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Management Theory Essay Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Management

This essay sample essay on Management Theory Essay offers an extensive list of facts and arguments related to it. The essay’s introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion are provided below.

Part 2: Management theory essay (individual) Classical Viewpoint This report will focus on the classic viewpoint style of management, and how this may be able to assist Quik Clips hairdressing in becoming more profitable and successful by introducing key aspects that the classical viewpoint entails. I will also contrast this with another well know viewpoint behavioural giving a brief summary the key elements and the key similarities and differences between the two contrasting styles , of it and how also that could benefit Quik Clips hair dressing from a management perspective.

Using both types of viewpoints which differ greatly I will be able to guide Quik Clips in the correct direction so that they can become successful and profitable in the future. For the classical viewpoint I will be looking at the key aspects which include scientific, administrative and bureaucratic management approaches also what all these approaches are based around and the key focus of the total classical viewpoint. Bartol pg41) Classical viewpoint the main focus is to get the most out of your workers, emphasising ways to mange work and organise more efficiently, it involves three main management approaches which include scientific, administrative and bureaucratic. The scientific management approach focuses on the worker efficiency through scientific study of work methods , developed by Frederick Winslow Taylor why he developed this was because he saw a trend among his workers.

Management Theory Essay

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Which he labelled soldiering which he defines as workers deliberately working at less than full capacity, he saw this problem as much deeper then workers just not working hard but the incentives for the workers to work hard and the way they were managed meant many did not work as hard as they could just for this soul purpose. Taylor began to create the scientific management approach where by he followed four main points the first, scientifically study each part of each task and develop the best method of preforming it, carefully select workers and train them to preform a task using a scientifically based method .

The third cooperate fully with workers to ensure they use the proper method, the fourth divide work and responsibility so that management responsible for planning work methods using scientific principles and workers are responsible for executing the work. Through these four simple methods of really communicating to the worker and giving the responsibility he was able to stop soldering , and came with a great response from the workers.

I believe implementing these four steps into Quik Clips the company would see great results , as this really givers the workers a chance to exactly what is required from them and how to complete a task in a way in which the management would be happy. It also allows the workers far more freedom in the sense that all the responsibility is on the workers to complete the task without getting hounded by management throughout task giving workers more confidence to use their own skills and initiative.

Which would work well with a business such as hairdressing where you cant be looking over your workers all the time you have to trust the will do the job that you require from them. (Bartol pg 41-42) Bureaucratic Management another branch from which falls under classical viewpoint, is an approach that focuses on emphasising the need for organisations to operate in rational manner rather than rely on owners and managers arbitrary whims (Bartol pg44).

It is an embellished scientific management theory like scientific it also mainly focused on dividing organizations into hierarchies, establishing strong lines of authority and control, Weber suggested organizations develop comprehensive and detailed standard operating procedures for all routine tasks. ( vectorstudy. com) Weber reasoning for the bureaucratic management system came about due when study the Prussian army, where all aristocrats became officers, giving the family members the job no matter if they could do the job or not.

This is where his theory of rational thought process came into play he believed that was very ineffective way of picking the officers therefore he created the ideal bureaucracy. I believe some the characteristic that are involved in the ideal bureaucracy the first one that could be very helpful to Quik Clips would be the, specialisation of labour through this the Quik Clips management would be able to quickly and efficiently break down the role of the employee into a routine with well defined task so they know exactly what is expected of them.

This will make the employee feel very competent and confident in what they have to do, which would improve efficiency. The second which is key to a new company like Quik Clips starting up is career advancement, this is all about selecting staff and promotion of staff on qualifications and based on merit this key for new company such as Quik Clips as good qualified new staff can really create a good positive environment within the workplace which is vital for new company to establish within its self as it can help promote growth within the company.

The last characteristic I would suggest to follow would be impersonality this is a set of rules and procedures that apply to every worker not matter the individual personality, race, religion. This helps build unity within the workplace as all workers see each other as equal and everyone is treated equally, allowing no one employee to be put above the rest due to any personal consideration any employee may have, a new company would benefit from this as everyone starts on level playing field no one employee above the rest. Bartol pg 44) The third and final administrative management approach is different to the previous two approaches mention early administrative focuses on principles used by managers to coordinate the organisations internal activities, the idea of the administrative approach was created by Henri Fayol and is based on 14 major principles Division of work, Authority and Responsibility, Discipline, Unity of Command, Unity of Direction, Subordination of individual interest to general interest, Remuneration, Centralization, Scalar Chain, Order, Equity Stability of Tenure, Initiative and Esprit de Corps.

They way in which this type of approach differs from the first to approaches previously mentioned is that the mangers and bosses are given far more power and less responsibility on the employee as managers coordinate all area’s as no departments are divided giving a manager to each there is only one manger to coordinate all as opposed to the first to approaches mentioned. In relation to Quik Clips out of the principle mentioned in this theory I have chosen three that if Quik Clips chose to go with this type of management approach apply these three principles would provide good structure and allow the company to run smoothly. Bartol pg 45-46) The first principle that I have chosen to apply to Quik Clips that will help it is unity of command in a small business such as Quik Clip hairdressing would be vital as the employee’s that follow this principle follow commands from one superior only, this stops any confusing within the employee’s who they should be listening to when carrying out tasks. This stops division being created within the company when one employee tries to take leadership when they do not have the power do so, a classic example of this division between old and younger workers within companies the older employee’s tend o try and bully younger employee’s telling them things to do often when they have no right to do so. This principle stops all that be clearly showing the employee who they should listen to. The second principle I have chosen to apply to Quik Clip is equity which involve all employee’s be treated with kindness and justice, this is important as it creates good working environment for all workers within the company makes them feel safe within their job and a sense that employee actually does care about the workers wants and needs.

Through this the result is far better productivity levels within the employee’s and greater since of trust and loyalty to the company, which is important for the future of the company as they would want to keep the skilled workers they have trained to stay with the company and not move to another organization. This would be important for a startup company such as Quik Clips, as the quicker you build the trust and loyalty the quicker you see the positive results within the company in profits sales and levels of productivity.

The third principle stability of personnel tenure again what I have stated in the previous paragraph, it is very important that Quik Clips keep their employee’s and they don’t move on quickly creating a high staff turnover rate, which means loss of time and money put into training and developing new staff. So this should be prevented at all costs at Quik Clips especially within new company as it early high staff turnover rates could send the company under making it very important principle for it to follow if it chose this type of management approach. Bartol pg 46) Behavioural viewpoint this is a perspective on management that focuses on the human side of things rather than the scientific factors, such as classical does behavioral has emphasis on the various factors the influence human behaviour. It focuses on four aspects early behaviourists, Hawthrone studies , the human relation movement and bahavioural science approach,

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