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Omnivores Dilemma Compared to Fast Food Nation Essay

Comparing and contrasting Omnivores Dilemma and Fast Food Nation Both Omnivores Dilemma and Fast Food Nation are rare books that can make you feel, as the expression goes, like the scales have fallen from your eye’s, and its an even greater treat to discover two great books that can dramatically change your view of food and the world. The first chapter in each of these books talks about different things and one would think that the books only related topics would be food.

However, the Omnivores dilemma simply jumps into things faster as Fast Food Nation talks about the founding fathers and the people behind the creation of fast food, more historical subjects. In the end both books are related in that they talk about how food is made, how it is transported and how it affects us when eaten. Although both books have a different focus, they both reveal serious problems with today’s food industry.

Both Schlosser’s and Pollan’s books uncover the hidden workings of the modern food industry and, in both cases; it’s often not a pretty sight. Both books uncover the truth that is that almost all our food comes from pollution-heavy, overcrowded cattle feed lots as well as huge chemical-dependent fields of corn destined for heavy processing. There are also slaughterhouses that are sometimes as deadly for the workers as they are for the millions of cows that pass through their doors each year.

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Both books make it clear that are food is not good for our health or for our earth. Chances are, the more you learn from Schlosser’s and Pollan’s books, the less you’ll want to support such practices by continuing to eat the way you do. You’ll discover that every choice we make about what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner is actually a political act, for better or for worse.

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