additional budget can be in local currency, but the equivalent in U. S. dollars should be indicated. A description of the budget template line items and a budget template follow: 10. 00  Project Personnel: The resources of the Voluntary Fund can finance project personnel specialized needed to plan and carry out the project or specialized consultant services required to accomplish a specific project objective.

Salaries and consultancy feeds should be reflective of local prevailing conditions. The Voluntary Fund does not prioritize projects with high personnel costs. 11. 01 International Experts: for international personnel working for more than six months on the project. Job description/Terms of reference should be included in project document. 11. 50 Consultants: for personnel working for less than six months on the project. Job description/Terms of reference should be included in project document. 13. 00 Administrative Support: for clerical and related support tasks.

Please note that financing of project support personnel is not a priority for the Voluntary Fund. 15. 00 Official Travel of Project Personnel 17. 00 National Professional Project Personnel. Job description/Terms of reference should be included in project document. 20. 00  Subcontracts: This component pertains to specialized services provided the project by an outside contractor. Each subcontract will require a separate budget line; subcontractor terms of reference should be attached as an annex to the project document. 30. 00  Training: 32. 0 Group training and study tours: organized training programmes and study tours conducted outside the country of the project; group training normally does not exceed two months and study tours normally are one month or less 33. 00 In service training: cost of individual and group training organized and conducted in the country of the project. 40. 00  Equipment: 41. 00 Expendable equipment: items of equipment, supplies or training materials valued at less than US$400; 42. 00 Non expendable equipment: items of equipment valued at US$400 or more or which have a serviceable life of five years or more.

NOTE: Normally the resources of the Voluntary Fund will only support acquisition of equipment needed for training or applied research. 43. 00 Premises: The Voluntary Fund will not fund costs for premises (construction, rent, utilities). This line item should only be used to indicate any contributions from other donors, the government, or the implementing agent. 50. 00  Miscellaneous: 51. 00 Operation, Maintenance and Repair of Equipment: operation and maintenance of project equipment that cannot be covered by the host government or the project implementing agent 52. 0 Publications and Report Costs: report costs, which may include the reproduction of a reasonable number of copies of project technical and final reports 53. 00 Sundry and Communications: official postage, communications and incidental supplies Project Budget Template Name of project Name of Implementing agent 10

Project Personnel 11. 01 International Experts 11. 50 Consultants 11. 99 Subtotal: Personnel 13. 00 Administrative Support 15. 00 Official Travel 17. 00 National Professional Project Personnel 9. 00 Component Total 20 Subcontracts 21. 00 Subcontract #1 29. 00 Component Total 30 Training 32. 00 Group Training / Study Tours 33. 00 In-service Training 39. 00 Component Total 40 Equipment 41. 00 Expendable Equipment 42. 00 Non-Expendable Equipment 43. 00 Premises 49. 00 Component Total 50 Miscellaneous 51. 00 Operation, Maintenance and Repair of Equipment 52. 00 Publications and Report Costs 53. 00 Sundry, and Communications 59. 00 Component Total 99. 00 Grand Total

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