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Conflict and NegotiationOB in the Movies BUSM 2200 Team 7 An Analysis of Organizational Development and The Devil Wears Prada 11/16/2010 Leadership Power, Politics and Ethics Contents Leadership5 Is Miranda Priestly and effective Leader? What is her overall leadership STYLE? 5 Miranda Priestly and power9 Miranda’s Power Base – Measuring Bases of power9 COERSIVE10 Reward10 Legitimate10 Expert10 Andys response to Miranda’s Power Base runs through all 3 general areas relating to power11

Commitment11 compliance11 resistance11 Mirandas abuse of power and workplace bullying12 mirandas political activity13 Mirandas Influence tactics include: Pressure and legitimacy, rational persuasion13 Pressure13 legitimacy13 rational persuasion13 Miranda uses several forms of political activity – Blaming others, Associating with influential people and building coalitions14 Blaming others14 building coalitions14 Miranda Priestly and Ethics14 Plot Summary for The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

In New York, the simple and naive just-graduated in journalism Andrea Sachs is hired to work as the second assistant of the powerful and sophisticated Miranda Priestly, the ruthless and merciless executive of the Runway fashion magazine. Andrea dreams to become a journalist and faces the opportunity as a temporary professional challenge. The first assistant Emily advises Andrea about the behaviour and preferences of their cruel boss, and the stylist Nigel helps Andrea to dress more adequately for the environment.

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Andrea changes her attitude and behaviour, affecting her private life and the relationship with her boyfriend Nate, her family and friends. In the end, Andrea learns that life is made of choices. The story tells the professional adventure of Andrea, whose greatest dream is to become a journalist. Andrea gets a job in the fashion industry through Runway magazine, the most famous of its type, to make ends meet. But Andrea won’t develop her writing skills in the magazine, but her talents as the editor in chief’s assistant, Miranda.

The problem is that Miranda is a merciless, posh and cruel woman, making the experience a living hell for the girl. The environment in the place will be cold and extremely critical with the physical appearance. The girl will have to change her simple and plain style, for a more trendy and elegant one, in order to gain the acceptance of her ruthless boss and colleagues, especially Emily, her unpleasant workmate. Despite everything against Andrea in the office, she will consider the experience as a challenge, drastically changing her clothes and self-image, with the help of Nigel, the magazine’s art director.

Nevertheless, the job becomes extremely demanding, because of Miranda’s tough work rhythm and nearly impossible tasks, leaving Andrea without a private life with her boyfriend, family and friends. Maybe the old Andrea has gone, now more preoccupied about her image and her future in the magazine Miranda Priestley, of “Runway” magazine tears up the landscape as a demanding fashion editor. She is a terror to everyone who is around her as is quickly depicted in the opening scenes of the movie. Her first assistant strives to please her and tries to emulate her, but one can sense that she s not quite as hard as she tries to put on. Into this mix comes a young woman who knows nothing of the fashion industry, has never read the magazine, and doesn’t know who Miranda Priestley is. She only sees this as a stepping stone to another journalism position. Showing no fashion sense and immediately scorned by everyone, Miranda nonetheless hires her as the second assistant. When Miranda demands that she obtain the next unpublished Harry Potter manuscript, you can sense that she is trying to force her to quit, but it makes the young woman dig in to please her boss.

With the help of one of the magazine’s fashion editors; she gets a complete makeover and a new security. However, with her new appearance and the demands placed on her, she starts to lose her friends, family and her live-in boy friend. As she is whisked away to Paris leaving Emily behin, Miranda and andrea faces all of the glamour that could be hers, including a flashy if not artificial freelance journalist, she is forced to make the decision of where she wants to be in her life. hen Miranda does a terrible thing by not giving the ceo position to nigel who deserved it she puts jaqueline (her competition for her job) andrea decided she doesnt want to be like Miranda and walks away Analysis of Conflict the Devil Wears Prada Conflict is defined as a process that begins when one party perceives that another party has negatively affected, or is about to negatively affect, something the first person cares about Miranda is the editor and editor and chief of runway magazine she is the hard headed, powerful, rude, Dysfunctional conflict Miranda is always concerned with herself and not her employies.

Group improvement is something Miranda doesn’t care about which causes conflict within the organization. This is not always bad because it makes andrea get everything together and fast Communication-source conflict Lack of communication is a lare cause of the conflict in this movie. Miranda tells her employees what to do instead of communicating with them to find our issues and solve problems. Mirandas leadership which is veru abrasive caused employees to feel undermines and useless, this causes low self esteem, fear and panic Conflict management strategies

There is little problem sovling in the movie Miranda just wants everything done her way and doesn’t help andrea when shes been given 100 tasks to do in such little time. Shes using the forcing teachnique to get all her employees to do her tasks and they comply because of their fear of Miranda Andrea uses the avoidance technique towards Miranda as well as the employees as they run away when Miranda is coming into the room. Resolving personality conflicts There are many problems here there is not attempt on anyones part trying to manage conflict.

Nor is the much compromise within the company. Andrea uses the avoidance technique and just does what ever Miranda says even if they are impossible like getting her the manuscript for harry potter in 3 days plus another list of all tasks that must be done or shes fired. Andrea also usues yielding because she puts Mirandas needs before her own and starts to change as a person avoiding her other responabilities to her friends and boyfriend (missing/forgetting his birthday) Miranda, andrea and Emily both have personality conflicts with eachother.

There are misunderstandings, blaming other for mistakes (Miranda blames andrea for a flight she didn’t get to on time) Andreas low self esteem causes personal conlict with herself , who she is and what her priorities are. Theres also come conflict when andreas is sent to parris instead of Emily. Emily is hurt and mad and andreas did exactly what Miranda did to others. Analysis of Leadership and the Devil Wears Prada Leadership Leaders establish direction by developing a vision of the future and then align people by communicating this vision and inspiring them to overcome hurdles ffective leadership is the key factor of an enterprise’s success Is Miranda Priestly and effective Leader? What is her overall leadership STYLE? These are two questions that we set out to answer in this analysis. Leading is one function of management and effective leadership is the key factor of an enterprise’s success. Leadership is an ability that can influence individuals, groups or organizations to realize the already decided target, so to some degree it can be thought that leadership is an ability owned by one leader.

Leadership can be expressed and spread through different ways by different people, because it is the different features and characteristics of one person that determine the leadership of him or her. In this film, the leadership of the two main actresses who are Miranda Priestly and Andy Sachs is different. Miranda is absolutely strict and always emphasizes the last results but never takes care of the hard-working process of her employees and never understands well the thinking of her staff because she always what she wants is just what the others want, which is one important reason that Andy leaves her at last.

Andy is different from Miranda. She is kind, keen and careful to everyone, and she always can think over some issues in others’ point and position. The most fascinating feature of Andy is that she knows what is she really needs, so she decides to take away from Miranda smartly finally. Although there are so many differences between Andy and Miranda, there are still some features of them in common.

To some degree, both Andy and Miranda are effective and successful leaders, and the most common characteristics of them are competent, hard-working and responsible, which are all the most important factors of effective and successful leadership. There are four main factors of leadership, which are leader, follower, situation and communication. The different characteristics of one person and the different group of these four factors can form different leadership style, and different leadership style applies to different conditions and different people.

For example, a new employee requires more supervision than an experienced one and a person who lacks of motivation need a different approach than one with a high degree of motivation. So in fact, it needs different leadership style, maybe the style of Miranda and maybe the style of Andy. The effective and successful leadership is not absolutely decided by nature, and can be learned and obtained through the hard working, for example, Andy in this film.

When she firstly came into the Subway, she felt uncomfortable and stupid, but after her continuous learning and hard working, she became talent and competent and can make impossible missions possible. With the new working group – team becoming popular, another important point should be remembered that in the new century, an effective team leader is needed, so the team leadership should be learned by leaders. The roles of team leader include liaisons with external constituencies, trouble shooter and conflict managers and couches.

After thinking over this film, some meaningful suggestions can be drawn about how to make effective and successful leadership for a leader. First, it needs leaders learn continuously in order to improve the leadership, especially the team leadership, and can carry different leadership style according to different situations and different people. Second, put the communication between you and employees on agenda not like Miranda, because the success of your leadership is based on the excellent execution of your followers, so the communication between you is necessary.

Thirdly, because the difference in the promotion of male leaders and female leaders exists, so they should carry different leadership properly. At last, leaders should make clear that transactional leadership is different transformational leadership, and use them clearly. Analysis of Power, politics and ethics in the Devil Wears Prada Miranda Priestly and power Power refers to the capacity that A has to influence the behavior of B, so that B acts in accordance with A’s wishes. Miranda’s Power Base – Measuring Bases of power

Miranda’s power base is far reaching, coercive, reward, legitimate, expert but not really information or referent. Her high performance company runway is the highest industry competitor. The industry provies millions of people with work as she would say and “the close your wearing were chosen for you by the vary people in this room” she is saying that andreas bad taste in clothing and how she has no care in the world for fashion the garmet she’s wearing was a huge fashion stage years ago She is very authoritarian, aggressive, picky and harsh.

Typical examples shown in her speech are, your incompetence does not interest me (6’34), I couldn’t have been clearer (15’58),Please bore someone else with your question (16’17) and this is your responsibility, this is your job (30’01). Miranda often asks her subordinates to do what is impossible to do, like helping her to get a jet during a hurricane and finding the unpublished Harry Potter manuscript for her daughters. She also usually gives directives and uses explicit forms in Commenting or complaining about others.

Her words are caustic. COERSIVE Coercive power is power that is based on fear. This is pretty obvious during the entire film as Miranda, along with her reputation is known as the dragon lady….. she uses fear and the fear of firing andrea if she makes a simple mistake or doesn’t meet a dealine She tells andrea to get a copy of the 1 manuscript from jk rowling herself (impossible) and mentions don’t bother showing up tomorrow if you cant get them Reward Reward power is based on the ability to distribute rewards that others view as valuable.

An ongoing line in the movie is “A million girls would kill to get this job”, if you work at Runway for a year you could get any job in New York that you want. Legitimate Legitimate Power is the power associated with ones position and represents the power a person receives as a result of his or her position in the formal hierarchy of an organization. Miranda is at the top of her game in fashion as the editor and chief at the centre of one of the most influential fashion magazines in the world in one of the worlds fashion capitals – her legitimate power is very pronounced. Expert

Expert power is influence that is based on expertise, special skills or knowledge Being that Miranda Priestly chooses all of the designers that appear in Runway magazine as well as the layout and content and the fact that throughout the movie she is THE authority on all things fashion it goes without saying that her expert power is well defined and recognized. She is very powerful in the industry and her field and it a high profile organization At the end of the movie Miranda starts to show weekness, talking to andrea, crying about her divorce and shows that as powerful as she is she has another side to her most people will never see

Andys response to Miranda’s Power Base runs through all 3 general areas relating to power Commitment Andy is initially enthusiastic with her position at runway and shows initiative and persistence in carrying out the sometimes (almost) impossible tasks assigned to her by Miranda Priestly. She shows that she has no self esteem and just follows what ever Miranda says Examples of this include her walking the dog, getting coffee and are dramatically pointed out with her obtaining the unreleased manuscript for the new Harry Potter – for Miranda’s young twin girls, along with boogey boards, fip flops, coffee, dresses from calvin kline compliance

As her job at Runway takes it’s begins to negatively affect her personal relationships with friends and ultimately the separation of her and her boyfriend. Andy begins to reevaluate her values and how they relate to her job – “has she compromised her beliefs and is the price to high to pay for this job” Andy continues to carry out her duties at Runway and even changes her appearance to match the company culture at Runway even though she is questioning her choices resistance Resistance to power is carried out by vocal opposition to a request, avoidance, and refusal or with stalling or arguing.

This form of response from Andy takes place towards the end of the movie and is a turning point for Andy. She has lost her boyfriend, alienated her friends and has just been told by Miranda that in order to become successful (like her) you have to make choices and sacrifices. Andy protests the choices that Miranda has made that have negatively affected Nigel, her most dedicated employee. When Miranda says that Andy is the same as her, Andy decides to resist by getting out of the limousine throwing her cell phone into a fountain and going back to her boyfriend.

Mirandas abuse of power and workplace bullying Andy Sachs is competent and confident in the film’s early scenes, but she quickly dissolves into a “lap dog” when confronted with her the magisterial bullying demands of her boss bully and the first assistant. She fetches the coffee, only to be told: “Pour it out. I don’t want it. ” She works late, because Priestly expects her to, and she accedes to everything asked of her, including giving up her personal life. Priestly never thanks Sachs for her effort or recognizes her ability.

Instead, she deliberately and knowingly criticizes her assistant’s appearance and performance at every turn. Like many targets, Andy possesses two characteristics: * She has a desire to cooperate, and * She has a non-confronting interpersonal style. While these characteristics may signal a quiet confidence, the bully sees these as evidence that the target will be easy to control and unlikely to fight back. If targets find themselves in this position, they have to educate themselves about the ways of workplace bullying and take control.

The boss bully’s biggest weapon is the target’s denial, the person who says, “I should be better. I have to try harder. ” Bully bosses always undermine their targets; no matter how hard the target tries. Once the target identifies the bully for what she is, however, the target can begin to assert her own power. she Miranda shows throughout the movies she constantly doesn’t care ( calling andrea Emily) she acts as though her employees are beneath her. mirandas political activity

Mirandas Influence tactics include: Pressure and legitimacy, rational persuasion Pressure Pressure tactics use demands, threats and reminders to get someone to do something Evidence of pressure as an influence tactic in The Devil Wears Prada is widespread – from the overwhelming anxiety that is rampant in the office during the call out that she is “on her way up” to the ultimatum that Miranda gives to Andy to accept the trip to Paris for fashion week that her coworker is suppose to have or be fired – essentially stabbing her colleague in the back. egitimacy Legitimacy tactics are used by those who claim the authority or right to make a request showing that it supports organizational goals or policies. Miranda’s legitimacy tactics are evident in her interactions at the fashion event of the year in Paris for Fashion Week. Miranda uses several forms of political activity – Blaming others, Associating with influential people and building Miranda Priestly and Ethics Miranda quickly established her role as the ‘Master’ over her ‘Slave’ employees. She lived, ate, and breathed her career.

Work and life had merged into one unified and indivisible whole. She expected everyone to have the same devotion to Runway Magazine. Employee’s time with family and friends was an expendable commodity, a frill. * Miranda refused to address her new assistant Andy (Anne Hathaway) by her proper name, and substituted the name of her other assistant. * She demanded that Andy be on call 24/7 (without adequate compensation) * She gave a long list of demands without allowing any questions and expected employees to know the details of each task, but did not provide any training. She sent Andy on multiple errands, without clear instructions, and an impossibly short time-frame under threat of being fired if she did not deliver. * She insulted her intelligence and mocked her style of dress, publicly and privately * She forbade any employees from riding in the elevator with her, which further underlined a Master/Slave relationship. * She bullies all the time throwing her bags at andy and expecting anything and everything

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