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Good afternoon, my name is __________ and I’m here to talk to you about a massive problem. A massive problem which unfortunately we’re still letting this happen. While listening to this speech, you might think this is the typical speech anyone who really didn’t care about this matter, could give, but I believe this matter concerns everyone, and that I’ve got the enough reasons to convince you about that, to change your mind. Do you want to take part in changing this horrible matter into something far more pleasant? Do you want to stop this horrible, apalling and terrifying illegal business?

You, the great United Nations, still live without knowing the other dangerous and critical part of organ trafficking? Hearts, lungs, kidneys, livers; the great demand for organs is starting to increase very rapidly.

People need quick transplants, and this is what black market can offer. There are plenty of reasons why people have to sell their own organs.

The principal reason that would come to your mind, is money. Yes, organ trafficking keeps on a great amount of money moving. Kidneys can vary from $25,000 to $60,000, and lungs and hearts can provide the people who sell them over $150,000.

But when they do not follow through with their promises on payment, which happens often, they leave paid donors far less than they promised. This completely destroys these people’s lifes, leaving them not only without a kidney, but without an appropiate life condition. Not even half of the 7,000 people who require a simple organ transplant are attended.

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Do you think this is what people want? Wouldn’t you also trade for illegal organs? Changing this situation it’s just your decision, improve the organ donotation, make the difference!

Organ Trade Argumentative Essay

But there are many other reasons why people sell their organs. People who arrive illegally into a country, need as well as money, a new identity to stay into that country. They would exchange anything, including their organs, to keep away from judicial problems. But where does all this happen? China and India are among those countries where maximum illegal sale of human organs happen. This is mostly because these countries are the ones that have the less legal vigilance, this is precisely the reason that they are also the ones who need the most help, when changing this situation.

There is one rule in China that if no one claims the dead body then the organs of the person can be used for transplantation purpose. Poor communities, and poor people, are the ones most affected by this problem. They are the ones who are sometimes manipulated to offer their organs to the rich people, that can easily buy them. They are the ones who have no other option than risking their lives for an amount of money, which is unfortunatedly not enough for all of their needs. These sugeries, take part in unsanitary unhealthy and unclean conditions, where an infection can easily be caught. But lets stop for a minute.

You might think that their lives can improve a bit after taking part in this horrible risky market, but impossible as it seems, sometimes it gets even worse. Many residents unable to work with pain in their sides, fell back into debt as post-sugery costs absorbed their kidney profits-contrary to the promises of their brokers. And sometimes they don’t even ask the donor’s permission. The case of Mohammad Salim is one of the terrific cases related to organ trafficking. He was lied to, and then escorted into a dark, paint-chipped room with gunmen who gave him an injection. He fainted, and then woke up with a pain in his side.

His kidney had been removed. There are thousands of cases like the one of Mohammad Salim, and sometimes these people find themselves in terrible situations such as death. I’m truly sure that these kind of things are not appealing to anyone, and especially they’re not appealing to you all. And I’m also sure you’re not going to let this happen, because you are part of the United Nations for some reason, mostly, for trying to resolve each problem that crosses your path. You are now the only people who can solve this problem, you are the only people who are going to solve this problem. What about tougher laws?

People’s lifes in these countries are completely ruined, do you think they would also deal with bills, with jail? And what about sending doctors, who really know what they’re doing? They’re so many doctors in our country without any job, that a great percentage of them would do anything to get one. But in my opinion what would really stop this black dangerous and painful market, would be to set up a legal regulated market. Lets follow Iran’s example. They can tout the world’s only regulated transplant market and abundant organ supply, with the goverment offering donors $1,200 and free health unsurance.

People wouldn’t feel scared of their actions, people would feel safe, safe and happy, as they haven’t felt for a really long period of time. They would also earn money, apart from life quality, you don’t want to take that from their lives do you? During their lives, they’ve just had problems, followed by even worse problems. Their time has come for their lives to change in a positive way. So what do I really want to achieve by giving this speech? Well, I need your help, they need your help. So act now! Don’t let this repeat one more time! Their safety it’s just in your hands.

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