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Health Care Right or Privilege Essay

Nettie Norwood Soc 120 Brooke Estabrook-Fishinghawk December 1, 2010 Health care is a human right, not a privilege. We should not live in a system where the rich can afford to live and the poor cannot, yet the United States of America, land of the free, good health care is a privilege, not a right. Yet I don’t believe this is how it should be. Health care should be a right and a privilege for all Americans. Prescription-drug costs are out of control. People have to choose between food and their prescriptions.

In general, the cost of health care is out of control. There are millions of Americans without health insurance. The cost of going to a doctor is so high many Americans don’t even bother until it is often too late or they can no longer bear the pain of that illness. Although I have a doctor which is part of the hospital, I have to pay a co payment every time I go and I don’t always have it. My next choice is to go to the emergency room where as they will bill me. As a matter of fact, health care is not a right afforded to every citizen in our country.

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Currently prisoners are the only group who are specifically granted the right to health care. Health care is a privilege attainable by the wealthy, a benefit provided solely at the discretion of an employer, a government subsidized insurance plan for the elderly or a charitable gift provided based on the goodwill of others. Haft, H (Jan – Feb, 2003 p. 1). I feel that this treatment should be extended to every citizen. Rights only make sense when they can be applied universally, without causing a “wrong” to someone else.

You can have a right to own property, for example, because everyone can enjoy the right under the same terms and conditions. You can have right to say what you like too as long as everyone can say what he like. In justifying the importance of the research it is important to take into consideration that with increasing health care costs we cannot afford to neglect the issues of health care. The research shows the correlation between rights and privileges of heath care. Is it a right to be privilege or do we have the privilege to have rights.

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