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Xstreaming Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: Video Game Addiction

Downloading and Streaming has been the two most active activities in the Internet. There has never been a time where the Internet stops sending files from one computer to another. In this article, I will discuss the addiction that can arise from these two activities as well as their causes. To start the topic, let’s begin with downloading addiction. It has been a problem of various individuals to break free from the addictive feeling of ‘Downloading’. Their download queue ranges from Music, Movies, Anime, Games and Software.

Downloading is not something that is completely illegal instead it is something that helps us in our work. However, the problem starts when the person in question abuses the power of downloading. So what is downloading? Download is defined as the transfer of data from a distant computer to your computer. It is mostly used for obtaining various Media Files and software from the internet. There are 2 widely used methods of downloading namely: Direct Download (DDL) and Torrent.

Direct Download, as the name suggests, the computer connects to the host (usually a server) directly in order to obtain the file. Torrent, however, is the most favored method because of its peer-to-peer technology. So what makes it addicting? Since most downloadable files are free of charge (especially via torrent), people tend to download files (mostly media files i. e. : Music and Video) excessively instead of buying it from the store. Furthermore, most of these files are licensed by different industries thus free distribution and downloading is an act of Piracy.

The Addiction Streaming

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However, there are still unlicensed media available for download (i. e. : Anime). Again, people download these files excessively and breaking their “ISP Cap” thus causing problems to their Internet Service Provider (ISP) as well to the other subscribers of the same ISP. Today, some ISPs changed their billing methods just to cover their unnecessary expenses because of these Downloading Addicts. Another issue with downloading addiction is that it risks your computer to various viruses and hardware malfunctions as it is turned-on and connected to the Internet 24/7.

Another addictive issue in the Internet is Streaming. This is pretty much like downloading in a sense that it involves the Internet. However, the main difference is that no data is permanently saved to the computer. This addiction is not really affecting the society directly instead it helps those who are incapable to download/buy videos and music to have a change to watch/listen to them. However, again, this becomes an addiction when the person constantly streams for videos and music nonstop. So what is Streaming?

Streaming is the technology used to transfer media over the internet for the means of watching or listening to without permanently saving the media to the computer. There are 2 types of Streaming: Audio and Video. The first pertains to the streaming music files for the user to listen while the latter pertains to streaming of video files for the user to watch. So what makes it addicting? Like downloading, since it’s almost free of cost to stream videos and audios in the internet, people tend to get addicted into it pretty easily as it is a form of entertainment.

Another good thing about streaming is that you can legally view licensed media for entertainment/educational purposes. It also helps to make someone well-known in the internet (i. e. : YouTube). The main disappointing issue about Streaming Addiction is that it makes the victims dependent on the internet for entertainment thus losing interest in supporting local media firms (i. e. : Movie Theaters, Music Stores, etc…). In addition, since it’s available to the public, there are sites that use video streaming for pornography.

This issue makes the Streaming Addicts prone to watching these media thus ruining their innocent life. A minor issue here is pretty much like the same issue with downloading which concerns the ISP being abused thus giving minor problems to other subscribers. I would like to emphasize that these acts (Downloading and Streaming) are not illegal or bad in nature. It only becomes bad when one gets addicted to it. Like they say, “Too much of something is bad for the health”.

About the author

This paper example is written by Benjamin, a student from St. Ambrose University with a major in Management. All the content of this paper consists of his personal thoughts on Xstreaming and his way of presenting arguments and should be used only as a possible source of ideas and arguments.

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