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Johnny Cash was born in Kingsland, Arkansas on February 26, 1932. Johnny cash was named john R cash and was one of sic kids in his family. His mothers name was Carrie Rivers cash and his fathers name was Ray Cash. Johnny Cash was moved to Dyess Colony in the Northern part of Arkansas when his father took over a farm there. The family farmed around 20 acres of different crops and Johnny worked along the sides of his other siblings in the fields.

Growing up in a southern family Johnny was raised in a Christian family.

Johnny was first introduced to music by the every day sound of his mothers singing folk songs and hymns. Along with that Johnny also heard hymns sang by people working in the railroad yard near by. Hearing these types of music influenced young Cash and he absorbed it all. The influence of these songs would later show in Johnny’s life when he would draw from it to write the songs “Five Feet High and Risin” and “look at them beans”.

Cash would stay in Dyess Colony until he set off for Detroit after he graduated high school to look for work in 1950.

Who Was Johnny Cash Married To

He found a job in Pontiac Michigan working at an automotive plant. That didn’t last long and then Cash went to basic training in Texas after he joined the Air Force. During Johnny cash’s time in the service he met his first wife Vivian Liberto. When he was shipped to Landsberg Germany he organized what would be his first band named the Landsberg Barbarians.

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After being discharged from the army in 1954 Cash moved to Memphis and got married. He worked a few different jobs while trying to get into the music industry.

Cash went to Sun Records and auditioned as a solo artist for Sam Phillips. Cash wanted to sing gospel music but Phillips crossed that Idea out immediately. At Sun Records along with Cash were the other members of his group, the Tennessee Three. The guitarist was Luther Perkins, Marshall Grant played Bass and Red Kernodle played the pedal steel guitar. Cash released the song “Hey Porter” for the first song on his label but it failed to even make the charts.

The next elease from Sun Records was a different story, “Cry, Cry, Cry” made it in the top 20, reaching No. 14. Later on the song “So Doggone Lonsome” along with “Folsome Prison Blues” made it to the top 10. All of these songs were nothing compared to Cash’s best song of his career “I Walk the Line” hitting the number one spot on the charts for 43 weeks, and sold over 2 million copies. Cash began touring, and had up to 300 shows a year, and it was taking a toll on his life. His marriage began to struggle, resulting in a divorce and cash began to use drugs.

His use of narcotics became a necessity to keep up with the fast pace life he was living. In the mid 1960’s this began to impact his career. Eventually Cash overcame his addiction but only with the help of his soon to be wife June Carter who was also a singing partner. Cashes career was back on track and at the top of his game. Cash did two live recordings, one at Folsom Prison and another one at San Quetin, both of which went Gold. A lot of awards followed and Cash got the Country Music Entertainer of the Year along with Male Vocalist in 1969.

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