If Children Behave Badly Should Their Parents Take Responsibility And Also Be Punished

If children behave badly, should their parents accept responsibility and also be punished? Who is at fault for the behavior of a certain individual? Is the parent to be punished for the crime or “wrong doing” of their child? Parents should have control of their own children and are held liable for anything the child does. They are the legal guardians, it is not the child who teaches himself/herself to be that way, it is the parent.They choose how to raise their children, if the child is troubled, that falls on the parent.

Maybe because they are either never there or they just let them do anything. The other side of the story is the children. Some are taught the right way but tend to do things the way they want to and not how they are taught to act. Some children also act differently, their behavior in front of their parents is a way different behavior they show in front of other grown ups.

I am for and against this saying and I would briefly state my ideas in the paragraphs below.Parents play a big role in a child’s life. A parent is like a role model for the child, whatever the parent does, is what a child would do. How a parent raise their child is how the child would behave. What the parents sow is what they will reap also. If they raise an undisciplined, disrespectful child, a undisciplined and disrespectful child they would get.

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There are certain parents who discipline their children how they are suppose to, but there are parents who do the opposite.There are also parents who do not do anything but just sit there and let their child do whatever. Then when their child gets into trouble, they blame it on the child which causes peer pressure and leads to many bad things beyond. A child’s mentality is way different from adults. Along the way the child makes mistakes and these mistakes help them learn a lesson from it and prepare them for what the future holds. One of the biggest mistakes children have is misbehaving. Children do things very childish and never serious which is bad behavior.In order for a child to be raise properly, there must be a firm foundation within the family beginning with respect. Without respect there is no control or order within the family. A child needs rules and boundaries as well as love and understanding from the parents. I agree that parents should accept the responsibility, but I do not agree with punishing them. They are already punished by being brought to where ever Seui 2 their child is. They are being punished by taking their time off from work and have to come to where their child is at.The parents should accept the responsibility and should work on disciplining their child. It is the parents job to straighten up there child’s attitude because it’s there child. Most of the children do not listen to anyone but their parents, so that’s why parents should take the responsibility and take action for their child. It is also the parent’s responsibility or duty to take full responsibility of their child until they reach adulthood. It is the duty to teach their child what is the acceptable and unacceptable behavior. nly the parent of the child knows his/her daughter better than any one else, but it does not mean they can handle any situation that arises in this child’s life. It only means that there is no one better than them to address any issues that may address any issues that arise in the child’s life. The child should take punishment, because he/she did it and needs to take the punishment so he/she can learn from the mistake he/she has done. It is not fair, that the child causes the trouble, but the parents have to be punished because it was not the parent that misbehaved, it was the child itself.

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