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Migrants’ Effects on Singapore Essay

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Singapore is one of the most economically prosperous country in the South East Asia region. There has been a influx of foreigners in the country in recent years. I think the foreigners bring about a positive impact in the economical area, however in other areas such as social and environmental area, foreigners may bring about a negative impact instead. Migrants bring about a positive impact in the economical aspect of Singapore. They provide for much cheap labour.Manual work and low status jobs are generally disliked by locals because of the social stigma attached and its low pay. For example, Chinese migrants are often employed in construction firms which are jobs despised by Singaporeans. When jobs such as these are taken up, jobs are more efficiently taken up and this will promote the economic growth of the country in the long run. Singapore will thus be likely to benefit from foreigners coming to Singapore economically.Migrants brought about a negative impact in the social aspect. Singapore, with its high percentage of foreigners in it population will inevitably face with social issues such as the erosion of the Singapore culture and racism. Over the years, many cases of racism, especially through online multimedia websites such as twitter has occurred. One example would be the recent case of a teenager tweeting on the train “ the Indian beside me was extremely smelly” Such cases occur continuously in Singapore.The lack of any statistics on the internet regarding racism in Singapore further proves that the government was trying to cover it up. Whether this is true or not, it is doubtlessly agreeable that racism is a increasing issue in Singapore. Therefore, in the social aspect of Singapore, foreigners bring about an undesirable impact. Migrants also bring about a negative impact in the environmental aspect of Singapore. Singapore is a small country with an incredibly high population density, as such, public facilities are often sought after by both foreigners and locals.The influx of migrants means that locals and foreigners have to compete for space in the park or on the park and this results in overcrowding. Furthermore, foreigners may not be familiar with the environmental rules of Singapore, and may litter in public places as their home country may not be as stringent in the cleanliness aspect. Over time, this may affect the image of Singapore, a “clean and green” city. Thus, foreigners bring about a negative impact in the environmental aspect of Singapore as they compete for the use of public places and may also affect the cleanliness of Singapore.Overall, I believe that while migrants bring about a negative impact to Singapore. This is because migrants are only good to a certain extent and have to be more carefully moderated. Having a smaller amount of migrants in Singapore will definitely bring about an overall benefit to Singapore. However the large number of migrants in Singapore has also caused social and environmental problems in Singapore. I think the negatives out-weigh the positive. Thus, they bring about mainly negative impacts to the country.

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This academic paper is composed by Samuel. He studies Biological Sciences at Ohio State University. All the content of this work reflects his personal knowledge about Migrants’ Effects on Singapore and can be used only as a source for writing a similar paper.

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