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Shakespeare creates act 3 scene 1 to be dramatically effective, by using dramatic irony, sympathetic background and other theatrical effects. A dramatic effect is something that is either emotional or sensational that creates tension and builds up a scene or event. Act 3 scene 1 is dramatically effect because it has emotional, sensational, climactic and thrilling events throughout.

Before the start of the scene their was two very significant events which have helped create tension, one of these events, the marriage of Romeo and Juliet is used to create dramatic irony as the only people to know about the wedding is themselves and the audience. Therefore the other characters don’t know about it and this effect then allows the audience to visualise and wait with tense anticipation to find out what will happen and follow on from this huge event.

The night before at the party causes plenty of anger and frustration for Tybalt this has effects on other characters as well”we shall not scrape a brawl, for now these hot days, is the mad blood stirring” L3-4.This was Benvolio almost predicting what is going to happen later in the day the word “blood” signifies hurt, anger and pain. This adds to the excitement of the audience. Tybalt’s anger is always shown especially towards Romeo, and when Tybalt finds out about the wedding this is surely going to fuel is anger further.

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The audience can feel the tension brewing this makes them anxious.The atmosphere created at the start of the scene is tense, weary and irritable, this is because of the alcohol consumed the night before at the party and because Romeo turned up at the party when he wasn’t meant to be there. The weather is also adding to this, as it is very hot”The day is hot”. L.2This is called sympathetic background and it is mirroring the emotions felt by the characters.Tension starts to build further now because of the characters such as Benvolio, Mercutio and Romeo. Mercutio is an easy-going, emotional i.e. violent up and down moods, dramatic and an influential character (especially towards Romeo).”when indeed there is no need” shows his easy-going nature.”a plague a’both these houses! I am sped”Mercutio being very dramatic and over the top, but it makes this part of the scene very dramatically effective.”O calm, dishonourable, vile submission” L.66Now Mercutio is talking directly to Romeo, he is angry and disgusted with Romeo, Mercutio says these words because he knows that he can influence Romeo through their friendship.Benvolio is a proud, good-natured, sensitive, dramatic and laid back character.”…we shall not scrape a brawl, for now these hot days, is the mad blood stirring” L.3-4, is an example of his dramatic side.”…either withdraw unto some private place, or reason coldly of your grievances” l.44Here Benvolio is showing his contrast in characters between him and Tybalt and also he is showing his good-natured side as he is trying to reason with him instead of causing a fight.Romeo is love-struck, romantic, emotional and daydreamer character.”…fire eyed fury be my conduct now!” L115Romeo here is being very touchy and emotional and is stating that he will do as his emotions feel, as he has just lost his best friend in Mercutio. These words are building up to a sense of fore-boding.”I thought all for the best” L.87Romeo’s judgement of whether he should of stepped in, seems to have been the wrong one, as he is almost apologising by what he is saying. His judgement was probably clouded by the love and emotions he his feeling.The arrival of Tybalt on the play is very important as he is their to be provoked by other characters and then causes tension and frustration, making the audience excitable and allowing them to ponder the future, so it leaves them in suspense.Romeos arrival is the role of peacemaker, but I think this is because of his niceness towards others, but this has adverse effects and provokes them further as they are already irritable. This also grabs Tybalts attention as Romeo is the man he wants not Mercutio.As of this dramatic scene, the pace of the play quickens thus adding to the suspense and agitation of the audience. The audience will know be more curious than ever for the play to quicken as it has got to an important bit and you can feel that something big is going to happen, there is a sense of an amazing, catastrophic and important event to follow. This is dramatically effective because it is a cliffhanger and there are a wide range of pace and tones of voice used.When Mercutio is struck down the feeling suddenly drops it becomes a shocking and tense moment between the characters, once the event has settled, the mood is one of anger and revenge (Romeo). Romeo has a sudden spurt of adrenaline and anger towards Tybalt, this is a contrast to what Romeo has been like throughout the start of the play and mainly in the last few scenes i.e. when he’s been in love. Once Mercutio has been struck down his feeling is off sadness and realisation that he is dying. He puts a plague on both the houses, the Montague’s and the Capulet’s as he blames their needless arguments and quarrels for his death”A plague a both houses” and “ask for me tomorrow, and you shall find me a grave man…”This shows the anger he is feeling on the houses and the realisation that he is going to die as he is saying find me tomorrow and I will be in a grave, this is also a pun “grave man” as it a pun towards death and seriousness. Shakespeare uses the pun here to make it more effect and it gives the dying man a “famous” last line.The effect of Mercutio’s death on the audience is one of sadness, yet gives them a feeling of thrill and excitement as they are not to know what will happen next with Romeo, you can again sense there is more big excitement to follow. Romeos reaction to the death is of revenge he is determined to make Tybalt pay for what he has done to his close friend.Once Romeo has killed Tybalt there is a sudden shock……. What has happened? Another death!! What is going to happen?This is good because it makes the audience ask themselves what is going to happen and keeps them thrilled and wanting more.We as the audience are left feeling satisfied and thrilled at the end of the play, we are also shocked by the events that have taken place, this scene is dramatically effective in many ways. Some of the important techniques used to make this a thriller are a convincing plot, plenty of surprises/twists, climaxes and memorable speeches, words and actions.

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