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Strawberry Strawberries contain natural whitening agents and is one of the popular home remedies for teeth whitening. Rub strawberry on your teeth or make a paste out of strawberry. It is necessary to brush your teeth immediately with toothpaste after rubbing strawberry, because it contains acids and sugars that can harm your teeth. Bay Leaves and Orange Peel The mixture of bay leaves and orange peel is also one of the teeth whitening at home methods. Dry the orange peel and powder the bay leaves properly.

Apply this mixture on your teeth, to make them whiter.

Bay leaves and dried orange peels On our third home teeth whitening method, we’ll be using bay leaves in combination dried orange peel. This technique acts like the lemon paste and salt combination. Like it, you should apply this solution to your teeth regularly. At-Home Teeth Whitening Remedies Tip No. 5 – Bay Leaves With Orange Peels This is another simple and best home teeth whitening tip.

Take the dried bay leaves and dried orange peels. Now, just grind and mix them to make a powder. Now just use this powder with your toothbrush by little rinsing with water.

This is very effective home teeth whitening remedy that makes your teeth white and prevent you from many dental issues. Gather some bay leaves and some orange peels. The bay leaves should be powdered and dry for this recipe. Let the orange peel dry out as well–vitamin C is not great for your teeth. Bunch the bay leaves and the dried peel so they are lined up together.

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Rub gently on your teeth, making sure to expose your chompers to both the bay leaves and the orange peel. The combination of the two makes for a great tooth whitening recipe. Bay Leaf Another herb that has been touted as an effective tooth whitener is bay leaf.

Mixed with ground orange peels, bay leaf can remove stains from teeth. Like in the lime and turmeric mixture, the acid found in citrus fruits also helps remove stains, but can be harmful to enamel if used in large amounts. Subject : Bay leaves for teeth whitening? Just been reading More magazine and it says that for teeth whitening you can rub bay leaves on them after brushing? Anyone tried this? I don’t have really yellow teeth but I’d definitely like them to be whiter! I googled it and got loads of remedies that included orange peel… Another great option is the inside of an orange peel.

Rub the peel directly on your teeth or use it to make a paste out of dried orange peel and ground bay leaves. Women’s Breath freshener Trotula, 11th Century, On Women’s Cosmetics (book 3) “I saw a certain Saracen woman liberate many people with this medicine. Take little bit of laurel leaves, and a little bit of musk, and let her hold it under the tongue before bad break is perceived in her. When I recommend that day and night and especially when she has to have sexual intercourse with anyone she hold these things under her tongue. ” Redaction: Provided are 3 redactions: fresh bay leaves (to try) * a bay leaf treated with musk fragrance (to smell) * some bay leaves soaked in orange-flower water (to smell or try) A laurel leaf is in fact a leaf of the bay laurel, called ‘bay leaves’. A piece of bay leaf about 1 cm square seems to be the most manageable and comfortable size, especially if it is to be kept in place during vigorous exercise. Natural musk is an animal product, in texture similar to an oleoresin. However, since we now consider it cruel to slaughter deer simply for the contents of the glands in their buttocks, the real thing is no longer available.

In Australia, musk flavored Lifesavers are available, but I was unable to find musk food-flavoring here in the US. So I had to settle for a non-foodsafe synthetic musk fragrance oil, Jakarta Musk, and mix it with the bay by anointing the leaf with it. Kirel from the SCA-Cooks list suggested that the flavor of musk is in the same category as orangeflower water. So I’ve also soaked a bay leaf in some orange-flower water. My experience of medieval and renaissance recipes is that musk is generally used more for scent than for medicinal properties, so this substitution would not likely decrease any medical properties.

Orange-flower water is mentioned in the Manual de Mugeres, a Spanish text, so while it might not have been available to the original readers of Trotula, it would be available in the Mediterranean later on, and used for perfuming purposes. Take powdered bay leaves and some dried orange peels and bunch them so they are lined up together. Rub this gently on your teeth. Bay Leaves and Orange Peel; the mixture of bay leaves and orange peel is also one of the tooth whitening at-home methods. Dry the orange peel and powder the bay leaves properly. Apply this mixture on your teeth, to make them whiter.

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