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How does the concentration if a regent affects the speed of chemical reaction Essay

My reaction will use Calcium carbonate which is a solid and hydrochloric acid which is a solution in the acid particles that are free to move around.I predict that the stronger the acid concentration, the faster the chemical reaction so 2 molar would be faster than 1 molar in a fair test.This is because of a higher concentration of the acid solution contains more particles per cm than the lower concentration acid solution. The rate of a reaction depends on how hard and fast the hydrochloric acid and the calcium carbonate particles collide.Hydrochloric particles are free to move when in the solution. When mixed with calcium carbonate, more concentrated acid reacts faster because there are more collisions per second. In fact if you double the acid concentration you get twice as many particle per cm3 so twice as many collisions so you get double the speed of reaction.This means the acid concentration and the reaction rate should be directly proportional in my experiments.In all the reactions it is only the high-energy collisions that produce a reaction.If the collusion is not hard enough the particles just bounces off each other.DIAGRAMFLASKMABLE CHIPS+ CLAMPHYDROCLORIC ACIDFAIR TESTWe will vary (change) the acid concentration.All other variables must be kept constant (same) in all our equipmentThe size of the marble chipsThe volume of acidSize and shape of containerSize of marble chips mediumReactions also speed up if they are warmed. The temperature would change the speed of the particles in warm acid the particles move faster and if they move faster it is more likely they bash into each other and there will go faster and faster as the temperature increases. It also increases the energy of the collisions because it makes all the particles move faster. So in this investigation I will try to keep the temperature constant.CALCIUM CARBORATE CARBON DIOXIDE+ CALCUIM+ HYDROCHLORIC ACID +CHLORID+WATERCaCo + 2HCl Co + H o+CaClMETHOD> The first thing I did was read the instructions & wrote them down.> Than I got the equipment and set it up.> I got the medium marble as they were best suited for the experiment. I did some preliminary work and the powder reacted too to fast/big chips too slowly.> I weighed 5.0 grams g medium chips then I put it in a piece of paper.> I put 25cm of acid in the flask (measure using a clean measuring cylinder)> Than I added the marble chips and put the stopper on the flask.> I recorded the results (volume of gas in the syringe) for every 5 second until 60 seconds for 2, 1, 0.5, 0.25, 0.125 molar of acid.> I repeated the experiment 3 times for each concentration I tried 5 different concentrations.VOLUME OF GAS (CM )0.125 MOLAR ACIDTIME(S)1st2nd3rdAVERAGE511101010.31012121111.61513131313.02014161414.62514171615.63015201717.33515221818.64016241919.64516252020.35016262121.05516272121.36016292222.30.25 MOLAR ACIDTIME(S)1st2nd3rdAVERAGE5188611.0101910712.01520111013.62021121114.62522131416.63023141517.63524151618.64025151719.64525151920.05025152020.05527162121.36029182323.30.5 MOLAR ACIDSTIME(S)1st2nd3rdAVERAGE510999.31012121111.61514131313.32016151515.62519171818.03022262123.03525302526.34027332829.34532373133.35035423837.35538453940.36042474243.61 MOLAR ACIDTIME(S)1st2nd3rdAVERAGE57545.31010788.31512131112.02020181517.62525232022.63030282527.63535333032.64040403538.64545454043.35050504548.35555555053.366060606859.32 MOLAR ACIDTIME(S)1st2nd3rdAVERAGE505156.6100104018.3150246028.0205328039.02512409950.330154710054.035205510058.340256510063.345277310066.650378010072.355428710077.560479510080.6AVERAGE RESULTSACID CONCENTRATION (MOLAR)TIME(S)0.1250. think that I did the experiment fair as possible and my prediction came out right. I predict that the 2 molar acid would have been stronger that 1 molar 0.5 molar 0.25 molar and 0.125 molar.I also believe that the collision theory came out right as the high the concentration of acid the faster the reaction happened the solution when from a colourless liquid to a opaque.EVALUATIONI think that I did the experiment very fairly as I measured every think carefully and took three reading. But the clamp did not hold the syringe parallel to the table.I could have done it fairer by taking more reading or getting steady clamp or using two clamps.

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