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Outline to Water Speech Paper

To in provide reliable information on the topic of tap water and bottle and why you should drink tap water. What are the types of waters and the facts of bottled water and tap water? What are the standards and regulations over bottled and tap water? Why you should drink tap water? Based on research I believe that tap water is a better choice because of the FDA regulations and standards places on it, the effect it has on the environment and the overall cost and health effects of tap water.

Tap Water Vs Bottled Water What are the differences between these two glasses of water? Most would say there is no difference but the truth is there is. The one on the left is bottled Aquafina and the one on the right is regular tap water. I have always thought different types of water all tasted differently and I wanted to know why. So I have done some research which makes me more informed on this topic to share with you. What are types of water and some facts of bottled water and tap?

The main types of water include; Spring which is water that is collected from an underground formation that collects water, purified which is water treated with processes such as distilling and de ionizing, mineral which is trace minerals that were contained from the source not added to the water, sparkling which is carbon dioxide that was obtained at the source and not added after collecting, artesian which is underground water sources where water is naturally purified by rock or sand, well is water from a hole made in the ground to tap a water source and lastly municipal or tap which is water piped right into your home from a water processing plant.

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According to Reader’s Digest, It takes 3 times the amount of water to produce the bottle than to fill it with water, only 1 out of the 5 water bottles with be recycled the other 4 will contribute to 3 billion pounds of waste from plastic bottles. Another effect on the environment , It takes 17 million barrels of oil to produce water bottles, enough to fuel 1 million cars for a year. Bottled water costs consumers 10,000 times more than the cost of tap water. US consume 8. 6 billion gallons of water a year which is 53 billion gallons globally which generates 61 billion dollars a year! According to pulpfactor. com, Americans are paying 3 times as much per gallon of water than gasoline. Americans choose bottled water because of taste.

Many taste tests have been conducted, tap water comes out on top. Many Americans believe it will taste differently from where it is bottled. Example, Dasani is bottled from the Detroit River; more than 25 percent of bottled water is from a public source. Many Americans believe bottle water is healthier; again this is not the case. Many bottled waters do not contain the trace elements that are added to tap water such as fluoride. Many dentists have seen an increase of cavities with the increasing liking of bottled water. Lastly many advertisements make bottled water convey a message of purity, healthy living and social status which consumer then use in their everyday lives.

What are the standards and regulations over bottled and tap water? Bottled water does not have to be tested for ecoli, required to provide a source, required to produce quality reports while tap water does. Bottled water can be sold if these standards are not meant but tap water cannot. According to ABC news, tap water has strict standards of the EPA, environmental protection agency, again no standard for bottled water. In conclusion, drink tap water. Why, because it is cost effective, better for the environment and has better regulations and standards to keep us healthy and safe. What is next I pay for water and I would also like to pay for air too. JUST SAY NO TO BOTTLED WATER!

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