KINPOE & CHASCENT Training Center in Pakistan

PGTP Karachi Institute of Power Engineering (KINPOE) -CHASNUPP Centre of Nuclear Training (CHASCENT) PAKISTAN ATOMIC ENERGY COMMISSION P. O. BOX NO. 3183, Paradise Point, Hawks Bay Road, Karachi Phone: 021-99202222 Ext: 2701 Fax: 021-99202240 E-mail: [email protected] edu. pk Website: www. kinpoe. edu. pk APPLICATION FORM – 2010 Post Graduate Training Program (Nuclear Technology) at CHASCENT (Mianwali) and KINPOE (Karachi) (Read instruction before filling the form) Roll NO. __________________ (to be filled by JAC) 1. 2. 3. NAME: (AS APPEARED IN MATRIC CERTIFICATE)

If my application is accepted, I will abide by all the rules and regulations now in force, or which may become effective after I join.

Applicant’s Signature and date FOR OFFICE USE ONLY Remarks: . Checked by: PAKISTAN ATOMIC ENERGY COMMISSION JOINT ADMISSION CELL (KINPOE – CHASCENT) P. O. BOX NO. 3183, Paradise Point, Hawks Bay Road, Karachi Phone: 021-99202222 Ext: 2701 Fax: 021-99202240 E-mail: [email protected] edu. pk Website: www. kinpoe. edu. pk PGTP WRITTEN TEST, PGTP, SESSION 2010-2011 ADMIT CARD Ref . No. KINPOE/JAC/PG(03)/2010 , Roll No.

_____________________ (to be filled by JAC) Name: Father’s Name: CNIC No. : – Paste / Staple one Recent Photograph here Name of City to appear for the written test: Signature of the candidate: Time & Date of Test: 9:00 a. m. on 6th February, 2011 (Sunday) Dr. Jawed Akhtar Bhutto Head, Joint Admission Cell 1. You must bring followings on test day:
• Admit Card
• Original CNIC
• Clipboard
• Calculator
• 2B Pencil with eraser & sharpener 2. Candidates who do not appear in the Written Test will stand disqualified and must not contact this office. 3.


This call does not in any way waive your ineligibility, disqualification if warranted, nor does it condone any deficiency in your application or documents.

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Your case will not be considered until all notified conditions are fulfilled including the result of your final examination. 4. This Admit Card portion, after processing of Application Form will be sent to you in the self-addressed envelope provided by you. KINPOE does not accept any liability for the late or non-delivery of this letter. 5. MOBILE PHONES are strictly prohibited at the test centre on the test day.

For any further details / information, please see KINPOE website www. kinopoe. edu. pk POST GRADUATE TRAINING PROGRAM (NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY) INSTRUCTION FOR APPLICANTS PGTP Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) offers one-year training program in Nuclear Technology to Graduate engineers at KINPOE (Karachi) and CHASCENT (Mianwali) having one of the following degrees: 4-year BE/B. Sc. (Engineering) in Chemical, Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Computer Systems (Only at KINPOE) or Civil (only at CHASCENT). Master of Science in Computer Science (Only at KINPOE) and in Chemistry (Only at CHASCENT) 1.

• First class career (i. e. minimum 60% marks). However one second division is allowed except in the final degree.
• Candidates appearing in their final exam. may also apply but they must have passed in first division by March 01, 2011.
• All engineering/M. Sc. degrees must be recognised by Pakistan Engineering Council/Higher Education Commission. AGE LIMIT Maximum age is 30 years on June 01, 2011. 2. APPLICATION PROCEDURE Application Form may be filled eligible hand writing using printed Application Form. ) Please send us:
• Completely filled Application Form and Admit Card. We will return Admit Card along with the addresses of the Test/Interview centres and sample test paper to the eligible candidates after processing the application.
• A Bank Draft / Pay Order of Rs. 750/- in favour of “KANUPP Institute of Nuclear Power Engineering” as application fee (non-refundable). Bank Draft in any other name will not be accepted. The bank draft may be obtained preferably from any branch of the National Bank of Pakistan and payable at NBP, KANUPP Branch Karachi (Code-0152).

Write your name on back side of the Draft.
• Two self-addressed envelopes (size at least 9″ x 7″) with Rs. 20/- postal stamps affixed on them.
• Two recent passport size photographs (one pasted on Application Form and one on Admit Card). 2) DO NOT attach photocopies of your certificates, marks sheets, etc. These are not required at this stage. 3) Keep a photocopy of the Application form and the bank draft with you. It may be required later on. 4) Candidates presently serving in Government/Autonomous/Semi-Autonomous Organisations must apply through proper channel.

No stipend will be paid to them. 3. SELECTION PROCEDURE After processing of the Application, the Admit Card will be returned only to the eligible candidates to appear in the Written Test. Candidates may see the status of their application at our website. Date & addresses of the test centres will be sent with the Admit Card and can also be seen at our website. If your name is on our website, but you have not received Admit Card portion, you may come to the test centre with photocopy of your form, bank draft and original CNIC to appear in the Written Test.

No TA/DA will be admissible for appearing in the test or interview. 4. LAST DATE FOR APPLICATION Application Form/Admit card portion duly completed along with the required Bank Draft/Pay Order must reach the following address not later than December 17, 2010. Dr. Jawed Akhtar Bhutto Head, Joint Admission Cell KINPOE -CHASCENT, P. O. Box No. 3183, Paradise Point, Hawks Bay Road Karachi. Phone: 021-99202222 Ext. : 2701, E-mail: [email protected] edu. pk Website: www. kinpoe. edu. pk

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