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In What way does Temperature effect the reaction time of Sulphurous Acid Essay

The problem state that scientists have been puzzled as to why acid rain effects the stonework of some buildings faster than others. There are a number of factors that can be experimented to try and discover why this is the case. In my experiment I aim to find out what effect temperature has on the reaction in question. As well as other reactions taking place at the same time. Does it speed up the reaction? Does it make it more aggressive? These are two questions I hope to answer.To carry out this experiment, as accurately as possible I will use the following method to test the effects of heat on the reaction. Firstly I will heat 10mls of HCL to a range of temperatures inside a beaker of water above a Bunsen burner. Once heated to a certain temperature I will add a small spoon of Calcium Carbonate quickly collecting the amount of carbon dioxide timing how long it takes to produce 6cm3. Repeating through various temperatures ranging from room temperature approx 20�C to 80�C. The Carbon dioxide will be collected and measured with the use of bung connected to a pipe where the gas is channelled into measuring apparatus. I will the repeat this experiment with different concentrations of HCL and other relevant chemicals.Apparatus: Thermometer, stop clock, glass beaker, 4 test tubes, 2 clamp stands, 1 boss, Bunsen burnerI predict that as the temperature rises the faster and more aggressive the reaction will be. I can confidently predict this for two main reasons. Firstly I have observed in other reactions the effect heat has on an experiment: it speeds up reactions. Secondly I have learnt that the introduction of thermal energy to any reaction speeds up the movement of particles and therefore the reaction.

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