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Your Journey of Discovery Through the Module Essay

Write a critical reflective essay (1000 words) on your journey of discovery through the module, set within the context of the learning outcomes. In particular, describe how the course challenged your thinking, brought to you new and interesting ideas and concepts, or, presented approaches to the topic with which you may have disagreed Marketing Design Innovation ?A CLOSER LOOK AT CUSTOMER NEEDS AND WANTS Customers, consumers and clients. Product and Service Functionality. Product and Service Dependence. Product and Service Performance. Distinction between Want and Need, from the Perspective of Perception, Ownership and Use.

Serqual Model: Service quality gap model: Distinction between wants and needs: ?ROLE OF COMMUNICATION AND BRANDING IN NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Product and Service Value Branding, Brand Value and Competitive Advantage Marketing Communications Projection of Ideas and Concepts to Target Markets Poster’s value Chain: The primary activities are: Inbound logistics Marketing and sales The secondary activities are: Procurement ,Technological ,Human resource management Firm’s Service value Chain: Respect, Personalise, Advocacy, Care ,Attention http://ecorner. stanford. edu/authorMaterialInfo. html? id=2880 Branding: Objectives of Good Branding: Benefits of Branding: Brand value Creating Brand value Competitive Advantage: How brand leads to Competitive Advantage: Instances where brands not creating Competitive Advantage: Target Market: Market Segmentation, Advantages of segmentation (Source: Doyle, 1994) Segmenting Consumer Markets Geographic segmentation Demographic segmentation Psychographic segmentation Behavioral segmentation Strategies to reach target Markets: Marketing Communication Mix: Five groups of promotional tools: Advertising Public Relations Sales Promotions Direct marketing

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Personal Selling ?DESIGN PROCESS AND PRINCIPALS OF PRODUCT AND SERVICE DESIGN The introduction to Design The main Principals of product and service design Engineering design focuses on the function of a product. That is, whether or not it will perform mechanically, electrically, thermally, etc. On the other hand, industrial design addresses the form of the product. That is, it focuses on aspects such as the product’s shape, colour, decoration, packaging, style and image. In very general terms, engineering design aims to make the product work; industrial design aims to make it sell.

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