Figurative Language and Dramatic Turns: Exploring Themes in Pinocchio

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Pick out the meaning of the words in bold print. 1. The furniture could not have been much simpler: a very old chair, a rickety old bed, and a tumble-down table. A. messyC. fragile B. shakyD. broken-down 2. When his legs were limbered up, Pinocchio started walking by himself and ran all around the room. C. stretchedC. flexible D. raisedD. bent 3. His two wooden feet were making as much noise as twenty peasants in wooden shoes. E. noblesC. aristocrats F. farmersD. carpenters 4. Geppetto looked like a good man but with boys he was a real tyrant.

G. bullyC. tormenter H. leaderD. uddy 5. The Carabineer ended matters by setting Pinocchio at liberty and dragging Geppetto to prison. I. outsideC. on hold J. freedomD. close at hand 6. You will grow into a perfect donkey and that you’ll be the laughingstock of everyone. K. idolC. topic L. jokeD. flattery 7. But the Cricket instead of being offended at Pinocchio’s impudence, continued in the same tone.

M. disrespectC. rudeness N. impatienceD. timidity WORD STUDY Identify the figurative language used in each sentence. 1. He quickly peeled off the bark and shaped the wood. But as he was about to give it the first blow he heard a voice say: “Please be careful!Do not hit me so hard! ” A. simileC. hyperbole B. metaphorD. personification 2. Pinocchio ran in leaps and bounds, his two wooden feet making as much noise as twenty peasants in wooden shoes. C. simileC. hyperbole D. metaphorD. personification 3. “Stop laughing, I say! ” he roared in a voice of thunder.

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The mouth stopped laughing, but it stuck out a long tongue. E. simileC. hyperbole F. metaphorD. personification COMPREHENSION Select the correct answer about the chapters read. 1. Master Antonio was called Master Cherry because ________. A. he loved eating cherries. B. he had a lot of cherry trees at home.C. his nose was like a ripe cherry. D. his complete name was Antonio Cherry. 2. When Master Cherry first started to use the axe on the piece of wood, he heard a far-away little voice that cried ___________. E. “Oh, oh! You hurt! ” F. “Stop it! Oh, stop it! Ha, ha, ha! ” G. “Ha, ha, ha! You tickle my stomach. ” H. “Please be careful! Do not hit me so hard! ” 3. When frightened, Master Cherry encouraged himself by ___________. I. playing loud music J. singing a gay song K. lighting the whole place up L. dancing to his favorite steps 4. The nickname Polendina was given to Geppetto because __________.M. he had a corn farm N. he always wore yellow clothes O. his complete name is Geppetto Polendina P. the wig he always wore was like the color of yellow corn 5. Geppetto’s reaction when people called him Polendina: Q. He started to feel lonesome. R. He looked embarrassed and hurt. S. He become as wild as a beast. T. He gave the people his warmest smile. 6. When Master Cherry gave Geppetto the piece of wood, ___________. U. they gave each other a sound thrashing V. he purposely dropped it to hit Geppetto’s thin legs W. it slipped out of his hands and hit Geppetto’s thin legs X. hey shook hands and swore to be good friends for the rest of their lives 7. The best description for Geppetto’s house: Y. The furniture was antique and expensive Z. It was an empty room on the ground floor [. The house was little but it was neat and comfortable . There was a fireplace full of burning logs on the wall 8. As soon as he got home, Geppetto ______________. ]. waited for the wood to talk ^. started cutting the wood like fireplace logs _. took his tools and the wood to a carpenter `. began to cut and shape the wood into a marionette 9. When Geppetto carved the nose of the puppet, ______________. a. t became so long, it seemed endless b. it looked like the ones of Master Cherry c. it stretched and stretched and hit the wall d. it started smelling food and became so hungry 10. After Geppetto carved the hands, the puppet ______________. e. grabbed his yellow wig f. threw away all of his tools g. started clapping out of joy h. slapped his face because it lacked control 11. Geppetto decided to name the puppet ____________. i. PinocchiB. PinocchioC. Pinocchia D. Pinnocchoo 12. Geppetto was taken to prison because ______________. j. he denied the puppet its freedom k. the policeman thought he was going crazy . the people accused him of hurting the puppet m. others believed his witchcraft because he made a talking puppet GRAMMAR Pick out the adverb in each sentence. 1. He grabbed the log with both hands and started to knock it about unmercifully. A. grabbedC. about B. both handsD. unmercifully 2. He waited briefly for the tiny voice to moan and cry but heard nothing. C. brieflyC. moan D. tiny voiceD. but 3. Geppetto set seriously to work to make the hair, the forehead, and the eyes. E. to makeC. to work F. seriouslyD. set POST READING WORKSHEET CHAPTERS 4-7 VOCABULARY Pick out the meaning of the words in bold print. 1.A boy’s appetite grows very fast and in a few moments the queer, empty feeling had become hunger. A. weirdC. typical B. funnyD. questionable 2. His stomach kept grumbling more than ever and he had nothing to quiet it with. C. worryingC. moaning D. soundingD. complaining 3. The hunger grew bigger and bigger, until soon he was as ravenous as a bear. E. greedyC. starving F. restlessD. ferocious 4. Having your pears peeled shows how dainty you are. G. niceC. lovely H. fragileD. elegant 5. Let us not be fussy about the food we eat. I. pickyC. cautious J. criticalD. demanding 6. We must accustom ourselves to eat of everything.K. agreeC. compose L. forceD. get used to 7. Pinocchio had eaten the three pears, or rather devoured them. M. nibbledC. absorbed N. swallowedD. gnawed WORD STUDY Pick out the correct spelling. 1. The Cricket was a wise old _______________. A. pilosoperC. philosoper B. pilosopherD. philosopher 2. Geppetto returns home and gives his own breakfast to the _______________. C. MarioneteC. Marionnette D. MarionetteD. Marrionnette 3. It thundered, and bright flashes of _______________ now and again shot across the sky, turning it into a sea of fire. E. lightningC. lightening F. lightnhingD. enlighteningCOMPREHENSION Pick out the correct answer about the chapters read. 1. While Geppetto was being taken to prison, Pinocchio ___________. A. cried out for help. B. ran off as fast as he could. C. slowly walked out of the scene. D. protected him from the policeman. 2. The following is a fact about the Talking Cricket: E. He was more than one hundred years old. F. He was a young, wise, and brave philosopher. G. He got killed because Pinocchio stepped on him. H. He deserved to die because of his cruelty. 3. The Talking Cricket told Pinocchio that: I. Pinocchio was a Marionette with a wooden head. J. oys who do not go to school end up in the hospital or prison. K. boys who disobey their parents will be very sorry when they get old. L. Pinocchio will grow into a perfect donkey and he will be the joke of everyone. 4. Pinocchio told the Talking Cricket he was going to run away because he ____________. M. refuses to obey his father N. hates to go to school and study O. likes to live like any other normal boy P. loves to chase butterflies, climb trees, and steal birds’ nests 5. The only trade in the world that took Pinocchio’s fancy: Q. Going to school and studying. R. Eating, drinking, sleeping, playing, and wandering all day. S.Chasing after butterflies, climbing trees, and stealing birds’ nests. T. Leaping over brambles and bushes, and across brooks and ponds. 6. The following is an opinion about the Talking Cricket’s death: U. The Talking Cricket fell from the wall, dead. V. The Talking Cricket was extremely mean to Pinocchio and he killed him. W. Pinocchio took a hammer and threw it with all his strength at the Talking Cricket. X. The Marionette did not think that the hammer would hit the Talking Cricket. 7. The main idea of Chapter 5: Y. Omelets can fly out the windows. Z. Pinocchio was one hungry marionette. [. Pinocchio cannot survive on his own. . The consequence of Pinocchio’s act against the Talking Cricket 8. 9. Pinocchio hated the dark street, but he was so hungry that, in spite of it, he ran out of the house. The night was pitch black. It thundered and bright flashes of lightning now and again shot across the sky turning it into a sea of fire. An angry wind blew cold and raised dense clouds of dust while the trees shook and moaned in a weird way. | The mood suggested in the paragraph above: ]. terrifyingB. shockingC. surprisingD. suffering 9. Pinocchio would not open the door because ______________. ^. the cat ate Pinocchio’s feet _. his legs were burnt and gone . Pinocchio was pretending that he cannot walk a. he did not want Geppetto to come near him 10. Geppetto’s first reaction when he saw Pinocchio’s burnt feet: b. He felt very sad and sorrowful. c. He consoled him and talked to him while crying. d. He gave him a sound whipping when he got in. e. He felt sorry for him and pulled three pears out of his pocket. 11. “… you should not be so refined and fastidious about your food. My dear boy, we never know what might happen to us… ”| The line above means that we should ______________. f. eat our food quickly but cleanly g. be thankful for every food we have h. njoy eating whatever food we have i. not be too selective on the food we eat GRAMMAR Pick out the preposition in each sentence. 1. Pinocchio turned and saw a large cricket crawling slowly up the wall. A. largeC. slowly B. cricketD. up 2. Poor Pinocchio ran to the fireplace where the pot was boiling. C. poorC. where D. to D. fireplace 3. He ran about the room in search of a piece of bread. A. aboutC. piece B. searchD. bread POST READING WORKSHEET CHAPTERS 8-11 VOCABULARY Pick out the meaning of the words in bold print. 1. In less than an hour the feet were finished, two slender, nimble little feet, strong and quick.A. slowC. clumsy B. bouncyD. energetic 2. When poverty shows itself, even mischievous boys understand what it means. C. naughtyC. harmful D. obedientD. behaved 3. It is a nuisance that I have to go to school! E. troubleC. dangerus F. discomfortD. hindrance 4. The theatre was full of people, enjoying the spectacle and laughing till they cried. G. eventC. parade H. presentationD. performance 5. The antics of the two Marionettes brought joy to the audience. I. pranksC. liveliness J. funny actsD. jokes 6. At the unexpected apparition, no one dared even to breathe. K. spiritC. illusion L. visionD. nightmare 7.Pinocchio ran to him, scurrying like a squirrel. M. flyingC. rushing N. creepingD. fumbling WORD STUDY Identify the base word of the words in bold print. 1. When poverty shows itself, even mischievous boys understand what it means. A. chiefC. mischief B. misD. mischieve 2. On hearing himself addressed as your Excellency, the Director of the Marionette Theater sat up very straight in his chair. C. excelC. cell D. excellentD. excellence 3. He stroked his long beard, suddenly becoming kind and compassionate. A. passionC. passionate B. compassD. compassion COMPREHENSION Select the correct answer about the chapters read. . The effect of Geppetto’s diligent work in making Pinocchio’s new feet: A. Pinocchio needed an A-B-C book. B. Pinocchio looked like a gentleman. C. Pinocchio needed a suit of clothes. D. Pinocchio promised to go to school. 2. The kind of father Geppetto was in Chapter 8: E. A father with a soft heart. F. A father with eyes filled with tears. G. A father who gave punishment for mischief. H. A father who did everything to make his son happy. 3. As he talked to himself, he thought he heard sounds of pipes and drums coming from a distance: pi-pi-pi-pi-pi-pi. . . zum, zum, zum, zum. He stopped to listen. The tone of the paragraph: I. curiousityB. excitementC. adventureD. puzzle 4. This was written in letters of fire. J. Great Marionette Act K. Great Marionette Show L. Great Marionette Theater M. Great Marionette Performance 5. Pinocchio’s first statement to the boy in order to get in: N. What about my hat? O. Do you want to buy my shoes? P. For the price of four pennies, I’ll sell you my coat. Q. Will you give me four pennies until tomorrow? 6. The performance which opened with two marionettes: R. Pinocchio and Harlequin S. Harlequin and Pulcinella T. Pulcinella and Signora Rosaura U.Signora Rosaura and Pinocchio 7. He had such a fearful appearance that one look at him would fill you with horror. V. SignoraB. Fire EaterC. HarlequinD. Pulcinella 8. The proverb illustrated in Chapter 10: W. No man is an island. X. Curiosity killed a cat. Y. There’s no place like home. Z. Two wrongs don’t make a right. 9. 10. “Bring that Marionette to me! He looks as if he were made of well seasoned wood. He’ll make a fine fire for this spit. “| Based on the paragraph, we can infer that ______________. A. Pinocchio will light a fire B. Pinocchio will burn to death C. Pinocchio will be made into a log D.Pinocchio will be made seasoning to a meal 10. Fire Eater’s sneezing meant that A. he was about to weep B. he was sorry for someone C. he felt sad and sorrowful D. he forgave whoever frustrated him 11. The theme for Chapter 11: [. justiceB. heroismC. honestyD. friendship 12. The event that happened last: A. All the Marionettes and the officers cried like babies. B. Pinocchio begged for mercy for his poor friend, Harlequin. C. Fire Eater ordered Harlequin to be tied and thrown to the fire. D. Pinocchio stood up and asked the officers to throw him to the flames. GRAMMAR Pick out the pronoun in each sentence. 1.Geppetto made Pinocchio a new pair of feet and sold his coat to buy an A-B-C book. A. aC. and B. toD. his 2. The Marionettes recognized their brother and greeted Pinocchio with loud cheers. C. theC. and D. theirD. with 3. The Marionettes ran to the stage and they danced and sang till dawn. E. toC. they F. theD. and POST READING WORKSHEET CHAPTERS 12-15 VOCABULARY Pick out the meaning of the words in bold print. 1. Pinocchio noticed a tiny insect glimmering on the trunk of a tree. A. hidingC. blinking B. sparklingD. dancing 2. “Do not listen to them as they are either fools or swindlers! ” C. snatchersC. impostors D. thievesD. enemies . “Wait, young man, we’ll get it from you in a twinkling! ” E. instantC. sparkling F. momentD. glimmering 4. There were the two somber figures still following him. G. sadC. hazy H. darkD. eerie 5. Their black sacks were drenched and dripping with water. I. filledC. soaked J. stretchedD. punctured 6. She had azure hair and a face white as wax. K. curlyC. short L. blueD. stiff 7. He trembled so hard that the joints of his legs rattled and the coins tinkled under his tongue. M. sprainedC. stiff N. shookD. long WORD STUDY Select the antonym of the word in bold print. 1. “Good morning, Pinocchio,” said the Fox, greeting him courteously.A. rudelyC. sincerely B. cordiallyD. courageously 2. At the cheerful tinkle of the gold, the Fox unconsciously held out his paw that was supposed to be lame. C. habituallyC. thoughtlessly D. carelesslyD. intentionally 3. They pulled him unmercifully from side to side in order to make him open his mouth. E. gentlyC. heartlessly F. brutallyD. generously COMPREHENSION Answer the following about the chapters read. 1. The kind of boy Pinocchio was in Chapter 12: A. naiveB. helpfulC. loving D. immature 2. “Do you want to double your gold pieces? ” The tone of the line is: B. curiosityB. fascinationC. persuasionD. interest 3.The following is an opinion about the Fox and the Cat: C. The two were walking together like two good friends. D. They tricked Pinocchio to take advantage of his gold pieces. E. They promised Pinocchio he will have twenty-five hundred gold pieces. F. The lame Fox leaned on the Cat and the blind Cat let the Fox lead him along. 4. The place to bury a gold piece to become a tree loaded with gold pieces: G. Dame Fortune H. Field of Wonders I. City of Simple Simons J. Inn of the Red Lobster 5. The Talking Cricket and the Blackbird were similar. K. They were both a hundred years of age. L. They both wanted Pinocchio to be an obedient boy.M. They both gave Pinocchio wise advise but both were ignored. N. They tried to help Pinocchio but ended up dead. 6. During dinner, the Fox and the Cat felt that ____________. O. neither of them was very hungry after all P. they were still suffering from gold-piece indigestion. Q. both were very hungry and ordered a lot of food. R. they felt very weak but tried their best to eat a little. 7. Pinocchio’s disobedience to the Talking Cricket resulted in ____________. S. the loss his golden pieces T. his death U. finding himself in the hands of the Assassins V. his father’s grief — not seeing him for many a day . An appropriate title for Chapter 14: W. The Talking Cricket Is Right X. The Assassins Chase Pinocchio Y. Pinocchio, the Stubborn Marionette Z. Pinocchio Falls Into the Hands of the Assassins 9. 10. Quick as a flash the Marionette sank his teeth deep into the Assassin’s hand, 11. bit it off and spat it out. Fancy his surprise when he saw that it was not a hand but a cat’s paw. | Based on the paragraph above, it can inferred that ______________. A. assassins are indeed real B. the Marionette had sharp teeth C. the assassins are the Fox and the Cat D. the assassins are neither the Fox nor the Cat 10.No one opened the door to Pinocchio because ____________. A. no one lived in the house B. the people were already asleep C. the house was not real D. everyone in the house was dead 11. The following is a fact: A. The Lovely Maiden with Azure Hair was a ghost. B. Pinocchio closed his eyes and pretended to be dead. C. There was no other way to kill Pinocchio but to hang him. D. Pinocchio was afraid when he saw his death dancing before him. 12. As he was about to die he thought of his poor old father and hardly conscious of what he was saying murmured to himself: “Oh Father, dear Father! If you were only here! “|The mood of the scene is ______________. A. gloomB. troubleC. torture D. desperation GRAMMAR Select the proper noun in each sentence. 1. Toward evening, dead tired, they came to the Inn of the Red Lobster. A. toward eveningC. they came to B. dead tiredD. Inn of the Red Lobster 2. Poor Cat felt very weak. He ate only four portions of tripe with cheese. C. CatC. portions D. weakD. tripe 3. Pinocchio, not having listened to the good advice, falls into the hands of some bad guys. E. PinocchioC. hands F. adviceD. guys POST READING WORKSHEET CHAPTERS 16-19 VOCABULARY Pick out the meaning of the words in bold print. . The Lovely Maiden with Azure Hair had lived for more than a thousand years in the vicinity of the forest. A. opposite sideC. surroundings B. across D. Inner part 2. The Crow stepped out and felt Pinocchio’s pulse and solemnly pronounced that the Marionette is dead and gone. C. gravelyC. kindly D. seriouslyD. thoughtfully 3. When the undertakers came carrying a coffin, he drank the medicine and felt better. E. lab assistantsC. attendants F. embalmersD. funeral directors 4. They marched out of the room muttering and grumbling between their teeth. G. roaringC. murmuring H. praisingD. complaining 5.The bedraggled pheasants were grieving for their bright feathers of gold and silver. I. confused C. wrinkled J. soiled and dirtyD. sick 6. The people were scuttling away hurriedly. K. stirringC. racing L. bustlingD. darting 7. There, just above him on the branch of a tree, sat a large Parrot, busily preening his feathers. M. groomingC. inspecting N. preparingD. messing WORD STUDY Select the synonym of the word in bold print. 1. The Poodle sat on the coachman’s seat and snapped his whip gaily in the air. A. happilyC. quickly B. solemnlyD. glowingly 2. The Marionette mourned for hours over the length of his nose.C. criedC. sulked D. achedD. lamented 3. “What are you laughing at? ” Pinocchio asked peevishly. E. shyly C. patiently F. irritablyD. cautiously COMPREHENSION Select the correct answer about the chapters read. 1. The Lovely Maiden with Azure Hair is really a ______________. A. very kind fairy B. white witch C. ghost of a princess D. lively little girl 2. The doctors for the Marionette were: E. an Owl, a Poodle, and a Falcon F. a Falcon, a Talking Cricket, and an Owl G. a Crow, an Owl, and a Talking Cricket H. a Talking Cricket, a Falcon, and a Poodle 3. The doctor who knew the Marionette for many years: I.OwlC. Poodle J. CrowD. Talking Cricket 4. Pinocchio drank the medicine because ____________. K. his nose started to grow longer and longer. L. the Lovely Maiden with Azure Hair begged him to. M. four black Rabbits, carrying a black coffin, entered the room. N. he swore to drink the medicine after taking a lump of golden sugar. 5. The sequence of Pinocchio’s recount on how he fell in the hands of the Assassins is as follows: I. They caught him and tied his neck with a rope and hanged me to a tree. II. One of them tried to put a hand in his mouth and he bit it off but it wasn’t a hand, it was a cat’s paw. III.The Fire Eater gave him five gold pieces to give to his Father. On the way, he met a Fox and a Cat. IV. He started out in the darkness all alone. On the road I met two Assassins dressed in black coal sacks. V. They stopped at the Inn of the Red Lobster for dinner. They ate and went to sleep. When he awoke they were gone. O. III, V, IV, II, IB. I, II, III, IV, V P. V, IV, III, II, ID. II, IV, I, III, V 6. Pinocchio’s dishonesty led to ____________. Q. losing his gold pieces R. being laughed at by the fairy S. the shrinking of his legs T. his nose getting longer and longer For numbers 7 and 8, refer to the following paragraph.Pinocchio noticed that all the streets were filled with hairless dogs, yawning from hunger; with sheared sheep, trembling with cold; with combless chickens, begging for a grain of wheat; with large butterflies, unable to use their wings because they had sold all their lovely colors; with tailless peacocks, ashamed to show themselves; and with bedraggled pheasants, scuttling away hurriedly, grieving for their bright feathers of gold and silver, lost to them forever. | 7. The mood of the passage: U. deceit C. betrayal V. poverty D. corruption 8. From the passage, it can be concluded that ____________. A. The setting showed animal cruelty.B. The community was deprived of luxury. C. The street was an image of richness and wealth. D. The place was a trading market of animal products. 9. Because of the robbery, Pinocchio learned that ____________. A. only a real boy can experience the magic of the field B. fields can grow gold just like beans or squash but he was in the wrong field C. In order to be wealthy, one must work and know how to earn with hand or brain D. The field can multiply gold pieces if the procedures were followed carefully and accurately 10. After finding the money, Pinocchio ____________. A. cried out loud like a little boy B. illed the parrot out of anger C. went back to the fairy and asked for help D. went to the courthouse to report the robbery 11. Pinocchio’s search for justice resulted in ____________. A. his getting his gold pieces back B. his being sent to prison for four months C. the imprisonment of the Fox and the Cat D. the judge’s decision to give him extra gold pieces 12. The City of Simple Simons: A. was just like any other cities B. was full of crimes and murders C. was dark and full of deceptive creatures D. was in good control by its government and their rules were just GRAMMAR Pick out the common noun in each sentence. . Pinocchio eats sugar but refuses to take medicine. A. PinocchioC. refuses B. sugarD. eats 2. The Marionette cannot wait to kiss that dear old man. A. MarionetteC. To kiss B. cannot waitD. man 3. They passed through the city and just outside the walls; they stepped into a lonely field. C. cityC. stepped D. outsideD. lonely POST READING WORKSHEET CHAPTERS 20-23 VOCABULARY Pick out the meaning of the words in bold print. 1. The Marionette was kicking and squirming like a young whirlwind. A. wigglingC. worrying B. screamingD. creeping 2. I deserve it to be punished for I have been nothing but a truant.C. traitorC. liar D. fugitiveD. runaway 3. For a long time, the marionette has become a vagabond. E. beggarC. wanderer F. outcastD. tourist 4. He was awakened by strange whisperings and stealthy sounds coming from the yard. G. strangeC. mournful H. sneakyD. harsh 5. They had the audacity to make such a proposition. I. prudenceC. arrogance J. braveryD. shame 6. Chick-peas had always made him sick; but that night he ate them with a relish. K. hungrilyC. fast L. heartilyD. willingly 7. The sea was so heavy that he could do nothing with his oars. M. bladesC. powers N. paddlesD. sails WORD STUDYPick out the compound word. 1. The Marionette took the dog’s place and guards the farmer’s henhouse. A. farmer’sC. henhouse B. MarionetteD. place and guards 2. Pinocchio is caught by a Farmer, who uses him as a watchdog for his chicken coop. C. PinocchioC. chicken D. watchdogD. chicken coop COMPREHENSION Answer the following about the chapters read. 1. The theme for Chapter 20: A. respect C. patience B. honesty D. obedience 2. The Serpent had ______________. A. bright green tail, fiery nose, and a pointed skin B. bright green nose, fiery tail, and a pointed eyes C. bright green eyes, fiery skin, and a pointed noseD. bright green skin, fiery eyes, and a pointed tail 3. The Serpent’s cause of death: A. He was caught in a trap for Weasels. B. He cried so hard and died on the spot. C. He laughed so hard and burst his artery. D. He choked after swallowing Pinocchio. 4. Pinocchio being got caught in the trap because ____________. A. he was about to steal some grapes B. he was about to steal eggs and chickens C. he was looking for a place to stay for the night D. he was looking for someone who could give him water 5. When Pinocchio was caught in the trap, who died? A. MelanoB. Melampo C. Melapo D.Melamo 6. Pinocchio was punished by the Farmer. A. He was brought to jail. B. He turned into a fire log. C. He became a watchdog. D. He was made a house slave. 7. To persuade Pinocchio, A. the Weasels will take eight chickens and will leave seven for Pinocchio. B. Pinocchio will bark once he sees the Farmer approaching to warn the Weasels. C. Pinocchio will pretend to be sleeping and will not bark in exchange for his freedom. D. the Weasels will take eight chickens and will leave one for Pinocchio. 8. “Melampo is dead. What is the use of accusing him? The dead are gone and they cannot defend themselves.The best thing to do is to leave them in peace! “| The tone of the line is ____________. A. justiceC. righteousness B. moralityD. honor 9. The Lovely Fairy with Azure Hair died because ____________. A. the fairy’s house was burned down to ashes B. the Serpent’s ghost scared the Lovely Fairy to death C. the Fox and the Cat murdered the Lovely Fairy D. Pinocchio abandoned her 10. Geppetto’s destination in search of Pinocchio: a. AsiaC. Europe b. OceanD. New World 11. The following is an opinion: c. Pinocchio is as light as a feather. d. The Pigeon can fly as high as the clouds. e. Pinocchio found the chick-peas delicious. . The Pigeon does not want thanks for a kind deed. 12. The Marionette being made of wood floated easily along and swam like a fish in the rough water. Now and again he disappeared only to reappear once more. In a twinkling he was far away from land. At last he was completely lost to view. | The event that would most likely happen next: g. The Marionette will drown and die. h. Geppetto and Pinocchio will not be reunited anymore. i. The Marionette will be tossed by the waves to an island. j. Geppetto and Pinocchio will be reunited in the ocean but will both die. GRAMMAR Pick out the verb in each sentence. 1.Freed from prison, Pinocchio sets out to return to the Fairy. A. freedC. sets out B. fromD. prison 2. Pinocchio is caught by a Farmer, who uses him as a watchdog for his chicken coop. C. is caughtC. watchdog D. FarmerD. coop 3. Pinocchio discovers the thieves and, as a reward for faithfulness, he regains his liberty. E. discoversC. reward F. thievesD. liberty POST READING WORKSHEET CHAPTERS 24-27 VOCABULARY Pick out the meaning of the words in bold print. 1. He lost all patience and turning to his tormentors, he said “Careful, boys, I haven’t come here to be made fun of! ” A. oppressorsC. enemies B. classmatesD. audience . One of them, more impudent than the rest, put out his hand to pull the Marionette’s nose. C. vulgarC. brave D. naughtyD. shameless 3. Among these were many well-known rascals, who cared not a jot for study or for success. E. noteC. write F. tiny bitD. fragment 4. In the meantime, the boys, having used all their books, looked around for new ammunition. G. missileC. cartridge H. weaponD. protection 5. This numbness of feeling is not enough to mend Pinocchio’s pain. I. sensibilityC. dullness J. deadnessD. unconsciousness 6. He suffered keenly at the thought of passing under the windows of his good little Fairy’s house. K. ctivelyC. brutally L. intenselyD. furiously 7. At so much noise, the people hung out of the windows, anxious to see the end of the contest. M. eagerC. disturbed N. worriedD. concerned WORD STUDY Identify the figurative language used in each sentence. 1. It poured rain, it hailed, it thundered, and the lightning was so bright that it turned the night into day. A. simileC. hyperbole B. metaphorD. personification 2. The Marionette, being made of wood, floated easily along and swam like a fish in the rough water. C. simileC. hyperbole D. metaphorD. personification 3. “Hurrah for Dr. Know-all! You have spoken like a printed book! howled the boys, bursting with laughter. E. simileC. hyperbole F. metaphorD. personification COMPREHENSION Answer the following about the chapters read. 1. Geppetto did not learn this about begging: A. It should be done only by the sick or the old. B. It should be done only by the real poor in this world. C. It should only be done by helpless children who do not receive any help from their parents. D. It should be done only by people who havelost the means of earning their bread with their own hands. 2. The proper sequence of the following events in these chapters is ____________. I. Pinocchio met a little woman carrying two water jugs.II. Pinocchio met a Bricklayer who promised to give him five coins. III. Pinocchio met a Coal Man who promised to give him four coins. IV. Pinocchio asked twenty people and all said he has to work to earn for his bread. E. III, II, IV, and IC. IV, III, II, and I F. I, II, III, and IVD. II, IV, I, and III 3. Pinocchio gave in to the little woman’s bribery because she offered ____________. G. to give him a slice of bread H. to give him some cake and jam I. to let him drink in one of her water jugs J. to give him a nice dish of cauliflower with white sauce on it 4. Pinocchio told the little woman that he revealed her true identity ecause ______________. K. of his love for her L. of the shape of her eyes M. of the sound of her voice N. of the azure color of her hair 5. A marionette is different from a real boy because ____________. O. a marionette does not go to school P. a marionette does not grow taller Q. a marionette does not get hungry and thirsty R. a marionette does not talk or move without their puppeteer 6. Which statement does not tell the characteristics of good boys? S. Good boys go gladly to school. T. Good boys always tell the truth. U. Good boys love to play all day. V. Good boys are obedient and well-behaved. 7. Careful, boys, I haven’t come here to be made fun of. I’ll respect you and I want you to respect me. “| The tone of the passage is ______________. W. maturityC. arrogance X. childishnessD. disrespect 8. Pinocchio gained his classmates’ respect because ______________. Y. his kick and blow gained everybody’s admiration Z. he showed respect and thus gained respect in return [. his patience proved that he was a boy worthy of being respected . he asked his classmates nicely to respect him because he respects them 9. Pinocchio’s only fault in school: ]. He had too many friends. ^. He was always late for class. _.He was not attentive in class. `. He was not as hard working as his classmates. 10. The evidence that pointed out Pinocchio as the suspect: a. his capC. his handkerchief b. his wooden feetD. his Arithmetic book 11. The main idea in Chapter 27: c. Pinocchio wishes to become a real boy. d. Pinocchio reaches the Island of the Busy Bees. e. Pinocchio goes to the seashore with his friends. f. Pinocchio and his playmates get into a battle. 12. The proverb that can be associated with Chapter 27: g. Bad company corrupts good character. h. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. i. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. . Yo

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Figurative Language and Dramatic Turns: Exploring Themes in Pinocchio
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