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Housing the homeless in willow county Essay

1.) The Major Participants in the Willow County Case are: The Helping Hand Foundation, Priority Care Fund, Willow County Administration, and the Human Service Department. These groups or bodies are out for the good of the people of Willow County in terms of providing shelter for the homeless or people at the risk of being homeless. But the Values held by these participants are in conflict due to their different assumptions. The County staff assumed that the meeting called was for role clarification and understanding among other agencies, while the other two participants(the city and Helping Hand) thought  the role clarification had been discussed in the meeting with Good fellow and the Mayor which was prior to this meeting they were having with the County Staff. They felt that the meeting they were having was for the program implementation.

2.)  Considering the issues before the Administrator, Gardner, and the major constraint of the County –which is the inability to fund all the projects alone, Gardner may have to source for other means of bringing to reality the plan, by seeking the assistance of the government; since he has to satisfy the other agencies involved and the county board.

3. The administrative staff members that should be involved are: Craig Beckwith , director  of policy Analysis Division, Molly Parsons, the Head of Helping Hand Foundation, the City , Janet Hamilton, the Director of Human Services.

4.   Factors to be considered in the development of the recommendation include: The County Policy, the conclusion reached at the meeting – Gardner would involve the majority of opinion expressed at the Public hearing. Also the approval given by the County Chair, Nancy Able concerning the preferred option of 2,. Goodfellow’s preference for Option 1b, also one of the commissioner’s concern about the inability to fully fund both projects, the expectations of the City and the ultimatum of the Helping Hand Foundation.

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5. Gardner should recommend the County’s assumption of the responsibility of Option and the clarification of roles for the other agencies involved.


Bryd, J,  Schutten , T, Sherlock , S (2009) ‘Housing the Homeless in Willow County’ (pp.81-86)

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