180 Degree Appraisal

Auto ancillary companies:- Bosch- The Company has a whistle blower policy that affords to all employers to draw their supervisor’s attention to circumstances that appear to indicate a violation of code of business conduct. Such a reporting may also be made anonymously over dedicated hotline or by e-mail to the compliance officer for this purpose. The Company’s appraisal program system for managerial staff called as ‘Bosch Performance Review and Employee Development (PRED)’ program has attained higher maturity level through continuous communication and education through forums like Employee Development workshops etc.

Introduction of Low Performance Monitoring policy was a key step towards employee development and ensuring retention of the competitive edge of the Company. Motherson Sumi – open appraisal system, 180 degree performance appraisal system( seniors & self ) , increased goal based appraisal Assessment Of Performance Against Goal The performance for the year is assessed on the basis of RESULT/ DELIVERABLES achieved by end of the year against the goals. Assessment Of Knowledge And Skills Assessment of knowledge and skills is based on:
• Professional and technical knowledge.

Professional and technical skills.
• Communication skills.
• Creativity and innovation
• Leadership skills Assessment Of Attributes And Behavior Assessment of attributes and behavior is based on:
• Personal conduct
• Honesty and integrity
• Attitude to work
• Dependability
• Loyalty Weightage allocated to each objective. The total of the entire objective comes to 100%. The weightage allocated are: Individual Performance Against agreed goals / objective which carries a weightage of 40%. Individual’s Knowledge And Skills The application of skills and knowledge carries a weightage of 35%.

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INDIVIDUAL ATTRIBUTES AND BEHAVIOR The demonstration of behavior / attributes carries a weightage of 25%. Amara Raja Batt- The Company develops annual individual performance plans (IPP) for every employee to structurally align it to functional balanced score card (BSC) objectives, which in turn are aligned to the Company BSC, dovetailing individual performances to organizational goals. The ARePAS (Amara Raja Electronic Appraisal System) – an in-house electronic appraisal system – reviews employee performance, growth and development over a period.In 2007-08, appraisal transparency was enhanced through a structured 360° feedback programme, where subordinates, peers and superiors gave feedback on the quality of leadership of each individual in the senior management team. WABCO India- maintaining personal file for each of the employee and recording each of his moments. Wheels- 360 degree appraisal, using johari window concepts in appraisal interviews, training before appraisal Gabriel India- Anand seeks out talent right from the day the employee enters the fold – regardless of what level they may come in.They are mentored, observed and constantly evaluated on performance, behaviour and abilities. In other words their roots are set in Anand soil, which will go on to nurture and develop their talent in order to grow a future workforce of trained global managers. Succession Planning and ‘Growth from BANCO products india ltd. – appraisal parameters vary according to the function exercised and the department to which the employee belongs. They also includes the results of customer satisfaction and service level surveys and sustainability indices. Assessment and feedback are continuous, taking lace in the final performance appraisal meeting. In 2008, Banco extended the 360 degree appraisal process to all its employees. This process implemented in 2007, was until then only applied to the management staff and certain employees of the commercial network. Minda Industries Ltd. – 270 degree appraisal. Munjal showa ltd. – Munjal Showa Limited, part of 1. 3 billion Hero Group Company incorporates Wheebox behavioural test, COMPASS for all Mid and Senior Level Performance Appraisals and INSIGHT 360 for Campus Placements. Types of tests include :- SAL test- SAL-Test is used to define human personality for a sales related job.The SAL-Test assesses the following traits for a Sales Role: 1. Extraversion/Ability to develop a network 2. Self-Initiative and Planning Capabilities 3. Motivation 4. Ability to Manage Stress 5. Flexibility/Adaptability to manage situations 6. Result Orientation/Sense of Achievement 7. Integrity 8. Attention to Detail 9. Persistence/Thoroughness in Follow up = INSIGHT 360- INSIGHT 360 is an ability test that is designed to measure a person’s intelligence and mental ability. INSIGHT 360 assesses the following abilities: . Verbal Ability 2. Numerical Ability 3. Logical Reasoning 4. Contextual Memory 5. Spatial Ability 6. General Intelligence = COMPASS- Compass is an online behavioral assessment that assesses individual’s personality, core strengths and improvement areas. Compass assesses the following traits : 1. Initiativeness 2. Motivation 3. Handling Stress 4. Resilience 5. Result Orientation 6. Integrity 7. Planning Capabilities 8. Persistence = KONVERSANT- KONVERSANT evaluates the spoken English skills using Audio Indexing Framework and the advanced science of linguistics.KONVERSANT as a tool assesses the following skills in a candidate: 1. Sentence Formation Skills 2. Vocabulary 3. Pronunciation 4. Fluency =CuSAT- Wheebox Customer Service Aptitude Test measures five distinct customer focused behavioral traits and statistically compare them with others who have taken the test. Wheebox Customer Service Aptitude Test measures the listed traits of a candidate using a 20 minutes computer based test. CuSAT Profiler assesses the following abilities: 1. Customer Service Orientation 2. Customer Handling Skills 3. Self-Composure 4. Customer Understanding 5. Self Discipline

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180 Degree Appraisal
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