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Markeing Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Louis Armstrong

The following academic paper highlights the up-to-date issues and questions of Markeing. This sample provides just some ideas on how this topic can be analyzed and discussed.

Marketing Management Knowledge and Skills Tenth Edition J. Paul Peter University of Wisconsin-Madison James H. Donnelly, Jr. / University of Kentucky Me Graw Hill McGraw-Hill Irwin Contents SECTION 1 ESSENTIALS OF MARKETING MANAGEMENT 1 Processing of Research Data 3 7 Preparation of the Research Report 38 Limitations of the Research Process 38 Marketing Information Systems Conclusion 41 40 PART A INTRODUCTION 3 Chapter 3 Consumer Behavior 42 Chapter 1 Strategic Planning and the Marketing Management Process 4 The Marketing Concept 4 What Is Marketing? What Is Strategic Planning? Social Influences on Consumer Decision Making 43 Culture and Subculture 43 Social Class 44 Reference Groups and Families 6 45 6 Strategic Planning and Marketing Management The Strategic Planning Process 7 The Complete Strategic Plan 16 Marketing Influences on Consumer Decision Making 45 Product Influences 45 Price Influences 45 Promotion Influences 46 Place Influences 46 20 The Marketing Management Process 16

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Situation Analysis 16 ‘* Marketing Planning 19 Implementation and Control of the Marketing Plan Marketing Information Systems and Marketing Research 21 Situational Influences on Consumer Decision Making 47 Psychological Influences on Consumer Decision Making 47 Product Knowledge 47 Product Involvement 48 The Strategic Plan, The Marketing Plan, and Other Functional Area Plans 21 Marketing’s Role in Cross-Functional Strategic Planning 21 Consumer Decision Making

Need Recognition 49
• Alternative Search 50 Alternative Evaluation 51 Purchase Decision 51 Postpurchase Evaluation 52 48 Conclusion 22 Appendix Portfolio Models 25 PART B MARKETING INFORMATION, RESEARCH, AND UNDERSTANDING THE TARGET MARKET 29 Chapter 2 Marketing Research: Process and Systems for Decision Making 30 The Role of Marketing Research 30 The Marketing Research Process 31 Purpose of the Research 31 Plan of the Research 32 Performance of the Research 37 xii Conclusion 54 Chapter 4 Business, Government, and Institutional Buying 55

Categories of Organizational Buyers Producers 55 Intermediaries 56 Government Agencies 56 Other Institutions 56 55 The Organizational Buying Process 56 Purchase-Type Influences on Organizational Buying 57 Straight Rebuy 57 Contents Modified Rebuy 57 New Task Purchase 5 7 xiii Structural Influences on Organizational Buying Purchasing Roles 58 Organization-Specific Factors 59 Purchasing Policies and Procedures 59 58 Chapter 7 New Product Planning and Development 98 New Product Strategy 99 New Product Planning and Development Process 101

Financial Services Markeing

Behavioral Influences on Organizational Buying Personal Motivations Role Perceptions 60 60 60 Stages in the Organizational Buying Process Organizational Need 63 Vendor Analysis 63 Purchase Activities 63 Postpurchase Evaluation 63 62 Idea Generation 101 Idea Screening 103 Project Planning 104 Product Development 105 Test Marketing 105 Commercialization 106 The Importance of Time 106 Some Important New Product Decisions Quality Level 107 Product Features 108 Product Design 108 Product Safety 109 107 Conclusion 65

Chapter 5 Market Segmentation 66 Delineate the Firm’s Current Situation 66 Determine Consumer Needs and Wants 67 Divide Markets on Relevant Dimensions 67 A Priori versus Post Hoc Segmentation 68 Relevance of Segmentation Dimensions 68 Bases for Segmentation 69 Causes of New Product Failure Needfor Research 109 109 Conclusion 111 Develop Product Positioning 75 Decide Segmentation Strategy 76 Design Marketing Mix Strategy 77 Conclusion 78 Chapter 8 Integrated Marketing Communications Strategic Goals of Marketing Communication

Create Awareness 112 Build Positive Images 112 Identify Prospects 112 Build Channel Relationships Retain Customers 113 112 112 PARTC THE MARKETING MIX 79 Chapter 6 Product and Brand Strategy Basic Issues in Product Management Product Definition 80 Product Classification 81 Product Quality and Value 82 Product Mix and Product Line 83 Branding and Brand Equity 84 Packaging 88 113 The Promotion Mix 113 Integrated Marketing Communications 114 Advertising: Planning and Strategy 116 80 80 Objectives ofAdvertising 116 Advertising Decisions 16 The Expenditure Question 117 The Allocation Question 120 Sales Promotion 124 Product Life Cycle The Product Audit 90 93 Push versus Pull Marketing 124 Trade Sales Promotions 125 Consumer Promotions 126 What Sales Promotion Can and Can’t Do 126 Product Adoption and Diffusion 93 95 Deletions 93 Product Improvement Organizing for Product Management Conclusion 97 95 Public Relations 128 Direct Marketing 128 Conclusion 129 Appendix Major Federal Agencies Involved in Control of Advertising 131 xiv Contents Chapter 9

Personal Selling, Relationship Building, and Sales Management 132 Importance of Personal Selling 132 The Sales Process 133 Objectives of the Sales Force 133 The Sales Relationship-Building Process 134 People Who Support the Sales Force 140 Managing the Sales and Relationship-Building Process 141 The Sales Management Task 141 Controlling the Sales Force 142 Motivating and Compensating Performance 146 Conclusion 146 Estimate Costs and Other Price Limitations 170 Analyze Profit Potential 171 Set Initial Price Structure 171 Change Price as Needed 172 Conclusion 172

PARTD MARKETING IN SPECIAL FIELDS 173 Chapter 12 The Marketing of Services 174 Important Characteristics of Services 176 Intangibility 176 Inseparability 177 Perishability and Fluctuating Demand 178 Client Relationship 178 Customer Effort 179 Uniformity 180 Providing Quality Services 180 Customer Satisfaction Measurement 182 The Importance of Internal Marketing 182 Overcoming the Obstacles in Service Marketing Limited View of Marketing 184 Limited Competition 184 Noncreative Management 185 No Obsolescence 185 The Service Challenge 186 Banking 186 Health Care 186 Insurance 187 Travel 187 Implications for Service Marketers 188 Conclusion 189

Chapter 10 Distribution Strategy 148 The Need for Marketing Intermediaries 148 Classification of Marketing Intermediaries and Functions 148 Channels of Distribution 150 Selecting Channels of Distribution 151 Specific Considerations 151 Managing a Channel of Distribution 154 Relationship Marketing in Channels 154 Vertical Marketing Systems 154 Wholesaling 157 Store and Nonstore Retailing 15 8 Store Retailing 158 Nonstore Retailing 159 Conclusion 162 184 Chapter 11 Pricing Strategy 63 Demand Influences on Pricing Decisions 163 Demographic Factors 163 Psychological Factors 163 Price Elasticity 164 Supply Influences on Pricing Decisions 165 Pricing Objectives 165 Cost Considerations in Pricing 165 Product Considerations in Pricing 167 Environmental Influences on Pricing Decisions Competition 168 Government Regulations 168 A General Pricing Model 169 Set Pricing Objectives 169 Evaluate Product-Price Relationships 169 Chapter 13 Global Marketing 190

The Competitive Advantage of Nations 191 Organizing for Global Marketing 192 Problems with Entering Foreign Markets 192 Organizing the Multinational Company 195 Programming for Global Marketing 197 Global Marketing Research 197 Global Product Strategy 200 ‘ Global Distribution Strategy 200 Global Pricing Strategy 201 Global Advertising and Sales Promotion Strategy 201 Entry and Growth Strategies for Global Marketing 202 Conclusion 205 168 Contents xv SECTION 2 ANALYZING MARKETING PROBLEMS AND CASES 207 A Case Analysis Framework 208 1. Analyze and Record the Current Situation 209 2.

Analyze and Record Problems and Their Core Elements 213 3. Formulate, Evaluate, and Record Alternative Courses ofAction 214 4. Select and Record the Chosen Alternative and Implementation Details 215 Pitfalls to Avoid in Case Analysis 215 Communicating Case Analyses 218 The Written Report 218 The Oral Presentation 220 Conclusion 220 Exercise 7 238 Pricing Issues on the Internet 238 Exercise 8 238 Selecting the Internet as a Distribution Channel 238 Exercise 9 239 Internet Advertising 239 Exercise 10 239 The Adaptation of Services to the Internet 239 Exercise 11 240 Marketing Communications Techniques in the Internet Age 240

INTERNET SOURCES OF MARKETING INFORMATION 241 Charles Heath: Eastern Kentucky University Corporate Web Sites 242 Search Engines and Directories 242 Government Sites ‘ 243 Business Publications 243 Newspapers 244 National Papers 244 Large City Papers 244 International Papers 245 Regional Papers 245 General Business Sites 245 Internet Marketing Reference Sites 246 Compilation Sites 246 SECTION 3 FINANCIAL ANALYSIS FOR MARKETING DECISIONS 221 Financial Analysis 222 Break-Even Analysis 222 Net Present Value Analysis 224 Ratio Analysis 226 Conclusion 230

SECTION 4 INTERNET EXERCISES AND SOURCES OF MARKETING INFORMATION 231 PART A INTERNET EXERCISES 233 Charles Heath: Eastern Kentucky University Exercise 1 234 Corporate Web Sites 234 Exercise 2 234 Online versus Offline Retail Experiences 234 Exercise 3 235 Consumer Decision-Making Process 235 Exercise 4 236 Discovering Product Assortments Online 236 Exercise 5 236 Brand Equity on the Internet 236 Exercise 6 237 The Impact of Communities on Marketing 237 5 MARKETING MANAGEMENT CASES 247 MARKET OPPORTUNITY ANALYSIS 249 Case! McDonald’s Corporation 250

I Paul Peter and Ashish Gokhale: University of Wisconsin-Madison Case 2 Southwest Airlines 2008 257 Andrew C. Inkpen: Thunderbird School of Global Management xvi Contents Case 3 South Delaware Coors, Inc. CASE GROUPC 271 PROMOTION STRATEGY 373 James E. Nelson and Eric J. Karson: University of Colorado Case 4 Ruth’s Chris: The High Stakes of International Expansion 280 Allen H. Kupetz and lion Alon: University of Western Ontario Case 5 Coach Inc. : Is Its Advantage in Luxury Handbags Sustainable? 287 John E. Gamble: University of South Alabama Case 6 Panera Bread Company Case 12 The Obama Campaign Strategy 74 Dan Tolhurst and Mark Vandenbosch: University of Western Ontario Case 13 Mountain Dew: Selecting New Creative 383 Douglas B. Holt: Oxford University Case 14 Red Bull 400 302 Arthur A. Thompson: University of Alabama Richard R. Johnson, Jordan Mitchell, Paul W. Farris, and Ervin Shames: University of Virginia Case IS “Hips Feel Good”—Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty 414 David Wesley: Northeastern University CASE GROUP B PRODUCT STRATEGY Case 7 Starbucks—Early 2008 319 320 J. Paul Peter: University of Wisconsin-Madison Case 8 Your Home is a Good Place, Inc. CASE GROUP D DISTRIBUTION STRATEGY 429 25 Case 16 IKEA’s Global Strategy: Furnishing the World 430 . Paul Kolesa Kevin Coulson and Zane Swanson: University of Western Ontario Case 9 easyCar. com 332 Case 17 Pets. com Inc. : Rise and Decline of a Pet Supply Retailer 438 Omar Merlo: University of Western Ontario Case 18 The Challenges Facing eBay in 2008: Time for a Change in Strategy? 453 Louis Marino: University of Alabama Patrick Kreiser: Ohio University John J. Lawrence: University of Idaho Luis Solis: University of Idaho Instituto de Empresa Case 10 The Launch of the Sony PlayStation 3 David Wesley and Gloria Barczak: Northeastern University Case 11 Snacks to Go 41 356 JoAnn K. Linrud: Central Michigan University Contents xvii Case 19 SECTION 6 STRATEGIC MARKETING CASES 587 Case 1 Wal-Mart Stores Inc. in 2008: Management’s Initiatives to Transform the Company and Curtail Wal-Mart Bashing 479 Arthur A. Thompson: University of Alabama Yum! Brands, Pizza Hut, and KFC 589 Jeffrey A. Krug: Appalachian State University CASE GROUP E PRICING STRATEGY 519 Case 20 Case 2 Caterpillar, Inc. 603 Schwinn Bicycles 520 J. Paul Peter: University of Wisconsin-Madison Sara L. Pitterle and J. Paul Peter: University of Wisconsin-Madison Case 21 Terra Bite Lounge: Pay What You Want Cafe^ 523

Remi Trudell: University of Western Ontario Case3 EMR Innovations 615 Kay M. Palan: Iowa State University Case 4 Case 22 Cowgirl Chocolates 527 Harley-Davidson, Inc. —Motorcycle Division 626 J. Paul Peter: University of Wisconsin-Madison John J. Lawrence, Linda J. Morris, and Joseph J. Geiger: University of Idaho Case 23 Case 5 Clearwater Technologies7 540 Susan F. Sieloff and Raymond M. Kinnunen: Northeastern University PepsiCo’s Diversification Strategy in 2008 639 John E. Gamble: University of South Alabama Case 6 CASE GROUP F Social and Ethical Issues in Marketing Management 545 Case 24 E. & J. Gallo Winery (2007)

Expresso Espresso 656 Calvin M. Bacon, Jr. : University of South Alabama 546 Case? Respironics, Incorporated: Take a Deep Breath 678 Janet L. Rovenpor: Manhattan College Armand Gilinsky, Jr. : Sonoma State University Marion Armstrong, Taylor Green, and A. J. Strickland III: University of Alabama Case 25 Abercrombie & Fitch: An Upscale Sporting Goods Retailer Becomes a Leader in Trendy Apparel 563 Janet Rovenpor: Manhattan College CaseS Research In Motion—Entering a New Era 700 Sofy Carayannopoulos: Wilfrid Laurier University xviii Contents Case 9 Krispy Kreme Doughnuts in 2005: Are the Glory Days Over? 723 Arthur A.

Thompson, Jr. : University of Alabama Amit J. Shah: Frostburg State University Case 10 Table of Contents 786 Introduction 786 Situational Analysis 786 Marketing Planning 786 Implementation and Control of the Marketing Plan Summary 790 Appendix—Financial Analysis 790 References 793 788 Dell Inc. in 2008: Can It Overtake Hewlett-Packard as the Worldwide Leader in Personal Computers? 748 Arthur A. Thompson, Jr. : University of Alabama John E. Gamble: University of South Alabama Conclusion 793 Notes 795 Index 802 SECTION 7 Developing Marketing Plans 783 A Marketing Plan Framework Title Page 785 Executive Summary 785 784

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