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Investigation into dissolving sugar Essay

AIM: The aim of my investigation is how long sugar dissolves in cool and warm water (h20).PLAN: I’m going to use temperatures that vary from (30? -60?) for the water. I will use granulated sugar at room temperature. I’m going to dissolve the sugar in the water and take reading of the time it took to dissolve.To make this experiment a fair-test I will use a level spoonful of sugar. Then I’m going to take (50mls) of water each time. I will use a thermometer to measure the temperature. I will use temperatures of (20?/30?/40?/60?). After each experiment I will time it and record the data of my results on a chart.APPARATUS (EQUITMENT LIST):* Safety goggles (because of boiling water)* Bunsen burner* Tongs* Safety mat* Splint to light Bunsen burner* Glass beaker* Thermometer* Measuring cylinder* Granulated sugar* Spoon and knifeFAIR TESTING:; I’m going to keep the amount of sugar, the type of sugar and the volume of water the same.> The one thing I will change is the temperature.Safety measures:o Safety goggleso Safety matRANGE: I shall use a range of temperatures from (30? – 60?)PREDICTION: I predict that when I precede my experience the higher the temperature the quicker the sugar will dissolve. I predict this because I know from my science lessons. Some solids dissolve in water and evaporation can occur in this experiment knowing from my own scientific knowledge.Temperature1st2nd3rdAverage30?43 SECONDS51 SECONDS47 SECONDS47 SECONDS40?30 SECONDS34 SECONDS32 SECONDS34.2 SECONDS50?29 SECONDS24 SECONDS25 SECONDS31.1 SECONDS60?16 SECONDS17 SECONDS15 SECONDS15 SECONDSVARIATION: In this experiment I could vary the types of sugar and the amount of sugar. I could also change the volume of water. I could also change the temperature. I could change different types of liquids.TABLE OF RESULTS:TIME TO DISSOLVETO FIND OUT THE AVERAGE I ADD UP (1ST,2NDAND 3RD) AND DIVIDE BY 3* Graph on the next page(LAYOUT OF THE EXPERIMENT)CONCLUSION: I have found out the higher the temperature the quicker it takes for the sugar to dissolve. I know from my I own knowledge that certain solids dissolve at certain temperatures. After drawing the graph, I found out I had to be more accurate with the experiment, but I’m still happy how my plots on the graph came out. You couldn’t do the experiment perfect because the room temperatures one of the things that might effect the experiment.EVALUATION: I started my investigation by planning and practising the experiment so I would get good and clear results. This experiment was very straight forward and simple to proceed. The very first thing was my planning this consists of writing a step by step plan on what to do for the experiment. Secondly I wrote out my Equipment list this is what I had to use in the experiment. Thirdly I wrote out my fair testing this is just simply what I changed and what I kept the same in the experiment. Fourthly I wrote my safety measures this is just what equipment I used to be safe. Fifthly I wrote my range this is just what variety of temperatures I was going to use for the experiment.Sixthly I wrote out my prediction this is what I was guessing what will happen. Seventhly I wrote my variation this is just what other things I could change in the experiment. Eighthly I done my table of results in this I showed what I did in each experiment but on a graph and I drew out my layout of the experiment. Last of all I done my conclusion in this I wrote about the pattern of the graph and explaining the pattern using my science knowledge and evaluation this I have to talk about the plots on the graph, how could I improve the experiment and a summary of the whole investigation.

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