An input device is any hardware component that allows you to enter data, programs, commands, and user responses into a computer. Input devices include the keyboard, pointing devices, scanners and reading devices, digital cameras, audio and video input devices for physically challenged use MOUSE The mouse is an input device that is used to control the movement of the pointer on the screen and to make selections from the screen.

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She top of the mouse has one to four buttons.

Some also have a small wheel. The bottom of a mouse is flat and contains a multidirectional mechanism and usually a small ball. [pic] KEYBOARD Most of today’s desktop computer keyboards are an enhanced keyboard, which means they have twelve function keys along the top, two CTRL keys, two ALT keys, and a set of arrow and additional keys between the typing area and the numeric keypad. [pic] CAMERA Digital camera allows you to take pictures and store the photographed images digitally instead of on traditional film.

With some digital cameras, you down load, or transfer a copy of, the stored pictures to your computer by connecting a cable between the digital camera and your computer and using special software included with the camera.

With other digital cameras, the pictures are stored directly on a floppy disk or on PC card.

[pic] MICROPHONE [pic] The microphone is ideal for all voice application, including internet phone and chat, video conferencing or editing, language labs, voice command and control, and speech dictation.

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MOHIB AHMED Output DevicesOutput devices are things we use to get information OUT of a computer. Here are some examples of output devices. |Monitor – A monitor is the |[pic] | |screen on which words, | | |numbers, and graphics can be | | |seem. The monitor is the | | |most common output device. | | |Compact Disk – Some compact |[pic] | |disks can be used to put | | |information on.This is | | |called burning information to| | |a CD. | | |NOTE: A CD can also be an | | |input device. | | |Printer – A printer prints |[pic] | |whatever is on the monitor | | |onto paper.

Printers can | | |print words, numbers, or | | |pictures.

| |Speaker – A speaker gives you|[pic] | |sound output from your | | |computer.

Some speakers are | | |built into the computer and | | |some are separate.

| | |Disk Drives – A disk drive is|[pic] | |used to record information | | |from the computer onto a | | |floppy disk or CD. | |Floppy Disk – A floppy disk |[pic] | |is used to record information| | |on. The information is | | |stored on the floppy disk and| | |can be used later or used on | | |another computer. | |Headphones – Headphones give |[pic] | |sound output from the | | |computer. They are similar | | |to speakers, except they are | | |worn on the ears so only one | | |person can hear the output at| | |a time. | |

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