Case Study Essay Example Analysis

Valentine has been losing his hearing which typically add up in lat adult hood years (Ch 17, pg.

491). He feels horrible and helpless. Even though his doctor gave him an ear piece so that he can hear, he just don’t feel comfortable. He never noticed how important his hearing was until now. As he is getting older he has realized that he hasn’t accomplished a lot of dreams. But now that he has balance issues because of the fact that he wasn’t a really active person in his younger years as he should have been, now he can’t do as much as he would like to (Ch 17, pg. 495).

For example, he has always wanted to go rock climbing with his wife. Life has passed them by so quickly. They got to involved with everyday problems that they never took the time to take a vacation for an adventure. His life satisfaction is not as great as many of his friends are (Ch.

18, pg. 517). There is one thing he don’t regret, that is his family. His son has made him very proud. He never would of thought that his son would grow up to be a doctor. Other people pressure there children to do something in their lives, Valentine and his wife always supported their son in everything he did.

He is just a fortunate father with a great son. His college friends and their wives come and visit Valentine and his wife every weekend. They usually talk for hours which is part of their social engagement (Ch.

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18, pg. 517). Although they all live a different life style they have managed to keep their friendship strong. Especially in these years where it is needed the most. They have all involved themselves in volunteer work so that they wouldn’t be at home bored and doing nothing or even just being lonely.

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