My Happy Husband

The following example essay on “My Happy Husband” is about the author’s husband. A woman tells what human qualities her husband has, describes his appearance.

In life, sometimes we meet new people who could change our lives for better or worse. I met my husband in the place that I work and since that day we have become the most inseparable friends in the world. I believed my husband is one of the happiest men alive: he is funny, positive, inspiring, spiritual, and friendly.

He is a very funny person. All the time he has a positive attitude. He inspired me to be the best. He is a spiritual man. He is a friendly person. All these qualities make Christian so special. My husband is the most adorable man.

He is quite good looking. He is six feet tall, weighs one hundred seventy seven pounds. He has a round face with small brown eyes, olive skin, and curly dark hair like many Spanish people.

His hair is black with a fewer silver strands throughout. He speaks in a soft voice as if he was whispering, and constantly uses his hands when he speaks. He has a great sense of style, so he always looks well dressed even in casual clothes, and his cologne smells sweet but masculine. For me he is the most attractive man. Chris is the funniest person.

My husband has no problem getting others to laugh with him. It is hard to have a bad day when the person that I spend my life with is constantly smiling because he looks at the problems from a different angle, and he is confident that he will find the solution immediately.

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For example, on Thanksgiving Day, we were on a road trip to North Caroline. My husband was driving for twelve hours, but he was making jokes the whole journey. That was very entertaining for the children. We thoroughly enjoyed this trip because the time passed so fast. His human entertains our friends, as well.

Frequently we go out with our friends, and he is the center of attention because of his cheerful personality and entertaining way that he talks. One of his favorites remarks is “I take my wife to different parts of the world every year, but she still somehow manages to find her way back. ” I just to hear that and laugh because he cannot move a muscle without me. I feel so proud of him because he always knows how to put a smile on my face. I believe that it is important to always have a positive attitude, and I learned from my husband to have a good point of view in any circumstances.

His positive feeling is strong, and it can spread to the people around him. To explain, my husband has a stressful job, and everyday he gets up early to meditate because meditation makes him relax and positive. Even if I come home with a negative attitude, he frequently changes the way that I think because he makes me understand that nothing that happened outside can affect my positive thinking, and it is true. Also, he finds solutions rather than problems. He was weighing two hundred and twenty pounds, and one day he decided to lose weight. He started his routine with exercises and diet; he lost fifty pounds.

He teaches everybody to not have fears. For this reason in any difficult or bad circumstances that we have, he always has a positive mindset with a wise solution. This positive emotion makes me to admire my husband more. I consider that my husband is the most inspiring man that I have seen. I am proud of Chris for achieving his goals and finishing his career as an Electrical Engineer. He motivates our children to be successful and great human beings. Moreover, he encourages us to finish and never give up and put a lot of effort in what we do.

He also proves to his children that nothing is impossible, that we only need some motivation to accomplish our goals. Similarly for me, whenever I feel like giving up, or have a question or any concern, I know I can always ask him for advice. I have also learned that sometime I have to put other needs ahead of my own, but not to the point they will be to take advantage of me. Also, He is strong during hard times and extremely determined to achieve anything. I hold him in great esteem for how he stands up or for what he believes in, and he will never back down. I have always admired his open mind, compassion, and sense of understanding.

In every aspect of my life my husband continuously pushed me too excel in everything that I want to do. He inspires me to start college, and he motived me to begin my new journey. He inspires me so much that now I am becoming a new person with different point of view. Furthermore, Chris is a very spiritual person. He often says, “spiritual is not only to be a religious people, it is to have peace between souls and mind. ” These are not just words because he actually does what he meetings. As an example, he gets up early in the morning to meditate and pray to give thanks for the day.

Meditation helps him to be calm and relaxed during the day, so if I ask something of him at any time, he does it without selfish interest. At some point I think nothing is bad for him. His friends always look for him when they have marital or work problems because they consider that he is the most appropriate person to give them good advice and keep secrets. Also, my husband has a passion to help people to learn how to be spiritual and know himself inside out. This quality is the most important attribute that he has. Christian is the friendliest man I have ever met.

Anyone who knows him sees that he is absolutely outgoing with everybody. I am very lucky to have a good friend like him. I remember six months ago, when I thought he forgot my birthday because he did not call me, like he does every morning before I start working. When I came back home he had organized a wonderful party with my family and friends. He loves to make parties with a lot of people because he is a really sociable person. He is very unique. He constantly organize meetings at his work an invited all the people around the world. I am truly blessed to have in my life someone who is sociable and hospitable.

Not only is Christian my best friend, but also he is the best friend for our sons. Concluding this essay, I can describe my husband as the happiest man in the world, and I see that this man is a very funny person. All the time he has a positive attitude. He inspires me to be the best. He is a spiritual man. He is my best friend. `What I would say to anyone who is unhappy is that you need to fix that; like my husband says, “happiness comes from within not without. ” He is right. No one can make you happy, no one, but you.

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