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Have you ever been stranded on a Desert Island Essay Example Paper

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Have you ever been stranded on a Desert Island Essay Introduction

My sister and I were shipwrecked in the Atlantic Ocean. We all scrambled into the first of the three lifeboats and drifted into the Atlantic ocean for a day, until we reached the island we were about to spend the next week on. After arriving on the island, we set up a shelter. Then several people from the group searched for wood to get a fire underway. My sister, a few other people from the group, and myself were walking back from gathering water and noticed a large, brown piece of paper folded up in the shape of a scroll. We picked it up with care, and started to examine it carefully. We couldn’t believe what we read . . .”The Persons Who Find This Message Are To Survive On This Island For 5 Days. This challenge has been especially prepared for research purposes. The initial study began on January 1st, 1986, and will continue until 1st January 2006. This Island Is Constantly under Observation and you are being watched at this moment. Further details are available from messages distributed throughout the Island. To leave the island you must complete all tasks which are, as stated, distributed in scrolls like this one, all over the island. If you successfully complete 80% of the tasks, transport will be provided to take you back to mainland. Good Luck” the message read. After we had read the message, we hurried back to the remaining members of the group setting up a shelter. Our 5 Day Challenge had begun.Everyone agreed that it would be best to get to sleep for the night, so everyone entered the shelter, and fell asleep almost instantly. I was mesmerised – and didn’t sleep till late into the morning – just staring at the stars and listening to the waves crash against the rocks and coming against the sand, along with a few others in the group.Next morning we all woke up at around the same time. The warm, red glowing fire had slowly extinguished through the night. The same members of the group who collected firewood the first time collected some more. The fire was started again, and we set out to hunt down breakfast. Several birds were roaming around in the area which looked like a rainforest. After several attempts in trying to capture the birds, we finally succeeded – a large red and black bird. We had to kill the bird with a stone, which wasn’t a pretty sight! On the way back, again we found another brown scroll. We unravelled it and it revealed a task. The task said: “Congratulations in finding a task. This task is as follows: You must create a fire that will last for 48 hours. The fire must NEVER be unmanned, and NEVER extinguish. If the task is successful then you will have one less task to complete. REMEMBER – You are CONSTANTLY under observation” We didn’t hesitate and started the fire immediately. The birds we had captured were cooked on the fire that was created for the task.The hours seemed to be getting slower, and slower, and the water was running out quicker and quicker. We decided to collect more water, and upon doing so we found yet another note – which said we had found Task 2. “Congratulations on finding a task. This task is as follows: You must use the materials on the island and create a Stable tent that can house up to four people easily. If you are successful this is one lest task you have to complete. REMEMBER – You are CONSTANTLY under observation” Again, we immediately undertook the task . . .We got to work as soon as we could, while the others in the group were cooking a meal. We cut down a small tree with part of an axe that was found on the ground when we arrived. The tent shape was similar to an isosceles triangle, and was made purely of wood, camouflaged with grass and leaves. We felt we had succeeded. We didn’t know who were watching us, and what they though of our attempt.It was now day three and we were in search of another task. There were only eight ours left in the fire task, and it was going really well. The other side of the island was totally different – pure golden sands – and no rainforest. The island must have been extremely large. Task number three was found. We read it out loud “Congratulations on finding a task. This task is as follows: You must capture eight living animals / insects etc, and cook a meal from them.Each member of your group must eat at least THREE handfuls of the meal. REMEMBER – You are CONSTANTLY under observation” We had already captured lots of animals earlier, so capturing the animals wasn’t a problem – we just had to cook the meal. My sister and several other members of the group were taking care of that side of the task. After cooking the meal everyone had the three handfuls as the task requested. It was revolting. Spiders, birds, and several smaller insects all ‘scrambled’ together and mixed with water. If we wanted to get off the island we had to complete the tasks.When we went for fresh water we could see a message in a bottle, washed up on the shore. We didn’t see think it would be another task – but we were wrong. It was yet another task. “Congratulations on finding a task. This task is as follows: You must make a raft that will carry two people and must be able to float. You may try this out – however, if you attempt to leave the island – you will be captured and your group will be penalised. You will find large water tanks that are empty on the opposite side of the island from where you are now.You may use these along with any other materials on the island. REMEMBER – You are CONSTANTLY under observation”. Three members of our group went around to the other side of the island to collect the water tanks. We attached them with rope which we found inside the water tanks to large pieces of wood we cut down from trees. It looked like this would be our most successful task yet. Two members of the group tried out this float for testing, and it appeared to float fine. We now had four tasks completed – one to goAfter waking up next morning, we searched for another task – but no avail. Still, until sunset we were searching for task five, but no luck.

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