PWR - Power Wheelchair Racing

The following example essay on “PWR – Power Wheelchair Racing” is about wheelchair racing on track and road racing. They are open to athletes with any qualifying type of disability.

Power Wheelchair Racing is a new sport that was introduced in 2006. There are few to no sports that are available for people with high level injuries, and people with limited mobility. Power Wheelchair Racing can be done by anyone with a power chair. This sport is good for your mind, body, and soul.

Not only is it fun, but its filled with excitement and challenges.

Everyone is welcome to join in PWRA. Racing classes (levels) will be made to match racers equally by speed, abilities, and experience. They currently have a 10 mph top speed capability but are looking into ways of being able to raise the speeds. The Extreme Chairing Foundation is hoping to develop the X Chair. The X Chair will have speeds over 25 mph, a higher end suspension to make the off roding terrain more bearable.

There are 5 classes in Power Wheel Chair Racing, that are divided by type of injury or disability and each class has a speed recommendation.All patrons must enter in their class or a class higher but not lower. The courses vary from off road to asphalt and can include obsticles like bump jumps, whoops and table tops. There is a points system that is added up at the end of the season, each participant is awarded points but only First through Third place in each class are rewarded either prizes or a trophy.

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Power Wheel Chair races are held in the Chicago land area but PWRA is looking to expand to more cities.The PWRA is very open about any one joining and is very avid about the public expanding the popularity of the up coming sport. There wasn’t very much information on the topic, both of the websites i found were under developed and linked so a lot of the information was shared between sites. l.

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PWR - Power Wheelchair Racing
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