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Performance Influencing Factors Paper

What are performance influencing factors Performance influencing factors (PIF’s) affects the human performance and thus humans ability to perform actions correct and efficient. Performance influencing factors can be divided into workplace related factors and human related factors. Workplace related factors Human performance can be drastically improved by having control of workplace related factors.

Most of these factors are controlled by the company management. Management based on visions and “greate words” will fail. Management must have practical knowledge for handling specific situations and demonstrate this knowledge through their behaviour. This will give confidence and motivation among the workers, which is an absolute condition to achieve results. A description of workplace related factors follow: * Workplace economy * Workplace environment * Workplace equipment Workplace interaction * Workplace layout * Workplace personnel policy * Workplace routines Human related factors Human performance can also be improved by having control of human related factors. Personal factors describe the current state of a person. This state will have variations due to psychological and physiological stresses. A description of human related factors follow: * Personal factors * Physiological factors * Psychological factors Further discussion

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The above performance influencing factors are seen from different points of view and will have issues in common. Performance influencing factors are the reason for human errors. Knowledge about these factors will thus give valuable information when working out cause reducing actions in risk analyses. Experiences shows that the failure rate may be reduced by a factor of 3 to 5 when the state of the performance influencing factors are significantly improved.

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