Currently, this is the path open to me. I Am currently a Care Assistant for which I needed no formal qualifications to be, however, an NVQ level 2 or the equivalent of would mean I am entitled to a higher rate of pay.The next step is the Senior Carer, In order to apply you must have, or be in the process of studying for, your NVQ level 3 or equivalent thereof. The Staff Handbook and Greensleeves website has this information.

After the Senior Carer, the company has at times, employed a Senior Supervisor.

The qualifications needed for this are the same as the Senior Carer but is for those people who are trying to make a career in the care industry and are given a more office bask role than a Senior would have.It is not always a position that is in use, the Home manager has the option to recruit someone for this role. They would be expected to take an active part in the training of staff and help out with the managing of the home on a much higher level than the Seniors do.

* At the moment, the next step is to get your NVQ Level 5 (or equivalent) and apply for the position of * Deputy Manager, at the moment there is one deputy but soon, with the expansion of our home there will be a second Deputy to assist the manager.With the expansion comes the possibility that we will become a nursing home and should that arise, the home manager has advised me that the Company may consider putting members of staff through Nursing College to get their RGN status and their PIN.

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Should this happen then that would be an option and should I go that way it may open up another whole avenue of potential but for now, I include only for the purpose of a complete picture. * * Finally the last spot I have on my path is the Registered Home Manager.This position is generally given to those who have a a Level 5 (at least) and several years experience within the Care Industry. I hope one day to reach this level but it’s a long way off and I may change my career plans later on to maybe branch off to do training or Nursing so I included it on my path but the future is always in motion and I have not looked into this too much but the Home Manager is more than happy to discuss the requirements when and if I ask him.

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