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Paris, France Paper

Where could one possibly go to taste the greatest cheeses ever made, gaze at the world’s most visited paid monument, or simply admire the city lights while cruising down the smooth waters of the Seine River? None other than Paris, France. I’ve been invited to participate in the Celtic Cultures trip, but my heart resides in Paris, France. I dream of one day living in Paris. Who wouldn’t want to be a coffee-sipping, baguette-eating, people-watching Parisian?I want to travel to France for many reasons, one being the extensive history etched into every corner of the country. For example: La Sainte-Chapelle is one of the very few surviving buildings of the French Revolution in the heart of Paris. It was constructed by King Louis IX for the purpose of storing his precious treasures. Knowing of the city’s history is only half the beauty, experiencing it is the whole package. Another reason I long for Paris is simply because of its magic.The breathtaking view of the famous Eiffel Tower, the busy Avenue des Champs Elysees, and the soothing Seine River; saying they’re beautiful would be an understatement. Lastly, I wish to pick up on the French language. French is the language of romance. It is spoken all over the world and is rapidly growing. I myself am currently taking French courses at my high school. Travelling to France would be a great way to pick up on the language. All in all, Paris, France would be the perfect everlasting escape.

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