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Jesus Take the Wheel Essay

“Jesus Take the Wheel” song by American Idol Carrie Underwood was the song that I chose for my essay. I decided to pick this particular essay because I personally believe that it is a reflective piece of work. The lyric is significant and it is meaningful in because it is related to reality. To sings about different people who almost face death and for a second, their whole life flashed past them. I like this song in particular because it makes me appreciate what I have and who I have. People are always complaining, but like poet Frederick Keonig once said, “We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.”

This song gave me hope and made me smile at the same time because it states that whenever I have trouble, I can simply pray to Jesus and tell them to take charge and guide me through life. It explains that Jesus can save us from the road that we are all on just as long as we trust in him.

The whole song is based on one story line and the message that is portrays is very simple as well. The song starts off by explaining that a girl was driving on a Friday night to Cincinatti to see her parents on a Christmas Eve with her baby in the back seat of the car. She was very depressed and she was already losing faith and running low on gas. She had a lot of things on her mind and realized that it had been a long long year and she was not paying attention to how fast she was driving in the snow. Before she knew it, she was spinning on a think black sheet of glass and both their lives passed right by her eyes.

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She did not even have time to cry and she was so scared that she threw her hands up in the air. This was when she asked Jesus to take the wheel. So confesses that she has messed up a lot of things in her life, but she wants one more chance to change everything. She simply understands that life is a challenge and that has learned her lesson. This song gives people faith, it certainly gave me hope and made me want to become a better person. I constantly remind myself that I have to appreciate everything and everyone that I have.






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