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Organizational Behavior – Team Review and Reflection Essay

I have never studied such kind of courses before. My bachelor degree was related more to Law. First what I thought was Organizational Behavior class was something beyond me. In my point of view course was too complicated for me: everything in specific terminology and hard to understand. But after some time I was getting used to everything and even it was very interesting to do all work in group and have discussions on different situations everyone can face in an everyday life. So I completely changed my perception of this course.

Our group has six members: 2 Thai students – Terng and Dear, 3 Indonesian students – Anthony, Antonia and Stanley and finally me – Aidar from Kazakhstan. All of us had different background and different culture, perspective and attitude. That may recognize as cross culture. Attitude and performance are the most difference, in my country, I have treated as a good audience not a good in debate or discuss, and we will keep our opinion silenced. When people are working in a team, even despite that fact that they have different cultures and the way of thinking, it leads to have the conflict sometimes between the members.

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But you can gain advantages from getting a good chance to learn more and get experience, learn more about people that have different culture compared to us. Moreover we will know how to adapt each team member’s opinion and try to share with our experiences. We did not form our group by our own wishes. It was done our professor Dr Shmin Liu. So we did not know each other at the very beginning. At the first meeting, we shared about our experience and our background such as where we came from, our bachelor degree and whether we had experience in any job and etc.

In fact we had different knowledge and background but we tried to adapt and to know each other closer because we would have to work as a team. The main important thing was to communicate what helped our group pass the assignment successfully. In the second meeting, we brainstorm to select the organization that we have to investigate as our assignment which is directly relevant to the coursework’s objective. We think about the organization that we can have a chance to contact with at least manager of the department.

We think that if we can contact with such person, we can know deeply about the organization such as how the organization work, how to separate tasks to each employees and also the problem that happen in the organization. Before we arranged meetings we asked each team members whether they were available or not. Each of our team members was responsible in their tasks. But some of us were very busy because had other reports to write, home assignments, presentations. Approximately in one period of time we had to finish with our assignments, presentations and reports.

Sometimes we held long discussions and consequently had to take short breaks and find something to eat together. So the meetings were flexible and I felt enjoy with my teammates and nobody spent a lot energy. It seemed to me that we were having rest somewhere together rather than having discussion. As a group all members have to communicate well with each other. Although this syndicate is not a very good in communicate with each other, yet our syndicate able to complete the task or project well. The syndicate also showed lack of participation or contribution to the project.

Ability to contribute is not high. Waiting for other members or leader to tell them what to do is not professional. Willingness to contribute without being ordered by someone creates a perfect team and good working relationship. Willingness to contribute into the project is hopefully occurred in future. The most crucial factor to improve the performance of the group and the satisfaction of its members is a good cooperation. Without a good cooperation and a good contribution from each member it is very difficult to achieve an excellent syndicate.

After we held more meetings everybody in the group understood the task assignment very well and as a result each of us was doing a good job in getting the task done. Finally, as a result of our good team work, our work synergy increased to a high level because everybody worked hard for the team. Our group worked well together because everybody helped each other. First two time that we met we not to be familiar with others, our mind were not open anymore. In the meeting, we shared with ideas and thought thoroughly on every offered idea before making a decision.

If there were any mistakes helped each other to correct it. We had meetings every week and we started knowing each other better. We had discussed about our work, how it’s going and going in the right way or not. Then we had a chance to ask each others. We did everything step by step. Finally everything was done on time which subsequented to reach our main goal. For performances of our group members, I satisfy with performance of every member. Everyone did their best in each task. We tried to do the best as much as we can.

We knew that it had limited time to do this group assignment because we also had another subject’s report, so we had to use that limited time as affective as we can. It made me learn how to take time out. Our leader Anthony suited all characteristics of good leader. I can compare how he did his managing activities within our group at first time in the very beginning of this semester and by the end of this semester and can say without any hesitate that he upgraded well his leading abilities. In my mind all activities held in our class helped not only him but everybody in our whole group.

Outward training also helped to develop our abilities: teambuilding, leading for Anthony, communicating and etc. The rest members of our team are very communicative, friendly, tolerant, patient, reliable, and very responsible. Every student in team did his best in performing all kind of works. Everyone is strong in certain kind of ability. Stanley is very smart in solving economical problems and in decision making, Terng and Dear are good in social sciences. They are very resourceful. Antonia is great in preparing presentations and putting relevant information in it.

This course helped us to have cultural exchange, making reliable friends, gained good experience. All topics in our class will help us to behave in right way in many situations. We can easily face problems concerned with relations in organization, department, and emotional problems, how to treat with your boss and so on. Experience I got from doing group assignment is working in team with people with different personalities, cultures, and languages. It is good experience for me and my future performance.

I would like to conclude that our team is really strong. We already know, understand abilities, moods, habits and meanings of each other, try to avoid any kind of conflicts, making accent on more cooperative way of communication. We are always ready to help each member who has some difficulties with his part, even help each other dealing with others subjects. We should go through all these things such as conflicts of interests, hot discussions, misunderstanding, and distrust in order to eventually have such level of relationships that we experienced today.

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