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Influences for Applying to the Syracuse University? Essay

As I stand on the threshold of applying for a University course, there is a sense of enormous thrill, excitement, enthusiasm and anticipation. University education is an experience of a life time. Thus it is essential that one seeks admission in a University that perfectly mirrors ones aspirations and leads to attainment of vocational as well as academic objectives. As a resident of New York State, I am intimately involved with its culture as denoted in all aspects of life of this great city, but particularly in its architecture. I feel I can best contribute to my city by designing and planning its contours as fine arts and architecture have been my passion over the years. The best course in architecture in New York State is provided by Syracuse University. Located in New York State yet Syracuse has a distinctive ambience. Rated as one of the top twenty five medium size cities in America it has an ideal academic environment away from the hullabaloo of New York.  It is one of the oldest Universities hence it has an old World ambience, yet it is modern in its approach and provides state of the art facilities for students. Syracuse thus provides the best environment for learning architecture.

The University’s motto I believe says it all for a student of architecture, “scholarship in action”. Architecture is best discovered as a process of action, it is a creative field developed through observation and inference. Architecture should create an impact, it has to be done with a vision, for buildings should last millennia and then finally architecture needs to hold promise. The Syracuse University has all that a budding architect hopes to achieve. The concept of a creative campus is also well suited for learning architecture which has a high component of inventiveness. The strength, vision and commitment of the faculty of architecture in the University also drive me to seek admission here. The program of the School I believe will provide me ideal training for becoming a complete architect as it covers the aesthetic, environmental, social, historical, technical, and methodological aspects in this challenging field

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My academic and career aspirations

I have been inspired by architecture over the years, it has been my passion. Architecture I believe combines rhythm, shape and form logically, it provides a vision of how we should live in this world and it builds character and provides a sense of history.

I want to be an architect who builds for sustainability, for posterity and for serving both nature and man, through logic, idealism, intuitiveness, consciousness and activism. Achieving a symbiosis between the historical and the modern, the material and the environment is what I aspire for in my career. I want to be a creative leader in the field of architectural design meshing in tradition with modernity, retaining a sense of history, blending with the environment, to use technology to advantage in creating an ambience of opulence without sacrificing the purity of our communion with nature.

The Syracuse University School of Architecture runs one of the oldest programs of its type in the United States. This will provide me an excellent grounding in architecture with my interests in sustainable design, post modernity and materiality. The orientation of the School towards fine arts will add quality and relational diversity to the content, providing me an ideal medium to explore my talents.

Activities outside the classroom

I have an extremely rich social, cultural and extra curricular life. Sports are a passion with me. Basketball, American Football and Baseball are my favorite sports in which I have excelled in the various teams that I have been a part of. They have kept me healthy, taught me the importance of team spirit and inspired me to play the game, honestly, ethically and by the rules. Chess is another of my passions which hones up my skills at strategy, foresight and planning ahead. Reading is my choicest activity and I have read a wide range of books from the classics to modern literature. Of course books on architecture have been an infatuation and the most recent ones I have read include, “For an Architecture of Reality” by Michael Benedikt, “Why Buildings Stand Up” by Mario Salvadori, “Why Buildings Fall Down” by Matthys Levy and Mario Salvadori, and “The Story of Architecture” by Jonathan Glancey. I have developed an innate understanding of computers which are like a second mode of writing for me. Museumology is another of my favorite pastime. I feel I gain a sense of history by visiting museums, the latest being Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York.

My greatest passion is exploring the architectural splendors of New York and the surrounding areas. These perfectly inspire me and strengthen my resolve to be a master exponent in this creative field.

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