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“Love after Love” and “This Room” Essay

Love after love is a poem written by Derek Walcott it is all about finding your self and its telling you how to move on, it looks at the past and reflects all the good and bad things that had happened then. It tells you to be happy just the way you are. It also says that sad love after affair can restrict us, making us neglect ourselves but optimistic message that we will throw this off and be happy again.This room is a poem written by Imitaz Dharker, which has a similar idea of throwing you off restrictions and constraints but more, symbolic, showing that restrictions could be anything. It is about the unrestrained joy of life.Both poems are optimistic about happiness.The poems have different optimism, in love after love it says “You will greet yourself arriving” and “will smile” showing that happiness will return. Also in the text it says “The stranger who has loved you all your life” it is a clam message we should discover and cherish ourselves, it is a comforting promise of permanent love. It also says “will smile at the others welcome” implying that they are happy to see each other and they will say no words because there facial expressions will show it all.In this room it says “Breaking out” as pots and pans “fly by the ceiling fan.” This is implying that it is an exciting, lively poem, more effervescent than other, almost like a cartoon with its crazy ideas. It also says “when the improbable arrives” this is an important line because she is expressing the need to break out of constraints, to relish the unexpected and live life fully. When it says “I’m wondering where I’ve left my feet” This implies that they are all confused and unaware of what is happening.The poems have different form and structure, Love after love has a free verse to match the ideas of the poem because it is about the freedom to be ourselves. The structure between the first verse and final verse are very different it starts with “the time will come,” meaning it is near the start. In the final verse it says “the photographs” suggesting the past, what has happened and looking at it.In this Room the poem is also free verse like the other, it suits the message of casting off restrictions. The poem frequently uses enjambment it says “breaking … cracking ” this is the present continuous showing that it is happening now and will be happening in the near future.The language in the two poems is different, in love after love the variety of tenses in the poem captures some of life;s stages. There is the past when you “ignored” yourself but the future for the certaincy of how you “will smile” The poem has some repetition in it, it repeats the word you suggesting that the poem is telling you what to do, it is in the imperative. The poem also uses monosyllables like “Sit, here and eat” this shows that the poem is very simple and easy to understand. The poem also uses religious associations it says “Give wine, give bread” this refers to Jesus’ Last Supper, which suggests that the poem is very special like Jesus.In this Room the present tense Is used throughout the poem so it captures the action of all this activity it says “This room is breaking out”, “the bed is lifting” and “Chairs are rising.” The poem uses alliteration it says “Celebration, clang” this creates tension and makes the poem sound more exciting.

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