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Technical definitions are used in various walks of life to describe things, objects, people etc. A description can be used to build a character in a novel down to describing how to make a mechanical object work. Descriptions are complicated and simple, depending on the requirements and the audience they address.

Many descriptions like scientific ones require a special knowledge of the subject to understand them. This assignment starts off with a description of what a technical description really is. It then explains the methodologies used in describing things and the different types of descriptions namely visual, technical and process. It then goes on to illustrate these types using appropriate examples by describing object which lie in the three types.What is a Technical definition?Technical definitions are of the sort that describes an object, process, place, animal, person or process in the most basic format.

Such definitions are usually accepted by a body of experts to be right and appropriate in some regard or the other. A good example would be the way scientific definitions are given of various animals using their genus species names. For example breast cancer; it is a type of disease that is classified in the type cancer, in which cells multiply abnormally and replace the healthy ones. It is in essence a metastatic neoplasm of the breast where most of the cases arise from the breast parenchyma or the nipple.

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Hence this type of disease falls in the malignant tumor category that is the leading cause of cancerous deaths among females.Definitions are of three types; visual, mechanical and process. Visual descriptions pertain to the visual aspects of a certain object or person. Technical descriptions delve into the functional aspects of an object, thing or person. Process descriptions simply describe a process and give an outline to how to perform it in the simplest terms. Following are comprehensive examples of each:Visual DescriptionObject: A pair of jeans.Jeans are trousers, and used cover the lower parts of a persons body below the navel. This particular pair of jeans is blue in color with copper rivets at the joints of cloths and where the stitching ends. The inseams are stitched using a brown colored thread and start from the foot part and end at the waist. This pair is made from denim; a rough sturdy cloth made out of cotton. Jeans are meant to be tough and worn casually in the present era. The light brown tag at the back on the waistline describes it as a Levi’s 501. A red, smaller tag is also present at the left back pocket with the brand name on it. This pair is a loose fit and meant for youngsters around the ages of 18 – 20. The waist is 29 inches and the inseam is 43 inches meaning that the garment will fit a person with a waist measuring 29 inches and a length from navel to ankles of 43 cm. This pair is meant for males although females can also wear it thus rendering it unisex rather than being meant for particular group of sex. The area where the jeans ends touches the heels and is torn off a little due to extensive use. Extensive usage is also evident from the fading of the color at the front lapels and back pockets. The texture shows that it has not been washed for a long time and neither has it been pressed like other garments usually are.Analogy: It looks like a normal pair of pants except that it is made of denim. It is similar to the bottom part of a human’s bodyMechanical DescriptionObject: Creative Inspire 5.1 speaker system.A 5.1 speaker system has 6 pieces to it. 5 speakers plus a woofer for sub bass frequency sounds. The objective is to provide surround sound through individual speaker channels and give a sense of realism to whatever is being watched or played. This speaker system is to be used with personal computer systems and also requires a sound card to be installed in the system. It can however also used to watch movies and play video games on a traditional TV which has the necessary components to run the speaker system. The individual speakers are hooked into the woofer which also acts as the control unit. Care has to be taken that speakers are positioned properly around the room and are to be connected to the woofer relevant to their positions. Speakers are connected to the woofer using wires already fixed into each speaker. Therefore five wires go into the woofer according to speaker positions. Apart from this, a set of three color coded wires also goes into the woofer. Care has to be taken to insert the right colored wire into the right color coded slot. Only then will the speakers unction properly else there will be differences in sound quality and direction.Next, the wire is to be connected to the sound card that is installed in the PC. Same care has to be taken here as well regarding color coded wires and slots else 2 or 1 of the speakers may not function at all (depending on in which slot the wire is inserted). Once this is done, it is preferable to keep the woofer and speakers away from TV screens and other devices that might be affected by magnetic interference. It is also preferable to place the woofer on the ground instead of mounting it on the wall. Speakers however can be mounted on a wall. Once this is done, the power chord for the speakers will have to be inserted into a power supply to switch them on. The controller for the system also is attached to the woofer and has two knobs, one for volume and one for bass. Turning the knobs upwards switches on the system and increases the volume or bass. The volume knob also turns the speakers on and a light in the controller indicates it’s ‘ON’ status. Once this is done, playing music using appropriate software on the PC will make sounds emanate from the speaker. Speakers work by converting electrical signals into analogue signals through a copper wire wound round a magnet. Electricity causes movement in the coil which is transferred to a diaphragm resulting in its movement which then causes air around it to move and thus produce sound. The 5 speakers are all of the same size i.e. 6cm wide, 10cm tall and 8cm thick. The woofer however is a cube of each sides measuring 25cm. all components are in black with a silver logo of Creative.Process DescriptionProcess: Making instant coffee.In order to make instant, the first step is to heat water to a boil. This can be done the traditional way using a pan on the stove, using an electric kettle, microwave oven etc. Whatever method is used, it is necessary to bring the water to a boil in order to make good coffee. Set the microwave oven on 1 minute and place a cupful of water in it. After one minute, take the cup out while being careful in handling the cup as it will be very hot. Care should also be taken to not leave any metallic object (spoon etc.) in the oven while heating the water. Once this is done, add two tea spoons of instant coffee to the water. Stir till the contents are thoroughly mixed. One may add sugar or milk or cream or all as required. Care should be taken in handling the cup and not spill it as the coffee will be very hot. In order to make coffee using an electric kettle, fill the kettle with water and turn it on. Wait till the kettle starts sounding its whistle and then pour the water into the cup. For the traditional way, pour water in a pan and place on the stove. Light the stove and then wait till the water comes to a boil.

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