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Mcdonalds's Environmental Factors in Marketing Paper

The most important part of a company’s marketing plan is its environmental plan. A business’s environmental plan can include such thing as ecological, political, technology ethical issues, social, and cultural issues. McDonald’s is known as a global company that is can face many of the previous mentioned environmental factors mentioned previously. McDonald’s is a company that has businesses worldwide and is a company that has to deal with many of these factors.

Any of the environmental issues ecological, political, technology ethical issues social and cultural issues can affect McDonald’s marketing plans. McDonald’s can be affected by any of these factors within any area of the U. S. and not just foreign countries. “McDonald’s has more than 30,000 local restaurants in more than 120 countries, 70% of the restaurants worldwide are owned, and operated by independent, local businessmen, and businesswomen” (McDonald’s Global, 2007).

The Lewis says, “That larger environmental factors can usually affect the way companies such as McDonald’s market worldwide with many factors being considered for all of their restaurants. High-level Domestic and even global environments as well just depending on the area of the market, then marketing strategy will have to change. One example would is China, cause China’s government has control of the majority of all their business. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) largely maintained control over the political content of mass media communication.

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Television, radio, and newspaper commercials voice party lines and party slogans” (Lewis, 2002). Only advertising can go out through the air waves only after it has receive the okay or permission from the CCP and is tagged with a political ad, many other issues could affect the business is for McDonald’s and their Business. An example of this could be a country like India sense they do not eat beef of any kind, but most people will think about a Big Mac for, example when McDonald’s is mentioned or thought of. In India one will find wo totally different menus known as the veggie and none-veggie menus in restaurants. The none-veggie menu has chicken items, but it does not have hamburgers sense the country’s people do not eat beef. Domestic factors can also affect marketing strategies. Even state to state one can find differences in each individual state. If one orders a chicken sandwich in the state of Louisiana, their sandwiches are made spicy without it being requested. In New York one will not find chicken biscuits listed on the menu. Here it is common for a consumer to find chicken biscuits most anywhere.

Companies have changed the way they will market their products and service because of modern day technology and how it effects business decisions. McDonald’s can be found almost anywhere on the World Wide Web offering all form of promotions. When I was doing my research on the Internet researching information on McDonald’s can find different website for McDonald’s in different countries. I could also view the menus in each of the countries where I found the website operated by McDonald’s for advertising in each of the countries. Each website is written in each different countries langue’s each individual country uses.

Technology has changed the way advertising is done through advertising on televisions commercial. Today’s technology has reached a point where programs can be recorded for later viewing on what is known today as DVR systems. These programs can be watched and also can be used to help skip the commercial that have been recorded during the taping of a program. Companies today will advertise in the movies and TV programs itself to help in preventing their commercial from being skipped. One can see this when watching a programs or movies that has recently or within the last few years has been produced.

Advertisement is being used for different companies on the back and side walls of trucks and vans. Social Responsibility and Ethics Social responsibility and ethical behavior is not just the right thing to do but also good for business. “This may not be the easiest thing to accomplish. Many companies have to write practices for social and ethical behavior, but it takes more than a policy it takes commitment from the whole company” (Armstrong & Kotler, 2005). McDonald’s is also known to have employees to review yearly as teams and individuals the integrity policy.

All countries will differ in both social and ethical and ethical behavior. One thing that comes to mind is the simplifies thing such as people in the United States see the receiving of gifts as ethical but some countries see it being unethical and consider an insult if a gift is offered to anyone but refused. Company can have different factors to deal with when trying to develop an excellent marketing plan. McDonald’s domestic and global environmental factors have a tremendous effect on how the company does business all around the globe.

One can be no matter where you are or what country you are in, when visiting McDonald’s in a market that has a food or products will taste something like the McDonald’s food in the United States of America. As one can see many different issues have to be addressed when doing business. The countries have to be researched individually so not too fail when opening or operating a business in different parts of the world or even in different parts of the United States. Even when countries do not eat or sale products like beef, Companies like McDonald’s has to design their business to meet the countries likes and beliefs.

As we have seen these countries that do not eat meat still has a McDonald’s and people from any part of the world can still visit a McDonald’s around the globe and still find foods and products that smell and taste just like those sold in the United States. Some countries do have strict governmental and religious beliefs that can affect a business in the worst of ways. McDonald’s is a business that spent a large amount of time and money studying these different factors before even going into a country to start a business.

Technology today has been a huge factor in how businesses are designed, advertise, and connect with world today in ways we never would have dreamed of 20 or 30 years earlier. Many businesses could expand their customer base by simply putting company’s products and service on the web and still advertising local or within the area where they are located.

References References Armstrong, G. , & Kotler, P. (2005). Marketing: An Introduction (7th ed. ). Upper Saddle Lewis Retrieved November 19, 2010. Steven (October 12, 2002). Spiritual Civilization, Local Development, Retrieved November 19, 2010.

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