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Learning Styles Essay Paper

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Learning Styles This exercise has taught me a lot on my way of thinking, concentrating, and contact with people. I never knew that these learning styles determine how I perceive my everyday functions. Until now I always thought of myself being a Visual learner, I have to see it in order to understand it. I am a see it, to believe it type of woman. After taking the self-test and reviewing the chart, my way of thinking is much broader. I do all three of the learning styles.

I had to sit back and say; am I weird? Am I just able to learn, all different Ways. I felt my self being more connected with Auditory then anything. Do I forget faces but remember names all the time, I don’t if it’s age thing or just too much on my mind. I remember when I was younger I could remember names, not faces. At this point in time in my life I prefer the telephone instead of face-to-face direct contact. I am still out- going with a reserve tone to it, if that make since. I thought that I was straight up and down.

Learning Styles Essay

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But after taking this exercise, clearly I was wrong. My concentration level is I get distracted very easily with any little noise. I guess that comes with children. Before I had children I fell under the Visual side for all of the questions. Now that I older, I’m all over the place. Deciding to go back to school at thirty-five is going to be a challenge but not a struggle. When I don’t understand something I need it to be taught to me like I’m two-years old. Or the subject at head will not keep my interest. It will tend to go out of one ear and into another.

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