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Classroom Scavenger Hunt Paper

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Complete this worksheet by responding to the following the tasks listed below and providing answers to the questions. You may choose to print this worksheet for easier access. If you instead type out your answers onto this document, be sure to electronically save your work. Once you have completed this worksheet, open the INFT 101 Module/Week 1 Assignments folder and review the assignment instructions for completing the Classroom Scavenger Hunt Quiz. You will use the answers from this worksheet to complete the Classroom Scavenger Hunt Quiz.

The quiz must be submitted by 11:59 p. m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 1. Which course menu button should be used to locate the course syllabus? course content syllabus assignment instructions Look at the syllabus for INFT 101. What is the policy for late work submitted in this course? Late work will only be accepted if there is a documented illness or disability, an emergency, and/or permission is granted in advance by the instructor. Otherwise, late work will not be accepted and will result in a grade of zero. In the syllabus, find the Measurable Learning Outcomes.

What is the second learning outcome that is listed? Identify important documents and areas within the Liberty University Online classroom Which course menu button should be used to locate the course schedule? course content syllabus assignment instructions Look at the course schedule for INFT 101. Of the 1000 overall points you can earn in this course, how many points is the Online Classroom Scavenger Hunt/Quiz worth? 75 points In the course schedule, what assignments are you expected to complete for Module/Week 4 of the course? etting priorities exercise, student and course expectations quiz, and proper communication exercise. Which course menu button should be used to find specific information regarding class assignments? Course Content Locate the directions for the Time Management Exercise. What is the due date for this assignment? Locate the grading rubric for Discussion Board Forums. Provide a breakdown of the points you can earn for a post as listed by criterion. Which course menu button should be used to locate the weekly course modules? course content

Scavenger Hunt Quiz

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Locate the weekly course modules. What is the title of Module/Week 7? Inside a module/week are several listed items. What does a heading with a folder icon signify? Which course menu button should be used to locate the Discussion Board Forum? Discussion Board In the Discussion Board Forum, what is the description of the Course Community Center? What information should be posted in the Course Community Center? Locate the Module/Week 8 Discussion Board Forum. What is the due date for the thread? What is the due date for the replies?

What is the minimum length for a Discussion Board Forum thread? What is the minimum length for a reply? Which course menu button should be used to locate information regarding your instructor? Faculty Information What is your instructor’s name? What are 2 ways that you can contact your instructor? email and work phone What email address should you use for all communication with Liberty University Online instructors and classmates? Explain. liberty university email only because there are filters for other email addresses even though some instructors check their junk mail/spam mail

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