McDonald’s proclaims itself as the world’s community restaurant and is proud of their long-standing commitment to a workforce that values diversity. McDonald’s believe in developing and maintaining a diverse workforce that will strengthen the McDonald’s system (McDonald’s Company Website).Recruitment at McDonald’s is usually the same process in most countries. The applicant fills in an application form and, if successful, will be invited for an interview. Until the 1970s, the corporation routinely put applicants through a half-hour lie detector test in some US restaurants, largely to determine whether or not they had any sympathy for trade unions.

This practice was only ended after threats of legal action and changes in American labor law (Vidal, 1997). At present, it appears that having the ‘right attitude’ is the most important attribute to obtain employment at McDonald’s.

As a global company, McDonald’s successfully fulfilled the six competitive challenges facing human resources management departments: Going Global, Embracing Technology, Managing Change, Developing Human Capital, Responding to the Market, and Containing Costs.

In an article entitled McDonald’s Serves up HR Excellence, it claimed the food chain excelled at pulling potential employees into its company: Satisfying the six competitive challenges that human resources management, the company has attracted one-eighth of the American work force (Flynn, 1996). Thus, it is safe to say that McDonald’s fulfilled these six challenges in their strategies in human resources management. In a nutshell, McDonald’s basic HR philosophy works in most operations are always open to change.

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  However, the prime reason why McDonald’s HR is so successful because it always remembers its people. McDonald’s goal is to ensure that their work force is committed and the difference between McDonald’s among other folks is about the commitment that they are able to engender through their people.

Mcdonalds Human Resource Management


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